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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Strongest Sage, Invites


"Swarm of monsters at the capital!? That'll be a catastrophe!"

"We've got to hurry back and evacuate everyone--"

"Hold it there. No need to panic. Its mana has fallen into disorder because of the explosion earlier, and the outbreak location has probably shifted 10 kilometer away from the capital."

I calmed the two who fell into panic when they heard that the outbreak would be at the capital.

"But it's a large swarm of monsters isn't it!? 10 kilometers are virtually nothing! Even if we've put defense around the capital...."

"It might be a swarm, but there won't be that many monsters."

The number of monster appearing from this magic depends on the user's affinity with summoning type magic.
The outbreak magic this time wasn't performed by a strong demon or one with good affinity with summoning magic, thus the scale should be limited.
And I've added several damping on the seal magic I put on it.

"...Is it around 100 monsters?"

"No. That's too few. At the lowest... it'll be around 3000. Well, just think that there will be 5000 dungeon floor 10-class monsters. And also a few bosses."

"Floor 10, 5000! And what are bosses...."

"A boss is like the master of a floor in a dungeon. Their strength differs on a case by case basis, but even the weakest one is floor 20 class."

"And there will be several of that!? The capital is over! Things may be different if there are multiple Mathi-kun with us...."

"Well, there might be only one boss though."

Well, if there's one boss, that doesn't mean it'll be easy to beat.
Rather, if the mana that can be used to create multiple boss is concentrated on one, beating it will be exponentially more difficult.

"It still looks hopeless though... Mathi-kun, why are you so calm?"

"Don't tell me you can split yourselves!?"

"No, I can't do that but I know a way to deal with it."

"Way to deal with it?"

"Yeah. The academy students will have to help, doing so will almost guarantee us to succeed in intercepting the monsters. Rather, it's a chance to collect lots of magic stones."

The monster outbreak will probably happen after we've finished setting up the barrier.
Only the location of the outbreak has changed, the time of it happening is still the same.

"I don't think we can win even if we gather up all the students...."

"That's true for the students as they are now.... But they won't stay that way."

My barrier creation plan might look like it's just using the students as laborers, but in actuality, it's a highly effective method for training.

"I agree that everyone has become far stronger than they ever be ever since they learned through Mathi-kun's method.... But still, can they really win against 5000 floor 10 monsters?"

"They can. I will take care of the boss though."

I get on Iris's back while saying that.

"...Normally this would have sounded absurd, but hearing it from Mathi-kun makes me feel that this will really work, it's so mysterious...."

"I mean, Mathi-kun himself is a lump of absurdity...."

"Well, we'll talk about it again after the barrier is complete. For now, let's go back to the capital!"


We left for home as we conversed.
Iris speaks out along the way.

"Um, what should I from now on...."

"Now that you mention it, I hadn't thought of it."

Climbing Iris's mountain every time we need to go somewhere far sounds quite troublesome.
Having Iris close to us for its treatment is convenient for Iris too.
But, there would be a huge uproar for sure if Iris landed in the middle of the city....
Right when I thought this far, I recalled a certain special magic that dragons have.

"Iris. If I'm not mistaken, dragons have a magic to turn themselves into a human right? Can you use that at present?"

"I've barely ever used it, but I should be able to! That magic barely uses up mana too!"

"Then you should stay in the capital while pretending to be human by using that... no wait. There's a better way to this."

"...Better way?"

"Yeah. --Iris, won't you go to school?"

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