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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Strongest Sage, Establishes Camping Ground


We didn't encounter any new type of monsters on floor 10.
Still, compared to floor 7 and such where only a few Killer Dogs were mixed in with shellfish type monsters, floor 10 was all Killer Dogs, so the degree of difficulty was quite a bit higher.

"Ruli, I'm counting on you to the right!"


Alma shot through two Killer Dogs out of a group of five from the left.
Even though the arrow didn't kill the monsters, they still got damaged enough they couldn't walk.
Putting 【Guided Enchant】 on two arrows at once huh, she's gotten quite used to it. She still can't do it on three arrows even once though.

And Ruli stopped the remaining three by firing flame magic in front of them.
Even if she has a crest with a low growth rate, it looks like her magic strength and control have improved thanks to the pendant that helps gaining exp and a long series of battles.
The flame didn't give much damage, but it succeeded robbing the dogs off their mobility.

Alma shot through another two dogs during that opportunity and Ruli stopped the last one.
Alma shot out an arrow with 【Simple Mana Enchant】 to finish off the last one altogether with the other four, subjugation complete.

Un. Safe.

"You two should be fine fighting on floor 10 now as long as you don't step into a Monster House."

"Monster House.... It really is hard to tell them apart with 【Passive Detection】...."

"I do feel something that seems like that, but I can't really grasp it well... Just when I thought it was a Monster House room, it turned out to be a normal one..."

"Well, a Monster House's reaction is harder to see through compared to monster's. Once you're accustomed with 【Passive Detection】, you'll be able to detect them without thinking."

It's hard to give an advice for this kind of thing since it's quite a 'feel' thing.
Even among magicians that excelled in 【Passive Detection】, there were many opinions as to how to grasp mana reactions.

"...Now then. This place should be good enough."

I stopped at a room that was just the right size.

"This place... You mean for the camping practice?"

"Yeah. You absolutely need to learn Camping if you want to dive deep into a dungeon."

You can't take a break if you don't pitch a camp.
For sleeping and in some cases, even dining.
If you're diving for a long period of time, not being able to camp can be fatal.

"I-I understand! I'll do my best."

"Me too, will do my best!"

"I'm glad that you're motivated, but Alma, please keep watch on the surroundings. Since unfortunately, Camp is an augment magic. Any other crests besides Glory Crest can't use it."

I could pitch a camp alone since I did it countless times in my past life and had the magic control for it, but as the mana density thickens the deeper you go into a dungeon, doing it alone also gets harder.
The current me with Disqualified Crest can probably only go up to floor 20 at best.

"Gimme back my determination!"

"Looking out on the surroundings is an important duty too, you know. You can't use other magic while pitching a Camp, so you're basically defenseless."

"...Then I'm also practically doing it too! Got it! I'll be on the lookout."

Alma set up an arrow on her bow and began to watch the surroundings.
Actually, she'd better off concentrating on 【Passive Detection】 than doing it by eyes.... Well, I guess I'll give her a passing grade since she's technically keeping watch.

"Now then. Shall I explain about Camp."

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