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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Strongest Sage, Obtains a Sword He Made Himself


As one might expect of the royal treasury, it's quite wide and well tidied.
However, I don't see anything interesting from the entrance.
Well, let's try looking for it.

"First of all, dungeon's materials.... I would like something sturdy."

"Something sturdy is it?"

"Yes. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it's sturdy."

Perpetual-type barrier magic fundamentally transfers the damage on the barrier to the object used as its core to decrease burden on the barrier.
A magic stone can be used as the core if it's for a small-scale barrier, but if it's used on the barrier that will cover the entire royal capital, a slight burden would be enough to destroy it along with the entire barrier.

"...To be honest, I don't understand what kind of durability Mathias-san is looking for. I can understand if you mean something sturdier than mithril, however, if it's admantite and orichalcum, that is...."

Unfortunately the custodian doesn't seem to know which of the treasures are the sturdy ones.
There were lots of indestructible lab apparatus made with magic.... But they were most likely lost along with chantless maagic.

"Then, I guess I'll see for myself. I can pick anything I like as my reward right?"

"Y-yes! There are some exceptions, but you can basically pick anything."

This is an advance reward as the real one will be for later, so it's already quite lavish--.
Looking at the mana reaction, the things that piqued my curiosity are gathered together in one place.
I walk to that place while asking the custodian.

"Are the things around this part included in those exceptions?"

"No. I'm sure there are no things that can't be given around this part. These are most likely relics from an ancient civilization or the age of myth, we don't know how to even use most of them."

I see.
Most of the things in this part are certainly junks.
There's a lot of magic items created by the civilization in my past life, but most of them are boring things like kid toys, or stiff shoulder reliever.
However, I see something that looks usable among them.

"What about this sword?"

I raised the sword in question while saying that.

This is most likely a sword my past life made in an experiment. I don't remember when it was, but the mana pattern is familiar.

"That's an old sword excavated from an ancient ruin. It is sturdy, however, it's very heavy on top of being dull, thus I cannot recommend it. May I interest you with this sword instead. This was discovered very recently, but its performance is mythical. This was going to be put as a prize in a contest were it wasn't going to be granted to Mathias-sama--"

The custodian took out another sword.
That sword also looks familiar--Or rather, this was the sword I augmented in Bass's blacksmith. This was bought for 1000 gold coins huh, what a massive rip-off.
Why is this sword even in the treasury.

"We're troubled how to store it since it can cut stones when one just lightly swings it. This is truly the appropriate sword for the hero that killed a demon--"

"I don't need that sword. If there's someone else who wants it, you should let that person have it."

I declined the rip-off sword and continued observing the other sword.
This sword needs a huge amount of mana to activates the magic put in it.

Once activated, it can erase this entire castle from the map, but I would need another 50 year to have enough mana to activate this sword.
However, the material of this sword is far stronger than orichalcum-adamantite alloy.
It's more than enough as a core for the barrier.

"Alright. Let's use this sword as the core."

"That sword? I heard it had to be of orichalcum...."

"This sword is far sturdier than orichalcum."

"Y-You know just by looking!?"

"There's many ways to do it."

Well, it's cause it's my own creation.
I made a lot of things with this kind of configuration, so I can know just by looking.
I don't remember when was it since I produced lots of stuff of similar kind though.

"Also, I found something interesting. I'd like this as the reward."

I take a pendant on the nearby shelf.
The pendant has a small magic stone, loaded with a complex magic, inserted on it.

"...You picked another thing with unknown usage.... Are you sure you're fine with just that? There are many other powerful equipment here like that sword, or an armor that can be strengthened with mana...."

"No. I'm good with this one."

This pendant is also another thing my past life made.

It has the effect of increasing the experience point you get from killing a monster or an animal by collecting the mana that would have been scattered to the surroundings, by several times. Moreover, it affects your companions as long as they're nearby. Furthermore, the range is quite wide, it can cover the entire first layer of the school's dungeon.
It's the ideal magic item for me who wants to quickly bolster my force.

My mana and strength had reached their limit by the time I completed the pendant in my past life, so I threw it away without ever using it, who would have thought that it would be useful after I reincarnated myself.

"If Mathias-sama is fine with it, I don't have any objection...."

"I've got no objection either. Since Mathias has never taken an action we expected him to, not even once. He must have some kind of plan this time too. I hope you won't destroy the schoolyard again though--"

"Then. It's settled. And I've got to quickly prepare the barrier creation, let's go back to the academy!"

"What are you gonna do about the mithril?"

"We'll get the mithril in the school. ...Ah, you told me not to destroy the schoolyard, but that doesn't apply to the dungeon right?"


We went back to the Second Academy while having that talk.

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