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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Strongest Sage, Drafting


"I will now explain the outline of the Royal Capital Defence Plan."

Several days after the audience.
The principal declared loudly before the whole student body.
Ruli, Alma and me are standing behind the principal.

In order to procure the material needed to set up the barrier, we need the cooperation of the students.
The principal has created a special class in order to get those personnels.

"I'm sure you're aware that demons had appeared in the royal capital the other day.... Assessing from that, there's a possibility that demons would attack the capital.... No. They already did once."

"But Mathias beat the demons right? People talked about how a flying student wearing Second Academy uniform defeated the demons and all...."

"Even if other demons come, as long as Mathias is here...."

Apparently, the matter about the assault has been spread among the students.
Well, it'd have been stranger if it didn't after all that ruckus.

....However, I'm somewhat dissatisfied with how they knew that it was me just from 'a uniformed human'.
Alma and Ruli fought too you know.

"Indeed, it's probably safe as long as you're around Mathias. However, Mathias is only one person yet the capital is vast. It's not possible for him to defend all of it."

The school grounds became quiet at the principal's words.

"...Therefore, Mathias has proposed a plan to construct a great barrier around the capital! A huge barrier will cover the entire capital defending it from the demon's attacks!"

"But, sensei! Augment magic teacher, Beilkia-sensei said that 7 meter is the limit of barrier--"

"Fool! The planner is Mathias! Has common sense ever worked on Mathias so far!"

The principal said something unbelievable at the retorting student.
No well, it's true that 7 meter limit for a barrier is wrong, but 『Because the planner is me』 isn't an explanation at all.
There's no way the students would understand with that--

"I'm sorry! I've made a mistake!"

Oy. Don't get it you.

"As long as you get it. As for the actual plan, in order to absorb mana from a place with a lot of mana... Dragon Vein or something? we need this plank. This one is made of wood... but the real thing will be made of mithril."

The principal took out a 3mm thick and 50cm long plank .
In order to suck up mana from Dragon Vein, you need a metal with high mana affinity with surface area that's as large as possible.

It can be made from less material if it's made by high precision processing, but for students who have just learned processing magic, this much strength is probably their limit.

"We need 1200 pieces of this. Which means 1.5 tonne of mithril! We will have you, students, to prepare these in one month! Starting from the material!"

The students who heard that looked at each others.
Their faces look like they're saying 『Ain't that impossible?』.
The principal ignored that and continued on.

"Of course, I also don't think that you, students, as you are now can possibly procure 1.5 tonne of mithril! However, there is someone here who will make that happen!"

Right after the principal said that, the students' lines of sights are gathered at me. I haven't done anything, I'm merely standing here....

"....Looks like you know who that someone is. Correct! --At this time of emergency, by His Majesty's order, we've created a new course to teach the techniques required to procure the barrier material. And it's called 『Mathias's Special Lecture』."

Wait a minute.
I heard about the special lecture, but not that name. What's with that lame name.
Normally, it should have been 『Magic Resource Engineering』 or 『Magic Engineering Primer』.

I'm sure the students would think twice to attend the lecture with such name.
With an expression like I can't believe it on my face, I look at the students.
--Their eyes are sparkling! Why!

"Mathias and our academy's teachers will teach you how to do the processing needed to procure 1.5 tonne of mithril. Therefore, 『Mathias's Special Lecture』 will most likely grant you power that's unthinkable before. You're free not to participate in this lecture, but I'm expecting you to muster your courage and attend it."

By the way, having it optional is my suggestion.
Forcing people who aren't motivated to participate would only lead to chaos at the actual spot.

"That is all! People who wish to attend 『Mathias's Special Lecture』 are to report to the receptionist over there. You're dismissed!"

The students rushed to the receptionist almost at the same time as it was finished.
I assumed there would be around 30% of students who'd participate in this, but no one went home.

All of these people will attend huh.
....Wonder if the dungeon is spacious enough.

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