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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Strongest Sage, Is Doubted


"Hold on. That size.... Which floor and monster did you get it from?"

This magic stone.
It's probably a Flame Lizard from floor 21.
Judging from its size and atmosphere, I think it's from the Flame Lizard I made into a foothold when I went down to the floor.

"Floor 21."

"....And, Mathi-kun is it? From where did you take that magic stone just now?"

The onee-san asked another question after I replied her.
Her face is having a cramp, her eyebrows are twitching.

"Storage magic."

The receptionist looked perplexed when she heard that.

"The whole first grader this year were strange, but the real weird one finally came...."

"Maybe he bought that magic stone from somewhere and try to sell it here for fame?"

"But where can you even buy that kinda magic stone? Anyone buying that would attract attention."

"...Then he stole it?"

"Where'd he steal it. I mean, where can you even find one."

And I got treated like a thief before I knew it.

"Mathi-kun won't do something like that! What Mathi-kun did was only breaking the dungeon, breaking the school grounds, beating a demon alone and making a national treasure grade sword....  Huh? I did that one too?"

"That's right! Mathi-kun is weird alright, but he won't steal!"

"....Mathias-kun and you two, could you come here for a bit?"

As instructed by a guild staff, we went into a room inside the guild.
It looks like a common drawing room with a table in the middle.... However the walls and the ceiling are pointlessly sturdy, and there's a lock on both outside and inside the room.

They might try to lock us if anything happened.
Well, I can break them anytime I want to, there's no need to struggle.
I haven't done anything wrong after all.

"We're going to contact your academy, please wait a bit."

The onee-san left after saying that.
And then, a middle-aged man came inside the room after a while.

"Second Academy students again!"

The man shouted that when he saw our uniform.

"....I haven't introduced myself. I'm Gardo. The branch head of this guild. Sorry for shouting out loud. You probably aren't at fault here."

And then he apologized.

"Did anything happen?"

"First graders who should have been training with monsters in the forest brought in magic stones from the dungeon, had better results than some poor graduates, and brought in bodies of monsters that had traces of magic with unbelievable firepower, anyway lots of things...."

"Must have been tough...."

Just who did those things.... Actually, there's no need to guess, it must be because of chantless magic lessons.
Even at the current stage, there's already a lot of students who can shoot magic far more powerful than chant magic.
And Alma and Ruli are a cut above the rest.

"Well we've come to an agreement that the Second Academy this year is weird, no need to mind it. We're going to process this as is as long as it's nothing too much.... Just what did you do to get called to this room?"

"We were brought here when I took out this magic stone."

I took out a magic stone from Storage magic.
Gardo laughed in astonishment when he saw the magic stone.

"Ah. Ain't no wonder they're contacting your academy. Even if an adult adventurer brought that thing here, forget about questioning them, there'd be no end of angles to retort it. --Oh, looks like she's back."

Gardo pointed at the door.
And then, we could hear loud footsteps.

"Branch head! We've got a confirmation from the Second Academy!"

"Ou. How was it?"

"They said, 『The name of that student is Mathias right? If so, his oddity is just the usual, please leave him be』."

Looks like we're in the clear now.
I can't really agree with what's been said though.

"Just what did you do at the Second Academy?"

"Lots of things."

"...Looks like it's better for my sanity not to hear it. We just need to buy your magic stone right. With this size, it'd be--"

"Wait a minute. I've still got more."

Financially speaking, I have no problem just selling this one magic stone for now, but that means I'll have to keep that Arch Serpent in my Storage magic.
That's bad. And it's too big, there's no place to put it away.

"There's more huh. Then take them out too."

When I heard that, I lined up a large quantity of magic stones on the table.
I've left stuff we need for practices inside, but it's still a lot.
The branch head's and the onee-san were stunned when they saw them.

"I've got some monster bodies too."

"...I feel like I understand the Second Academy's feeling. Put the bodies here--"

"Unfortunately, the room isn't big enough."

The floor will probably give in if I forcefully put them here.

"....Did you ask the Second Academy in cases like this?"

"They basically leave me to my own devices in most cases. But I was asked to give them a report if I beat a demon...."

"T-the heck... Why'd you bring in demon there, and you talk like you'd beat it...."

The branch heard was at his wits' end.

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