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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Strongest Sage, Works Out a Plan


"Right then.... First, I think we need to fix our force."

"We wouldn't be in this difficult situation if it was that easy...."

"Let's spread chantless magic to as many magicians as possible. That alone should be enough for now."

Although humans probably can't win in a 1-on-1 fight against demons, their strength is in number.
That was probably the reason why the demons haven't destroyed humanity yet.
The fact that there were only five demons including one dead one in a country is quite indicative of that.

Which means, people wouldn't have much problem defending themselves as long as they have the power of chantless magic.
....Though well, it would be difficult if we were the one attacking due to the difference in mobility.

"I see. I have heard about chantless magic from Edward. Indeed, we would probably able to deal with demons if we spread that. However, that would also mean telling the demons that our kingdom has a way to go against them. Won't the demons come to destroy this kingdom then?"

"...They probably will."

The demons probably intended to slowly shave off humanity's strength little by little until they were sure that they could definitely destroy us.
However, if Eist Kingdom comes to know the way to deal with that, the demons also most definitely won't let it pass.
They will come to destroy Eist Kingdom for sure.

"If that's the case, wouldn't it be better for us if we strengthen our force secretively without giving it away?"

"That's what we should do were the Heaven-sent Children of Magic didn't escape...."

"It's only a matter of time before the demons know what's going on. Fortunately we noticed this before they completely destroyed us.... Do you have any plan? If our force is centralized in Eist Kingdom, it would be harsh even with chantless magic wouldn't it?"

That's certainly true.
I could go myself but even I have my limit doing it alone, and even if there's a fewer demons now, protecting everyone won't be easy if the force to do it is concentrated in the Royal Capital.
However, of course, there is a way to break through this.

"We should have some time before the demons gathered themselves. They don't group together to form a large-scale organization like human's Knight Order. Even if several demons regarded this kingdom as a danger, the attacks will most likely be sporadic. At least for the next three months."

Demons fundamentally don't cooperate together.
They would of course escape all at once when their disguises were blown, but one human-hating demon good at intelligence would probably go around to spread the info.

Well, there is no demon that doesn't hate human, so there's no actually no need to specifically use 『Human-hating』.
The magical structure of a demon is 『made to hate humans』, thus, unless it's a mutant, there is no demon that doesn't hate humans.

"And after that three months?"

"I can't deny the possibility of a large-scale offensive. Therefore, let's shut out the demons before that happens."

"Do you have any way to realize that? Three months time with demons as the opponent looks to be equal to nil...."

"There is. We can simply create a huge barrier that surrounds the area we want to protect."

"Perpetual Barrier Magic.... Are you saying you intend to make a new God-borne Artifact?"

"God-borne Artifact.... I'm not familiar with that term, but I can probably manage if it's a perpetual mid-sized barrier to surround the royal capital. Since there's a dungeon at the Second Academy, we can use the mana from the Dragon Vein connected to that dungeon to fuel it."

"Is such a thing possible? Frankly, this all sounds like a tale from the Age of Myth...."

"I think that's inevitable, Your Majesty. Since it seems technology and such have been thoroughly destroyed by the demons. Well, it should be ready in one month time if we get students of Second Academy to help. That is as long as we can get all the materials needed...."

"The First Academy, Knight Order and Magic Division will cooperate too. Honestly speaking, I have no option but to bet on Mathias. So what materials do you need?"

The materials huh.
We wouldn't need much if the past me were the one who'd process them, however, this time, we'll tackle the problem using human-wave tactic by teaching processing magic to students who bear the First Crest. The quantity isn't something that Ruli can do alone, after all.
Which means, it's roughly--.

"One 60cm grade magic stone, and 10 kilograms of adamantite and orichalcum alloy. And also 1.5 tons of mithril."

"....Are you seriously saying that?"

"I'm very serious...."

Oh no. Wonder if I angered the king.
I could flee outside the kingdom if worse comes to worst, but I'd be alone again if I did.

"This kingdom has no 60cm magic stone. Dozens kilograms of mithril are most we could secure. We have a few orichalcum and adamantite from the national treasure's artifacts. They're currently being borrowed by people who know how to use them to fight demons, but even if we gather them all, I am not sure if it even reaches 3 kilograms."

I see.
True, considering the monster I beat in my trip to the Royal Capital was regarded as a 『Strong Monster』, it should be no mystery they can't get a 60cm magic stone.
Getting orichalcum and adamantite need a bit of refinement techniques.

"...Then, let us gather them."


"Fortunately, the dungeon under the Second Academy seems quite old. There's a high chance a monster that has a 60cm magic stone appearing in the deeper part. As for the mithril, well I should manage somehow. We've got three months of time after all. As for the orichalcum--adamantite alloy.... Could I think about it some more after looking at the treasury?"

"『Manage somehow』 for tons of mithril huh.... It sounds impossible with our, no, humanity's common sense.... Edward, can we trust this Mathias lad?"

The talk turned to the principal who has been keeping silent until now.

"Mathias has made every unbelievable stuff he said so far into reality. To begin with, the very existence of a 12 year old who beat a demon alone sounds like a joke in itself."

"...You're right. All right, I will entrust this matter to both Mathias Hildesheimr and Edward."

"I'm grateful."

The unofficial audience ended after this and that, and then I went to the treasury together with the treasury manager and Edward.

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