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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Strongest Sage, Selected as Representative


About a month after Ruli and Alma started their training.
Principal Edward opened his mouth before the whole student body gathered in the meeting ground.
Today is the day the school is announcing the representatives for the interpersonal match.

"We will now announce representatives for interpersonal match."

The second graders looked at each others when they heard that.
Can't blame them. Usually the representatives were selected from second graders and they knew their identities long before the official announcement.
However, there was no news about it this year.

"Leader  First Year Class A, Mathias."


I stepped forward as I got called.

"Eh? First year...?"

"It should be within the rule sure, but I've never heard first year ever getting selected...."

"And he's a Disqualified Crest. Is that all right?"

"Maybe they're going to throw the match away since we've never won an interpersonal match...."

The second graders reacted with perplexity and sympathy when they saw me.
Even though the representative seat was taken by a freshman, it seems their emotions mostly exclude anger.

Well, I could guess the reason for that.
Apparently, the Second Royal Academy has suffered 33 consecutive defeats.

Getting chosen in such a tournament means getting the short end of the stick, no one desires the honor.
It seems the second graders are thinking that the principal chooses me because he wants to give up the match.

"Member, First Year Class A, Alma!"


"Member, First Year Class A, Ruli!"


The second graders' uproar reached its climax when Ruli's name was called as the third rep.

"Principal, what the hell!"

"I can't believe you're sending first year kids as the reps! Lemme do it in their stead!"

"Me too! Like we'd stand being the only one safe while sacrificing the first year!"

Most of the first-year students already knew about chantless magic, so there wasn't really a fuss among them.
I guess this is the side effect of hiding the chantless magic until we have result to show in order to prevent strong oppositions.

....By the way, the second graders made it like the interpersonal-match was dangerous, but it's fundamentally safe. Physically speaking that is.
Apparently, the Royal Capital's arena has a device that puts a dual layer barrier on each participants, defeat condition is triggered when the outer barrier is destroyed, allowing matches without worry of injury, the interpersonal match will be held there.

However, it doesn't nullify the mental load and it seems there are students who are traumatized by the match.

It's an unnaturally high performance device compared to chant magic.... But I feel like there's a kind of relic with similar capability from my age.

The civilization of that time has been seemingly destroyed now, but at that time there was this slogan, 『Let's create a legacy we can be proud of even 3000 years in the future!』, lots of people created many things like pointlessly sturdy arenas and such, this arena might also be something from that time.
It's extremely easy to operate, even chant magic should be able to use it.

....If that's true, the magic loaded in it is most likely not absolutely impregnable.
Although there might be differences depending on the device, I probably could easily break through the barrier if I seriously attack with my sword or magic.
I've got to make sure not to kill someone by mistake.

"Quiet down!"

The principal suppressed the students who made a fuss with a word.

"I'm not throwing down the towel. Rather, I'm confident we'll win this year."

"Do you mean to say that those kids are stronger than us second graders?"

"That's right. We can't have a match cause we don't have the facility.... Just watch their magic for now."

The principal made an eye signal while saying that, and then the teachers brought in and set up three targets horizontally in the place.

"Here I go!"

Ruli declared that and shot one flame magic.
The flame magic hit the center target and blew away all three of them.

"Awesome. Is this for real...."

"Are they gonna overpower the First Academy with a Glory Crest....?"

"This isn't the end, next!"

This time the teachers set up three target in a straight line. The targets look to be overlapped from Alma's viewpoints.
Alma took out her bow and shot a mana-loaded arrow.
The arrow shot by Alma pierced through all three targets and fell down in the schoolyard dozens of meters further away.

By the by, when they first started training Ruli was stronger, but now they're about equal.
Their mana quantity have been relatively forged as well, showing growth where a Second Crest caught up to a First Crest.

"Well, as you can see. If you're curios how is this possible, I'll explain it after the match is over."

The students rustled again when they heard that.
This time the first graders besides Class A also joined the fuss.

"Seriously.... Wait, I didn't hear any chant?"

"Musta missed it. Still, just how strong is that bow....?"

"The first graders this year are an assembly of monsters....? I heard they introduced some kind of new class, don't tell me all of the first year are...."

"Nah. The two over there must be a special case. If those aren't enough to be the leader, then just who is that Mathias...."

"I heard from a first year acquaintance that there was someone who got 250 score in the entrance exam."

"What the heck!? Ain't 50 the perfect score!?"

The principal opens his mouth once again when the commotion is about to settle down.

"By the way, look forward to Mathias's power at the real show. Knowing them all from the beginning ain't fun right?"

Principal Edward grinned after he said that.

"These three will fight in the interpersonal match. We're gonna win this!"

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