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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Strongest Sage, Confirms the Promise in Effect


"So, what kind of monster you killed?"

Several minutes after the notification from our school.

"It's a snake monster called Arch Serpent."

"...Never heard of it. Is that a floor 21 monster? Frankly, I can't believe anyone can clear floor 21 of that dungeon, even if the academy says so...."

"The monster is a bit special, but that's about right. Here's its magic stone..... By the way, I actually haven't cleared the floor yet. I went right back after beating this monster."

I took out the Arch Serpent's magic stone.

"....Hold up Mathi-kun, I haven't heard about that magic stone."

"Is that really a magic stone!? It looks more than 50 centimeter...."

"From what I'm seeing here.... doesn't seem there's a mistake that it's a magic stone. I don't think there's anything like that even in the national treasury though...."

The three seemed astonished when they saw the magic stone.
By the way, the receptionist onee-san was called by someone else and went out again so there were only me, Ruli, Alma and the Branch Head in the room.

"Mathi-kun has transformed into a national treasure mass production machine...."

"I think Mathi-kun has been that machine for a long time now."

"This magic stone is kinda half-assed though...."

This magic stone is about 55 cm. I'd have liked it to be 3 cm bigger.
It's half-assed to be used for the barrier core. Magic cores from 『Floor Masters』 have high performance relative to their size, and it affects the property of Dragon Vein used as a mana source and such.
Guess I can just hunt more if it's not enough.

"Half-assed? What the heck is lacking from that abnormally huge magic stone?"

"I'm currently in the need of a somewhat big magic stone, it needs to be a bit bigger than this. I think there will be an announcement regarding this matter in the coming days."

"Magic stone that's bigger than 55cm, somewhat big....? Apparently, the 『Somewhat』 in my dictionary was a mistake."
....Footsteps were coming again, when we were having such conversations.
And then the door opened soon after.

"We've received a directive!!"

The receptionist who was called out came back.
Looks like something happened.
Trouble again....

"What is it this time!"

"Mathias Hildesheimr and his companions are to be exempted of purchasing tax of anything that relates to dungeons. Therefore we have to raise the purchase price to match it...."

Looks like I've mistaken.
Apparently, it was about my reward for beating a demon. I thought it would take longer for the formalities to finish, but the principal who heard about me selling dungeon monsters probably urged the higher-ups to get it out faster.
But really, I'm exempted of tax even when I'm selling directly huh.

"That's not happening. The tax for purchasing at the guild is managed by the kingdom itself. Even if the academy asks for it--"

"About that, this directive came from Royal Palace, not the academy!"

"....From Royal Palace, directly? Even if he's strong and extraordinary, just for a first grader?"

"I haven't grasped the situation myself, but this has His Majesty the king's seal on it and the one that delivered this letter is a knight-sama, so I think it's most likely real...."

"...Aa. I thought it was strange, I got it now. This was a dream all along."

It's not y'know. It's real.

--Even with all the commotion, we somehow managed to complete the selling process (there were some uproar when I took out monster bodies, but I was able to sell them aside of the Arch Serpent. Looks they had never seen it before.)
We got 750 gold coins in total at the time. It was cheaper than the rip-off sword, but since they couldn't calculate the price for Arch Serpent's material (apparently they were going to investigate what kind of material they were first), afterward they're going to sell them in the auction, thus that amount will be added later on.
I'm planning to attend the the auction myself if I have time.

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