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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Strongest Sage, Bisects


"Hey. Iris, you know that, unlike 【Passive Detection】, it's hard to delude 【Active Detection】 right?"


I ask a question to Iris while controlling its wings' mana en course toward the demons.

"Then, do you know how to deal with 【Active Detection】?"

"I-If it's Mathias-san, you should be able to easily elude 【Active Detection】...."

"Well, it's not impossible. But even if I did that, they'd easily find Iris with your size right. ...There's a simpler method for this."

"We beat them don't we. I understand."

Iris speaks as it's given up.
Having acquainted with my past life, it knows me well.

"That's right. ...Judging from the mana, it looks like the only one outside is a demon that's using 【Active Detection】."

"Demon is still demon even if it's alone, you know? I'd prefer not to participate in the battle with how these wings right now..."

"Don't worry. That wasn't the plan."

I set the course high up.
Straight towards the sky right above the demon that's using 【Active Detection】.

Right now being able to fly at all is Iris's utmost.
Even if it's against a weak demon, I don't want to let it get exposed to attacks. Cause going back home would be a pain then.

"...Huh? We're passing by?"

Alma muttered when she saw the situation.
However, unfortunately she's mistaken.

"There's no way Mathias-san would do that...."

And Iris gave the correct answer.

"Alright, I'll leave the rest to you! I'm going down to pulverize the demon!"

I jump off Iris's back while saying that.
I went the trouble of controlling Iris's flight circuit in order to fall down above the demon.

"I was right!"


While hearing Alma's and Ruli's voices, I casted resistance reduction magic and drew my sword.
The demon far below on the ground that was paying attention to Iris shifted its attention to me.
Looks like it's confused.

While looking at that, I took out a magic stone out of Storage magic and crushed it.
The sword augmented with 【Special Mana Enchant】 began to emit light.


The demon casted defensive magic and held up its shield while taking an evasive action.
Judging from its desperate look and the fact that it pumped all of its mana into defensive magic, the demon seemed to realize the menace of 【Special Mana Enchant】.
But it's too late.

"No matter how weird your"

The defensive magic that touched the sword vanished without a moment of resistance.
And without losing my momentum, I bisected the demon along with its shield.

I didn't use any magic to break that defensive magic.
To begin with, 【Special Mana Enchant】 isn't something that can be blocked by that level of defense.

"Oy, it's safe now!"

I wave my hand at Iris in front of the demon's body.
Iris began to descend when it saw me.

--10 minutes later.
We've gathered in front of a rectangular building where Elhart is hiding.

It was probably built using earth magic. The building has no windows, but instead it's been carved with defensive and concealment magic circles.
The concealment seems to be a countermeasure against magical detection.... But the spell art is sloppily constructed.
For people who are used to mana detection, it would make them focus on the building instead.

"This is the demon's den?"

"No mistake about it. It's the same mana reaction that came out in the royal palace. There's... two in total inside."

"Two demons..."

"Since Elhart's reaction has become small, it's virtually one demon though."

Elhart's mana reaction is slightly smaller than Desiril.
Its reaction was bigger when I was tracing it, this was probably due to the aftereffect from that time.

The other one is bigger than Ashril.... But, unlike at that time, my mana is full now.
We should be able to win without relying on Iris.

"Alright. Hinder Elhart with arrows like before. This time.... use this spell art."

I gave a paper drawn with a new magic circle to Ruli.
It's a bit different than the one they used before.

"I-I got it!"

"I just need to hit 'em with my arrows like before right!"

"You got that right. Iris, break the wall and evacuate above afterward."


I could also ask Iris to mow them down with 『Dragon Breath』, but the burden would be too big if Iris shot it at its current condition.
Dark Dragon Iris is ultimately a transport.

I declare loudly after making sure that the two people and one dragon are ready.

"Alright, commence the attack!"

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