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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Strongest Sage, Presses the Hate on


 <TLN: Hate as in aggro.>
I stand before the exit to confirm that the collapse has died down.
The exit in this room isn't closed, but thanks to fallen debris, the monster hasn't found us yet.

Judging from the mana reaction... The monster that's appeared is a kind of dragon.
The size of its magic stone should reach 80cm.

When you're trying to produce a 60cm class monster, the resultant magic stone is 75cm at most.... that doesn't seem to be exactly true.
Something like this can possibly happen when someone who doesn't know how to regulate their mana pours a huge amount of it without thinking.
Just the fact that this doesn't end up becoming a Mana Disaster is the silver lining I guess.

"Iris, I'm counting on you to fight."

"I understand!"

Iris blew away a debris with her kick and jumped out.

"Alright! Come at---uwaaaaa!"


The next moment, Iris got hit by the dragon's attack and blown away.
Ruli and Alma were surprised.
After confirming that, I shout out.

"Now! Let's get out of here! Use this magic circle this time!"

I hand over a paper drawn with a magic circle to Ruli.
I originally planned to use a different magic circle, but a 60cm class magic won't work on this guy.

"G-got it! ...But, Iris-san is!"

Ah. She's worried about Iris huh.

A dragon is extremely tough even when she's turned into human.
Especially since Iris is a relatively high rank dragon even though her magic circuit is in bad shape.
There is no way she can get hurt by a dragon summoned through this magic.

"Don't worry about Iris!"

Iris fell down while I was telling that to the girls.
There's not even a scratch on her.

"T-that surprised me... We're both dragons, why did you attack me all of a sudden!"

"That's cause you look 100% like human right now.... By the way Iris. Can you persuade that?"

I consulted to Iris.

"H-how should I go to persuade it?"

"Right. ...Repeat what I say in dragon language."


"You winged lizard! Be quiet and drop dead!"

《You winged lizard! Be quiet and drop dead! ...Eh?》

The dragon is looking at the dumbfounded Iris with eyes full of killing intent.

《Bastard. ...I'll kill you!》

And it charged at Iris.

Successfully got ourselves a decoy.
By the way 『winged lizard』 is the greatest of insult for dragons.

"Nice going Iris! Attract that dragon's attention just like that!"

"A-are you making me to be a decoy?!"

"Decoy you are not! You're a shield!"

"But that's no different!"

Against an opponent with high firepower like this one, I'd be worried if its attack is ever directed to Ruli and Alma.
Iris will have no problem against that.
This level of dragon can't beat Iris even when she's sleeping.

....Well, the capital will be destroyed if this dragon ever comes to surface though.

I deploy a magic while thinking that.

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