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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Strongest Sage, Determined to Erase His Dark History


"....Where is that Gae Bolg now?"

"Um... It's said that it suddenly disappeared from the treasury 50 years ago, and was discovered to be in possession of a demon."

"In other words, a demon like Elhart infiltrated and stole it huh."

"Most likely...."

Alright. I'll go and defeat that demon.
I'm gonna destroy it for sure the next time I find it.
That is something that cannot be allowed to exist in this world.

"...Okay, let's make Iris's spear next."

I have to end an era where that kind of thing is treated as the strongest spear as quickly as possible.
For that to happen, creating a spear stronger than that is ideal.
Or rather, as long as you do the augmenting properly, it's difficult to make a spear weaker than that.

"I-I understand!"
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Several hours later.
We all have gathered to test the performance of our completed weapons, however....

"Then, here I go!"

Ruli swings her sword at the target.
The target is neither the one used in school or a monster.
It's a 10cm thick steel rod.

Contrasting that, the sword Ruli has in hand is just 5mm thick.
Ruli seems to be worried about it as she's swinging the sword timidly.
And then--the steel rod got soundlessly cut.

"W-we've made a fearsome thing...."

Ruli sounded dumbfounded when she saw the blade that was completely free of nicks.
It wouldn't have been possible with normal augment considering that thinness, so I made exclusive spell arts for it.

"You cut that with this sword...? Is this multi-augmented too?"

"Yeah. That sword has eight kinds of magic augmented on it. It's made of three boards with four magic on each board though."

"Eight kinds!? ...For reference, what kind of magic?"

"It goes from 【Augment Magic for Ruli's Sword Number 1】 to 【Augment Magic for Ruli's Sword Number 8】. This sword is unique, so I've made new augments exclusively for it."

I showed Alma one of the spell arts I made, the magic circle number 8.
Because this was the first time I augmented a sword this thin.

General spell arts wouldn't work well, so I made them myself.
But augmenting them proved to be difficult, as even Ruli who usually succeeded in one try had to redo three times before it took form.

"You made augment magic!? ...How do I say this.... It's really Mathi-kun...."

"Really Mathi-kun isn't it."

Ruli agreed to Alma's incomprehensible adjective(?).
Why did my name become an adjective anyway.

"....Hold on. If Ruli's weapon is that powerful, that means my weapon is similar to it...?"

Alma said that and looked at the bow she just got.
However, unfortunately she's mistaken.

Ruli's sword stresses importance on lightness and portability, and is ultimately a sub-weapon for self-defense.
Contrary to that, Alma's bow is operated by both her and Ruli and the main long-distance firepower of our party.
Alma's is overwhelmingly higher in term of attack power.

"Similar... it is not. Well, you'll know if you try shooting with it.... Ah, be careful about the arrow line when you use it. Cause the flying distance is different from your usual arrows."

I said that as I gave an iron arrow exclusively made for Alma.
The arrow differs from common arrows in this world, it's made from iron.
The feathers are quite small to decrease air resistance.

"Again, that's one amazing looking arrow.... Then let me have a shoot. Where's my target?"


I took out another steel rod.
However, unlike the one for Ruli, this rod is about 40cm thick.

"Then, here I go!"

Alma pulls the arrow.

"Ooh, it's very light! Ei!"

The arrow that was shot along with that voice--pierced through the rod.

"....Huh? Where'd the arrow go?"

"Over here."

I pull out the arrow that has been half-buried inside dungeon wall.
...The arrow that hit dungeon wall with enough force to break it already lost its shape though.

"I...It's soo weird!? Can I really have this bow...?"

"Of course. That's the point of its creation."

By the way, Ruli only made the rough parts for this bow, I was the one who did the assembly and finishing.
Since the mechanism had to be quite complex for it to be this powerful.
If it's a sword, Ruli can do everything but the flattening, but it'll probably take some time before she can do a bow.

"Alright, then Iris is the last one."

"Yes! Which should be my target!?"

"I haven't prepared a target for Iris.... Rather, it's impossible. Just try it on that wall over there."

I pointed at the thickest wall nearby.

"I understand! Here I--"

"Hold it right there."

I stopped Iris who took up the spear.
And then I tell Ruli and Alma.

"You two, back away a bit. To around there."

I pointed 30 meter back.


"Got it!"

Ruli and Alma ran to the place in a hurry.
Iris pierced the wall with her spear after confirming that.

The wall was blown away with a roaring sound.
The shockwave broke down a part of the ceiling, several monsters on the other side of the wall received the splinters and died.

"....Ooh! I feel like I can swing around without worry with this spear!"

Yup. Looking good.
Of course, it's incomparable to Gae Bolg thingy.
I probably can expect her to be a force to some extent in a fight against stronger demons and dragons with this.

--And then, several weeks after the weapon making.
Royal Capital Great Barrier Creation is finally coming to a close.

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