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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Strongest Sage, Rallies


While overseeing the barrier material work, I ponder about the date of the demons raid.
At this pace, the barrier will probably be completed around the same time as the predicted date of their raid.

That said, increasing the number of people is out of question.
There is a limit to the number of people who can be the guide, adding more than this will only create problems and waste time.
Depending on the situation, we might be forced to have a skirmish with the demons once before the barrier could be erected.

For now, we need to put together the barrier as soon as possible.
Thus, I gathered my party members.

In other words, Iris, Alma and Ruli.
The principal also came along to see us though.

By the way, Iris passed the exams and was accepted to be a student here, she got the third best score after Ruli.
Iris probably should have gotten the second rank judging from the number of magic she shot and the degree of destruction, but they probably thought it would be bad to have her as the second rank after watching how her hopeless magic control was.
Honestly, that's what I think too.

"What are we going to do today?"

Ruli who got here first asked me when all members had gathered.

"We're gathering barrier material."

"Material? You mean mithril?"

"No. We're leaving that to other students. Today we're going to collect the magic stone part."

The quantity of the necessary mithril is too large, that even if we give our hands helping, the situation won't change much at all.
There's also the factor of mana quantity, strength in number.
If I were a Glory Crest, there would be something else I'd need to do though.

"Magic stone, which means... the main magic stone for the barrier? We needed a 60cm class for that didn't we?"

"Yeah. And we're going to fetch that today. Well, we should get back before dark."

I pointed at the dungeon while saying that.
The fastest way to obtain a magic stone here is the dungeon.

"...You're treating 60cm magic stone like it's some kind of medicinal herb..."

"I feel like I'd forget what even is common sense watching Mathi-kun..."

The principal and Alma sounded exhausted.

"Obtaining a 60cm magic stone means that we have to beat a really strong monster right? I think even finding that kind of monster will be difficult... Is there a way to easily get it?"

"There is. There are many ways to it, for example... Fumu."

I look at Iris as I say that.

"Umm, could you please not look here while discussing about magic stone..."

Iris inched back with a frightened expression when she noticed my line of sight.
True, Iris has a magic stone that's far bigger than 60cm.

However, I won't resort to that.
Iris is an important mean of transportation.
Besides, even like this, we've been acquainted since my past life.

Therefore, I propose another way.

"...For example, with something like monster summoning."

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