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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Strongest Sage, Observes the Rightfulness of His Warning


"...Ee. We will now begin the magic test!"

The examiner for magic test declared that after a target mark had been set in front of Iris.
It seemed the principal had warned him beforehand, he sounded tense.
And then the examiner retreated 10 meter back.

"...Um, examiner-san."

"What's wrong? I won't answer questions concerning a way to tackle the test--"

"I think you should get back a bit more...."

"There should be no danger at this distance--well, I guess there's no harm in doing so."

While saying that the examiner retreated another 10 meter back.

"Is this fine?"

"No, please get back three times that distance."

"T-that's quite far...."

Even while saying that, the examiner retreated back again.
The examiner's location isn't written in the rule, it's probably why he can cope with it flexibly.

"You can't be trying to cheat by keeping the examiner away do you?"

The principal talked to me when he saw that.
I see. Cheating is another way to look at it huh.
However, unfortunately, wrong answer.

"No. This is necessary."

"...Can't the girl use magic when there's someone nearby?"

"Nothing like that. This is purely for the sake of the examiner's safety."

Having said that, I get ready to cast a magic.
I look at Iris who shouts out.

"Here I go!"

Iris developed a magic in her hand, pointed her palm at the target and shot it.
The magic Iris shot flew straight--toward us.
Not toward the prepared target.

"Right from the start!"

While shouting, I unfolded the defense magic I had prepared in front of me and the principal.
Iris's magic hit my defensive magic and exploded, creating a crater in front of me.

"I-I'm sorry!"

Iris deployed another magic while apologizing.
This time the magic flew to the sky. Not even a fragment of control.
I guess it's a good thing that it wasn't hitting a building.

In the end, the second magic Iris shot exploded in the air, and dozens of roasted birds fell from the sky.
By the way the target is unscathed.
Since none of Iris's magic has managed to hit it.

"...What is that. A calamity class monster or something?"

"Probably something similar to that."

Iris had a conflicted look on her face while we were being shocked.
And then, she looked determined about something and glared at the target.

"I've got no choice but to do that..."

Iris began to unfold her third magic.
However, this magic seems different than her magic so far.
Its power is higher than the two before.

"What is she trying to do?"

"You'll see."

I taught her to use this tactic in case she failed to do it with normal ones.
As a way to clear the exam for sure even if she has no control.


Iris squatted down while shouting--and pushed the deployed magic onto the ground.
The next moment, explosions happened on Iris's hands.


The principal and examiner were surprised when they saw Iris getting swallowed up in the explosions.
The principal froze for an instant, but he immediately pulled himself and tried to run toward Iris.

"This is bad! We have to rescue her quick--"

"There's no need for that."

I held the running principal back while saying that.
The dust of cloud caused by the explosion in front of us cleared--
And Iris showed up from inside of that, unhurt.


The principal beside me sounded dumbfounded.

"Finished destroying the target! How was it!"

Iris asked the examiner.

"H-how, you ask..."

The examiner was perplexed at Iris's question.
No surprise there.

The place where Iris was has turned into a crater, the target along with the ground it was on has completely disappeared.
You can't even tell where the target was now.

"No no, this is just weird..."

The principal muttered.

"Well, that's the kind of creature Iris is."

Even the current me would have a hard time firing a magic with that much power.
If we're just talking about firepower, you could even say that she's the school's strongest.
In overall strength, Iris should be right after me.

"...As for the exam result, we can't judge it right now. We'll grade it at a later date. But you most likely won't fail this. ...Ah. The schoolyard..."

The principal muttered listlessly.
I told you. You should have given up the magic exam.

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