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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Strongest Sage, Counterattacks


"First I'll attack and lure them to lower their altitude. After that, shoot the weaker one with your arrows. The first demon I'm going to attack is the weaker one."


"I understand! ....But Mathi-kun, are your mana alright?"

"Honestly, I don't have enough for frontal attack."

Even if I were in my top form, the demons' magical firepower would still be superior.
Thus, it isn't possible for me to defeat them in a straight fight with my mana being only at 10% of the usual.

"Then how are you...."

"If my mana isn't enough, then I just need to use the enemy's mana."

"Y-You can do that!?"

"It's a relatively complex magic, so you'll have to wait before I teach you it.... Well then, I'll be charging on them. Prepare the arrows and wait here."

I jumped off the ground, and kicked off barrier magic I continuously invoked mid-air, heading toward one of the demons.

"Enemy attack, Desiril!"

The stronger demon noticed me when I was several steps away from them.

"Impossible! How could he notice us at this distance!"

The weaker demon (seemed to be called Desiril) shouted out while blocking my sword.
Since I wouldn't deliver passable damage on them even if I used magic here, I surrendered my body to the gravity and fell down after exchanging blow once.

"You seem to be good at detection, and for a mere human to be flying in the sky.... Don't tell me, you're the human who killed Devilis?"

"What if I am?"

"Either way, you are still a human. --Die!"

The stronger demon shot a magic at me while saying that.
It's an orthodox flame magic, but the power is remarkably huge. The current me would instantly die if I got hit by that.

When I saw that, I constructed a magic using half of my remaining mana.
The magic is called 【Control Sphere】, an original magic I created in my past life.
I didn't have many chances to use it in my past life, but making this was the correct answer.

If invoked the magic as is, it would have consumed too much mana, thus I had re-arranged the spell impromptu just now--looks like it went well.


Numerous 【Control Spheres】 that appeared around me twisted the direction of the flame magic, turning it toward the stronger demon.
The demon tried to evade, but I used the 【Control Spheres】 to turn the magic again, successfully hitting the demon.



Since it was a powerful magic, the demon suffered a huge damage.
Ashril's face warped, at the same time, I extinguished the next magic Ashril tried to shoot.

After returning the magic once, the 【Control Spheres】 went back to my side.

This is the strong point of 【Control Sphere】. Once invoked, it will persist to control the enemy's magic until it's destroyed by a huge magic.

"To think it erased my magic--then!"

However, Ashril immediately fixed his stance and plunged at me with a drawn sword.
Apparently, he's way more experienced in fighting than Devilis.
Following after him, Desiril also headed toward me.

Against the coming demons, I invoked a barrier magic above me, kicked off it and accelerated below.
The demons pursued me.

After I've fallen enough, I point my sword at Desiril and declare.

"Now's your chance!"


The demons don't seem to understand the meaning of my shout.
They only looked bewildered for an instant before they continued rushing with their swords ready.

Pursuing after me, there is no shred of carelessness in their movement.
--Only toward me however.


An arrow that came flying out of nowhere hit Desiril. Of course, Alma shot it.
Desiril who was hit by the arrow immediately fixed his stance and pursued me--not.
With a perplexed look on his face, Desiril fell below at once.

"What's wrong Desiril!"

"I have no idea! After a strange arrow hit me, my power is--uwa!"

A second arrow hit Desiril while he was trying too explain.
The magic circle I gave to Ruli contains an augment magic that causes a disturbance on a demon's mana.
The potential damage isn't too big, but it's quite significant as an obstruction.
If Ashril wasn't here, I probably could kill Desiril during the chance just now.

"Tch.... Dealing with both at once seems bad. Desiril, kill those womens!"


Desiril flied toward Alma and Ruli.

"Looks like you've got a few strange tricks up your sleeve.... But now there will be no more hindrance."

It appears we've succeeded separating them apart.
Our opponent probably wanted the same too though.

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