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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Strongest Sage, Has Learned


The Arch Serpent was fully focused on me as it came assaulting with its fangs on full display.


While parrying the fangs of Arch Serpent that rushed in while screeching, I slash on it with my sword endowed with 【Acid-Proof】, 【Mana Strike】, and 【Steel Slash】.
Its scales were extremely hard befitting of a 『Floor Master』 but I accurately aimed at a gap and cut off one piece of its scales.

The wound is just 50 cm big. For the Arch Serpent whose whole body is bigger than 10 meter, it's just a scratch.

However, it's enough.
The attack just now wasn't intended to decrease its health, but to make the Arch Serpent recognize me as an enemy and lose its cool.

Due to its strength as a 『Floor Master』, the serpent is not used to getting injured.
Truthfully, my sword only worked on it because I concentrated my mana to hit its weakest spot which I discovered by probing into its mana flow.

I'd need 10 times that power to destroy the Arch Serpent's scales through brute force.
Even the attack I used on the demon during the interpersonal match is likely still not enough.


Arch Serpent rushed at me in anger from its wound.

While dodging that using barrier as my footholds, I constructed a magic.
An extremely short-range flame magic the Fourth Crest is good at.

It hit the Arch Serpent's weakness, the inside of its throat.


The Arch Serpent retreats in agonizing cry.

Of course, a Floor Master isn't weak enough to be defeated by this level of magic.
However, it gets me time to construct my next magic.

I take out a magic stone from Storage magic and concentrate my mana into it.
Not delicate and small amount of mana like with augment magic. The augment I could do wouldn't be able to even scratch the Arch Serpent.

It's a magic not for turning magic stone into magic item, but one for destroying the inside of the magic stone.
A magic that I have never used before because it requires a great deal of mana and magic control.
The current me needs to concentrate all of my power on this one magic.


I crush the magic stone in front of the coming fangs.
A huge amount of mana and magic essence overflowed from the crushed magic stone.
I forcefully control that magic and clad my sword with flame elemental enchant.

【Special Mana Enchant】.
It's one of mystic arts for a sword-wielding magic combatant.

The Arch Serpent was about to bite me right when I completed the enchant.
I swing my sword down without trying to dodge it.

The Arch Serpent's fangs were smashed, blood spilled out of a big wound.
However, it still hasn't fallen.

"It sure is tough...."

However, the Arch Serpent has suffered a huge damage, its movement becomes quite dull.
The next one should do it.

I crushed another magic stone and cut it down with the clad sword.
It's still not downed. Then once again.

--After crushing three magic stones, I managed to cut off the Arch Serpent's neck.
Soon after, the venom scattered on the ground disappeared.
Arch Serpent's venom is composed of mana from the main body, so it will disappear if the main body is killed.

That said, the after effect of the venom remains.
--For example, like this.


When I put my feet down on the floor after the battle, it sunk about 30 centimeter deep along with a dull sound.
Looks like the inside of the floor has been quite dissolved.

Well, since the battle had ended, it only managed to surprise me a bit.

"Now then. What am I gonna do with this...."

I'm lost in thought before the Arch Serpent's body.
I can stow it whole in Storage magic with my current mana.

However, if I do that, most of my maximum mana will be taken by Storage magic and I'd be forced to return.
Right when I was thinking of just taking some of its fangs--I recalled the merchant who bought the War Tiger I beat in my trip to Royal Capital.

I have learned from that time.
Materials of monsters that I think aren't really valuable are highly prized in the world today.
These might fetch a good price if I brought them back and sold them on the guild or some material shop around. Yep. I'm sure of it.

While thinking what I'm going to do with all the cash I'm piling up, I put the Arch Serpent's body into Storage magic, and went back to floor 10.
The Camp magic is.... Yep. It seems to be working fine.

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