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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Strongest Sage, Regenerates



I took a moderately sized magic stone out of Storage magic, put my mana on it and crushed it.
However, my objective this time isn't for 【Special Mana Enchant】.
The mana contained within the magic stone gets released into the surroundings without being used at all.


While controlling the mana a bit to hold it back from scattering away, I crushed another magic stone.
The mana flow in the surroundings has changed compared to the usual.
A sign that it's only a step away from Mana Disaster.

While monitoring that, I take out another magic stone and crush it.


Right after the magic stone in my hand was smashed, the surrounding air rolls up the mana and creates a whirlpool.
Afterward, the whirlpool that contained a vast amount of mana converged and started to emit light.

It's an occurrence of Mana Disater.
However, it's not like I failed.
On the other hand, I broke the magic stones to bring about this phenomenon.

"Who would have thought that you would forcefully make me materialize from my Mist form... Elhart called you monster... But even 'monster' is too lukewarm to call you."

"Nah, not really. I actually wanted to force you out of hiding with a proper method, but I couldn't use it."

Among the type of Mana Disaster, the most common one is monster outbreak.
Usually an outbreak of a large quantity of monsters would happen--however, there are cases where it doesn't happen depending on the surroundings.

One of those cases is when a 『Mist Demon』 is merged into the surroundings.
If the Mana Disaster is of a small scale, the 『Mist Demon』 will be materialized instead of monster outbreak occurring.
--Well it's quite the brute force of a method, and has a disadvantage.

"However, know that my rank differs from that of Elhart. Moreover, today I'm overflowing with power for some reason. Now that you've summoned me, are you ready to die?"

"I already know that you're of a different rank. I'm not gonna die though."

I probe into Arias's mana while talking to buy some time.
Looks like he really got stronger compared to before materializing.
Overflowing with power doesn't seem to be an exaggeration.

This is the side effect of forcing a 『Mist Demon』 to materialize through Mana Disaster.
Monsters summoned by Mana Disaster are usually powered up by the huge amount of mana.
It's the same for demons.

"...I see. Then you can realize that by dying!"

Arias swung his sharp claws and kicked the ground.
Just as he said, his speed is incomparable to Elhart's.

That's why, I parried the attack without using Physical Reinforcement and 【Mana Slash】, and attacked back.
At the same time, I analyze the enemy's habit, moves and battle style.

And after exchanging a few blows, I got the information I needed.
Now's the time to execute the plan.


As I exchanged blows with Arias, I used the recoil and movement magic to retreat close to the wall.
While watching Arias who was surprised at my sudden action, I constructed magic--kicked the wall and closed the distance between us at once, slashing at him with my sword as I passed by.

And right after that my left arm--fell to the ground.
This isn't illusion that I used in the fight against Elhart.
My arm really did get chopped off by Arias.

"This match is over. I'll let you choose how you'll die... How do you wanna die?"

Arias asked me while looking at my fallen arm.
Looks like he's convinced of his victory.

However, of course I don't plan to die.

"Sorry, but I don't plan to die again for at least 1000 years. Think it's too early to choose the way I'm gonna die."

I turn around at Arias while resetting my sword in my right hand.
Looks like the preparation for the real battle is complete.

"You're bluffing. Even if it wasn't your dominant arm, losing one is--"

As he said that while readying his sword, the left arm that Arias cut flew toward me --
The next moment, my arm is reattached back as if nothing happened.

"...You, are you really a human?"

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