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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Strongest Sage, Discovers Assailants


"Now then. Let's decide on our shares this time."

I declared that while we were walking outside the guild.
By the way, I've put up a small-scale soundproofing magic to prevent people from listening to our money talk.

"Un, the sooner we decide on it the better! So how much should we pass you on?"

"Umm, since we've received 11 gold coins and 3 silver coins.... Around 6 gold coins?"

"Don't you think that's too little? I mean we beat the monsters and all but it was Mathi-kun who helped us through dangerous stuff like Monster House...."

Huh. Why'd this become about me getting the money.

"Normally, I think I should be giving you two 250 gold coins each here."

Since we got 750 gold coins this time, each of us should get 250.
Though well since it's heavy to carry all those gold coins, I've asked the guild to keep them for us.

"Equal split!? Don't you think that's just too much!"

"Distributing rewards in accordance to contribution is the basic of party isn't it!"


In my past life, if you divide rewards not by equal split, the ratio and sum would be determined by law.
Since it wasn't unusual for a party to dissolve because of trouble involving rewards.
....Though I mostly stopped acting in a party when I reached 120 year old back then, so I don't really know the rule after that.

"That's right! The reward this time was mostly earned by Mathi-kun! I've never heard of someone getting 750 gold coins!"

"But you know, it's not like we agreed on it beforehand--mu."

I stopped my words.
【Passive Detection】 caught some suspicious reaction.

"...Got it. Then I won't be handing the reward this time. Is that fine with you?"

This doesn't seem to be the time to discuss about our reward. We should end it for now.
I can just hand over the money if Ruli or Alma needs it later anyway.

"Well, in that case..."

"Then let's hurry on to the academy! Use your full power without using too much mana!"

I invoked an acceleration-type movement magic.

"Okay! ...But do we need to be in such a hurry--eh?"

Ruli was going to object while invoking the magic... then she suddenly looked up at the sky.
At the same direction my 【Passsive Detection】 showed.

"Looks like you've gotten quite familiar with 【Passive Detection】."

"Is that a demon...?"

Alma asked me.

"Correct. Looks like two demons are coming to attack us."

Judging from their movement, they're most likely trying to destroy the Second Academy.
It's currently the sole base for teaching chantless magic after all.
The First Academy is also going to teach chantless magic to their students, but they're only about to begin right now.

I have expected one of such early attacks from the demons.
Demons are not good at moving in a group, but there are cases of them working together if it's just two who are colleagues. The three month limit is ultimately about an attack of massive scale.
Well, I guess we're fortunate that this happens when I'm above ground.

"I can only sense one though...."

"That's cause one of them is quite weak. While the other one is quite a bit stronger than Devilis."

When there are two reactions of different scales, it's not unusual for the weaker one to get overlooked.
Considering their practice period, being able to detect one at this distance is most satisfactory already.

"S-stronger than that Devilis.... Why are we heading there!? We've gotta escape--"

"Our prey are coming to us on their own volition you know? It's only courteous for us to hunt them down."

"What are you even being courteous to!"

"....The world?"

"The scale is too huge! ...I guess it does comply with God's teachings...."

God's teachings....?
I'm a bit curious about that but now's not the time. Let's prioritize explaining the strategy to them.

"Demons are fundamentally fast. Until we've grown enough to be faster than them, our biggest chance currently is when they're attacking. ...So, I'm counting on you to take care of the weak one."

"Yes, leave it to us... Eeeh!?"

"I'll let you have some magic stones that are just right for this, and some arrows. Use this magic circle to augment these arrows. Alma, use the arrows with 【Wire-guided Enchant】 to hit the demon."

And then I gave them a bag of magic stones and a paper with a magic circle drawn on it.
The magic circle is packed with jamming power instead of killing power.

"Fighting a demon with a new technique, it's all too sudden--"

"It's alright. It's not too different from what you've gone through so far. ...Well you probably can't defeat it, I'll do the rest once I'm done with the strong one, please buy some time until that."

I'd have liked those demons coming when I still had some mana remaining.
Currently my mana is around 10% of the maximum.

Fighting two demons at the same time in this condition, while not impossible, isn't something I'd like to do if possible.

"I got it! If Mathi-kun says so, I'm doing it!"

"....To be honest, I don't think I can really fight a demon... But if Mathi-kun says that it's okay, I'll do it!"

"Good, then let's go!"

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