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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Strongest Sage, Getting Incited


"So this is the Royal Capital's arena...."

The day of the interpersonal match.
I, the teachers, and the other members went to the royal capital's arena.
The other students are going to cheer for us but they're acting separately.

"You've never seen it, Mathi-kun?"

"Yeah. I mean, the only place I know in the capital is our school. And the blacksmith from back then I guess."

I wasn't really interested in the arena since it mostly held mock battles with chant magic.
Well, the magic put on it is the same as what I've guessed, so there's no particular problem

"Now that you mentiont it, Mathi-kun's knowledge seems to be quite lopsided doesn't it.... I hope there's no Heaven-sent Child of Magic participating this year...."

"Heaven-sent Child of Magic?"

What's with that divine name. I never heard that.

"There was a few times when Second Academy had strong students that looked like they'd win. But during those years, First Academy always had someone stronger as the leader...."

"They were unbelievably strong every times it happened, so people called them 『Heaven-sent Child of Magic』. If I'm not mistaken, the previous magic division commander was also one. ...Well, I don't think even the 『Heaven-sent Child of Magic』 could stand against Mathi, we should be fine."

I see. That's what 『Heaven-sent Child of Magic』 about huh. Abnormally strong people also occasionally showed themselves up in my past life, but the timing is quite convenient this time.
Not sure how much does "unbelievably strong" means, well, I'll know when I see them.

If they're not somewhat strong, there's a possibility that the match ends too quick and we get no time to demonstrate the power of chantless magic instead.
I hope someone moderately tough appears.
I went to the waiting room while thinking that, however....

"Hey. Mankind and demons are hostile against each others right?"

"They've always been humanity's greatest enemy since a long time ago.... What about it?"

Alma replied with a 'why are you asking the obvious' look on her face.

"Nah, I was just wondering. That aside, it's really here. That Heaven-sent Child of Magic. That is indeed a monster."

I muttered while examining the mana reaction.
The waiting rooms of the First and Second Academy are 100 meter apart, thus examining their mana isn't a difficult task
If that's really the Heaven-sent Child of Magic, it certainly has power incomparable to other students just like Ruli told me.

"From the waiting room of the First Academy, I could feel a strong.... Or rather, an odd power."

"It's true. ...Or rather, I don't think that's even the mana reaction of a human.... If even Mathi deems them strong, are they considerably dangerous?"

Thanks to their one month training with 【Passive Detection】, it seems these two have noticed the oddity of this mana.
I think its mana quantity is about 10 times mine.

It's a honest-to-goodness monster--or rather, demon for sure.
Judging from its mana reaction, it's most likely a type of demon that's good in disguise and with high defensive power. I guess the fact that it isn't the strong-at-attacking type is the silver lining here.
Demons usually have the ability to conceal their mana reaction, but they probably think they don't need to do that now that 【Passive Detection】 has been discarded by people.

"You two, listen to me."

"What's wrong?"

"If the enemy's leader is as I've guessed, this'll be quite dangerous.  Therefore, I'd like you two to defeat the two students besides the 『Heaven-sent Child of Magic』 and then immediately escape. Leave the rest to me."

"But, the arena has defensive magic...."

"It's possible for the defensive magic to be broken through. If we're only talking about magic output, the other party's is considerably higher compared to mine."

Well, that is if we're only talking about magic output.

"Surpassing Mathi-kun, that can't be a human...."

Because it's not.
I'd like to hide the fact that I know the enemy's real identity from the enemy itself as long as possible.
That's why, this is the time to tell them my plan.

Sounds of cheering resounded in the arena right after.
The waiting room's door is then opened.

"It's time, please enter the arena."

"We should just smash the two besides the leader right?"

"And then we escape..."

"That's the plan. Let's go then!"

We went to the arena from the opened door.
An official chant a magic at about the same time, putting defensive magic on the three of us.

Just as expected, I could break two layer of this defensive magic with a single slash of a magic-augmented sword.
The demon should be able to do the same with its magic, Ruli and Alma could destroy two layers too if they trained a bit more.
Alma could probably do it right here and now if I taught her enchant magic other than the simple mana-loaded one.

It's basically enough against someone who only uses chant magic.... but you can't deny its lack of strength.

"Oy, there's a Disqualified Crest!"

"You're right! It's a Disqualified Crest! And what's with those outfits, he gonna fight or something!"

"Oy, Disqualified Crest, this ain't a place for you to play around! I'm amazed you'd even get admitted to the Second Academy no matter how crappy it is!"

The demon shouted the moment it saw me.
It seems the demon is hiding its demonic characteristic with disguise magic and has even put on a fake Glory Crest on its body.
The other two students who were with the demon (both are humans with Glory Crest) raised their voices, and then jeers were thrown from the audience seats of the First Academy visitors.

The Second School visitors booed them back in retaliation.
They're saying anything they like, like 'Chicken bastards who can't even hold a sword is one to talk'.

Indeed, the First Academy students aren't carrying weapons unlike the Second Academy.
They've fortified themselves with mithril-made armor instead. The armor might be slightly effective, since this arena's defensive magic is the type that repels magic just before it hits your skin, however.... Considering Ruli and Alma could break the barrier in one blow, that doesn't seem like it'll help.

They appear to look down on Disqualified Crest quite a bit.... I guess they're specialized in long-distance chantless magic.

By the way, the audience seats are filled with students and teachers from both sides and several tens of what seem to be bigwig magicians.
Thus, the huge venue is mostly vacant.

"Umm! Just because he has a Disqualified Crest..."

"Ruli, thank you for covering me. However, you would only waste your time with these guys."

Ruli covered me.
Alma also seemed like she wanted to say something, but I stopped her.

There's no need to deliberately tell the enemy my strength.
The current me can't afford to let my guard down against a demon.
Looks like the demon is still going to pretend to be a human for now.... Now then, how to expose it.

"True enough, no point in saying anything to people who laughed the moment they saw someone else's crest. I almost wasted my breath there."

"Hmph. What are you barking, you think Disqualified Crest can win against Glory Crest. Covering these Disqualified Crest means you're the same kind. I'll blow you away together."

As we talked... or rather verbally abusing each others, the umpire got between us.

"We will now begin the interpersonal match! Both sides, take your position!"

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