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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Strongest Sage, Uses Projectiles


"....Un. I think fighting a Monster House on this floor is still too much for you. But it should serve well as a reference."


"Yea. A way to deal with multiple enemies with a bow and arrows. Well just regard this is only as a future reference.... Could I borrow the bow a bit?"

"Un. ...I mean this bow is yours Mathi-kun."

"Oh, right."

I forgot that I'm currently loaning this bow to Alma.

"And also, some arrows. 20 of them should be enough."


After getting the bow from Alma and arrows from Ruli, I walked into the room.
And then I throw a leftover chip from when I made arrows earlier.

"17 monsters huh. ...Well, guess that's that."

17 Killer Dogs appeared inside the Monster House.
After confirming that, I put an arrow on the bow.

"Hold on, using a bow at this range is...."

"No worries."

The gap between me and the Killer Dogs can is about the same as a slightly longish spear's length.
Normally, this isn't a distance to fight with a bow.
However, this is fine. If we're too far apart, my magic won't be as effective.


With a 'fwoosh' sound, a flying arrow pierced a Killer Dog's head, killing it in one blow.
16 remaining.


While dodging the jumping Killer Dogs, I set up two arrows at once and shoot them together.
This isn't the way to use a bow, so of course the power isn't as strong.
In addition, the two arrows follow a straight orbit, thus it's hard to use it as a spread shot.

However, it's more than good enough if you revise them with magic.
The two homing arrows I shot hit two killer dogs following quite a weird orbit. One blow each too.
14 remaining.


Next, I shoot three arrows at once.
The power decreased quite a bit, but it's still good.
11 remaining.

"Four--no, 11 arrows!"

I put a bundle of 11 arrows on the bow. I can't set them up using just my hands, so I use magic to hold them.
Honestly, I'm being too forceful. The output of the bow isn't coming out at all, and the ones that hit can't even pierce through the dog's fur.

However, I've put 【Simple Mana Enchant】 and 【Homing Enchant】 on the arrows, raising their power through magic.
Yet it still wouldn't be enough to kill the monsters even if the arrows hit.... I predicted all of the Killer Dogs' movements and made all 11 arrows hit their targets.
After having their brains destroyed through their weaknesses, the eyes, the Killer Dogs fell down all at once. Subjugation complete.

"...And there you go, you can defeat multiple enemies while only using enchant magic once like this. Not by raising the total sum, but by dispersing your firepower. It's quite useful if you learn how to do it."

I returned the bow to Alma while saying that.

However, Alma isn't taking the bow.... Or rather, she's not moving.
Troubled with her reaction, I sought help from Ruli, but she was also not moving, she didn't seem she could be of use here.
I don't see mind magic-like reaction through 【Passive Detection】....

"...What's wrong?"

"No well, it's too amazing I don't think it can be used as a reference...."

"Beating a floor 8 Monster House alone is ridiculous enough already, and you did it with a bow.... I mean, what did you do in the end?"

"I merely put 【Homing Enchant】 and 【Simple Mana Enchat】 on the last 11 arrows. It's not that much different than with two or three arrows, you know."


Alma was stunned.

"Well, to be frank there's actually no need for 11 arrows, you'd better off bombing the monsters with short-range magic instead. But two or three arrows are quite useful, let's practice how to do it from now on."

"I wonder if I can be like Mathi-kun if I practice...."

"Depending on the training, you should be more powerful at handling bows than me. Since your crest is the best possible crest for bows."

Or rather, I'll be in trouble if you don't.
Since Alma is a candidate for my Magic Combat Party member in the future.
It might take 300 years before that happens though.... well 300 years will pass by in a blink of an eye with Immortality magic anyway. We should manage somehow.

"Let's see now, let's get to floor 10 and set up a camp there."


"We'll enclose one part of the dungeon and prevent monster from entering it. The two of you will be safe inside."

"S-something like that exists....."

"By the way, that means Ruli and I will stay right? What are you gonna do Mathi-kun?"

"....I'm gonna visit the lower floors to get my hand on some things."

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