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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Strongest Sage, Hasn't Learned


"Welcome back Mathi-kun!"

"Look, he really comes back right!"

Ruli and Alma welcomed me when I got back on the camp.
It seems Ruli was refining the dungeon wall, I could see broken pieces of rocks and dug soil on the ground.

"....But it's way quicker than an hour right? Did something happen?"

"My Storage magic ran out of space after I beat a slightly big monster. I turned around and went back at floor 21. So it's faster than the plan."

"Big monster huh...."

"Yeah. The materials you can get from the monster aren't really interesting, but I figure it might fetch a good price."

You can use Arch Serpent's materials for something but the handling is a bit difficult.
The venom is gone once it's killed, and it has no claws and few bones.
But the fangs are relatively usable, so I've taken several with me.

"Floor 21 monster... What's it name?"

"Arch Serpent."

Since it's a different era now, the monster's name might have changed too.

"Arch Serpent.... I'm not familiar with the name, but I'm sure it'd fetch a good price, being a floor 21 monster and all!"

"Or rather, materials from floor 21 monsters rarely circulate in the market.... Will it be alright?"

"The mob monsters on floor 21 were weaker than War Tiger y'know. The big one was relatively tough though."

People seeing from the sideline might think that the fight was easy since it ended with just three crushed magic stones.... But it was actually not that simple.

Because, the 【Special Manaa Enchant】 magic invoked by crushing magic stones isn't something that can be done continuously so nonchalantly.
It's an act of scattering half-baked mana union to the surroundings.
If you carelessly did it twice without thinking, the mana composition inside the dungeon could went astray and trigger a Mana Disaster.
A strange monster might occur in the dungeon because of it, but that's still good, worst case, monsters might overflow out of the dungeon instantly, destroying royal capital.

With my current control of mana, doing it four times is the limit before Mana Disaster occurs.
Furthermore, if I had to do it for the fourth time back then, I probably would have to stay in the dungeon for 3-4 days to adjust the mana inside the dungeon.
In that respect, it would have been bad if the fight didn't conclude in three shots.

"Must be quite a monster for Mathi-kun to call it tough...."

"I mean, stop using War Tiger as your standard. War Tiger is a calamity class you know?"

"But it's weaker than that demon."

"Using demon is even worse!"

We ascended the dungeon while having that conversation.
I see that both has gotten quite used to their roles, with Alma handling monsters and Ruli making arrows.

"Oh right, are we going to Adventurer Guild to sell the materials?"

"I think we still can't register on Adventurer Guild at our age...."

"Students should be able to register regardless of age. I haven't done it yet though."

"Then let's go register ourselves. Where's the guild again...."

"Ah, I know where it is."

After leaving the dungeon, Ruli led us walking in the city.
We could see a building with a huge signboard, written with 『Adventurer Guild』 before long.

"Are you academy students? Have you registered with us?"

An onee-san inside came talk to us the moment we went inside.

"Yes. We're Second Academy students. We haven't registered yet, but we'd like to sell some materials."

Ruli answered.

"Right then, please put the stuff you're selling on this purchasing counter to formalize the purchase.... But really, the students this year are quite exceptional. That's quite the loot."

While pointing at the purchasing counter, onee-san said that when she saw the magic stones we were carrying.
Looks like she'll handle the purchasing. This onee-san seems to be the guild's receptionist or something.

By the way, the reason why we're carrying magic stones around is because I had no mana left to spare so I couldn't store the magic stones we got from the monsters we beat on the way back.
My loot are all inside the Storage magic so the ones we're carrying now are all Alma's and Ruli's without a doubt.
Since we collected magic stones of questionable quality too, the amount we're carrying right now is quite something.

"Then could the three of you show me your Student Cards? You can use those as Guild Cards."


We handed over our student cards and then onee-san quickly filled the branch office name and some number on the cards' back and gave them back to us.

"The registration is complete with this. Then, please put the materials on the purchasing counter. You may also keep the one you don't want to sell or only inquire the price...."

"What do you think, Mathi-kun?"

"Well, no harm in selling them all is there? I've got the ones needed for practices with me."

"Then, all of them please!"


Onee-san quickly appraises the magic stones.
Mainly for color and weight it seems.
There was no hesitation in her movement as she completed the procedure, and the magic stone's total price kept increasing.

"It's done. All of them would be 12 gold coins and 3 silver coins."

"T-twelve.... That's a lot of money!"

"There's really a lot of outstanding first year parties nowadays. And most are parties of three or four. I heard it had to do with a new lesson in the academy, but your party is at the top...."

"Oy oy, are they really students!"

"The students this year are seriously strong...."

People unrelated to the receptionist gathered around.
Judging from their appearances, they're probably adventurers.

"Of course! Cause we have Mathi-kun with us!"

Oy. Don't bring me into this.

"You're one to talk Alma...."

"But these magic stones are from the monsters we defeated!"

"Huh? Only two of you dealt with monsters? So then, the one over there is.... a baggage carrier?"

The onee-san said that while looking at my crest.
I see. So that's what people see when a Disqualified Crest is in a party.

"That can't be any farther from the truth! It's true that he's carrying a lot of baggage, but he's really our party's main force!"

"Main force.... and in a way, teacher? Anyway, these aren't all our loot today!"

The two look at me after saying that.

"Actually, we still have a lot more materials to sell...."

"There's more? You don't look like you're carrying a lot though...."

"No, it's here."

I took out some random magic stone from Storage magic.
The surrounding people's line of sight were gathered at the magic stone at that very moment--.


The guild's atmosphere froze.

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