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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Strongest Sage, Suggests Weapon Change



Iris swung her sword while shouting.
I block that with one hand and immediately parry it to the side.

At the same time, I catch an arrow coming from behind with my other hand and throw it away.

"The way you're swinging your sword is still the same as usual but your stance has gotten quite stable."

An hour passed since the start of training.
The way she swings her sword is still as bad as always, probably because the way to use a sword is different from dragon's claws, but it seems that she's gotten quite accustomed to human legs.
At the very least, she doesn't fall over small bumps now.

"Yes! I've figured out the trick not to fall down!"

Since Iris is originally a dragon that fights in mid-air at high speed, her reflexes are considerably excellent.
Once she knows how to regain her posture, there's no chance of her falling.

"Hold it there Mathi-kun! The arrows won't hit if you move around!"

Looks like Alma really has a hard time hitting her arrow on a moving target.
There's only three arrows stuck on the crab shell on top of my head.

"All of them will hit if I don't move, there's no point then!"

Most of the arrows didn't hit because I was moving around on this bumpy site, if I wasn't, Alma could hit even a target 1/20 of this size.

I see that she's gotten quite used to using 【Guided Enchant】 to hit moving targets, she should be fine now.

"But handling a sword is really difficult isn't it..."

Iris swings her sword once again.
Her control is questionable like usual, and the blade handling is bad, but the power is tremendous.

It might be a good idea to let Iris use another weapon besides a sword.
To begin with, swords can't take too strong of power, so even if Iris manages to swing a sword properly, I have a feeling that the sword won't be able to endure it.

...Let's try that for a bit.

"You two, stop for now! And gather here!"


"What are we going to do?"

I gathered the three.

"I'm thinking of changing Iris's weapon. The material is... this should be fine."

I took out a huge lump of iron from Storage magic.
It's a by product of mithril mining in the dungeon. The weight is about 20kg.

I broke that apart, processed it with magic and stretched it into a long cylinder shape.
It doesn't need to be that precise, so I've done all the jobs besides the magic augmenting.

"Is that... a spear?"

Ruli looks at the metal bar I made.

"Yeah. It's a bit different from your usual spear though."

Unlike the common spear, the tip of the spear I created is blunt.
I've rounded it up since it won't be able to stand Iris's strength otherwise.

"Now then, I'm counting on you to augment this. Just 【Toughening】 will do."

"I understand. Please let me see it!"

Ruli put out her hands to receive the spear.

"...Since it's heavy, I think it's better if I stick it on the ground, and then you augment it."

I stick the spear's tip on the ground and hand it over to Ruli.
You don't normally treat a spear like this, but this spear was made with the assumption that it'd be treated roughly, so there's no problem here.

"Got it!"

Ruli quickly finished the augment while supporting the spear.
And then she tries to take it with one hand to give it to Iris--

"I-it's heavy! I can't lift it!"

And failed at it.
Well, it's impossible with one hand.
It's a lump of iron nearly 20 kg heavy.

"It's a condensed lump of iron to the inside.... What do you think Iris?"

"It doesn't really feel that heavy.... Or rather, I think it's easier to use than a sword!"

Iris lifted the spear and brandished it with one hand.

"Try to pierce this with that."

I molded a plank from the remaining iron ingot from earlier and stuck it on the ground.
It's about 5 cm thick.

By the way, the thickness of an average shield in this world is 1 cm.


Iris took a stance with the spear around her waist and thrust at the plank.

And then, boom! With that explosion-like sound, splinters of the plank that had been broken into pieces flew out far away.
....Looks like it's a success.

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