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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Strongest Sage, Inspecting


Next day.
I went to the academy to accompany Iris for her transfer exam.
This might seem too sudden, but this was the schedule we got when I asked for 『Someone as strong as possible』 as the examiner for the swordsmanship test.
By the way, according to the principal, among his acquaintances, I was the strongest one... But since it wasn't right for someone related to Iris to be her examiner, they appointed the next strongest one.

The reason why I asked for someone strong as the examiner is simple.
They'd have died if they were weak.
....I'm also expecting Iris to net a higher score for defeating a strong guy though.

"Principal, I have some questions regarding the exam."

After the exam's explanation, I talked to the principal while Iris was doing the written exam.

Even if these exams aren't hard, it's still unreasonable for Iris who has never assumed human form to suddenly take them on.

Thus, we did a little test at a safe place--
The result of that test was absolutely horrible.
Her damaged magic circuit as a dragon might have an effect on her mana control as a human.

As a result, there needs to be another thing to consult.


"Since all details about these exams have been set in the rules, they can't be changed right?"

"Yeah. If you give me some time, I might be able to do something about that by asking the king--"

Asking the king huh.
That's one option, but I'd like to let Iris enroll as soon as possible.
Well, for now, I'll ask the thing I need to ask.

"Does the rules state anything about defensive measures of the exam location--for example, protection from stray shots?"

"The rule doesn't cover that far, but we usually put several layers of barrier magic around the location as a protective wall. At least we did for the past several years."

I see. It's not set in stone huh.
That means...

"Can that barrier be replaced with something else?"

"It's possible. But what are you changing it into?"


The only one who can protect the school from Iris's magic is me... or not exactly, but if I do it myself, there will be no need for some bothersome preparations.

"...So Mathias, you're going to replace the barrier?"

"It's just an insurance."

If Iris does it well, I won't have to block her magic.
But there's a high chance of that not happening.

"...I got it. Let's do that. Can you deploy the same barrier we have?"

"No problem."

Looks like the school will get out of this in one piece.

After a bit, Iris's swordsmanship test began.
Giving advices is prohibited, but watching is not.
Since Ruli and Alma had something to do today, I'm here with the principal only.

"...Huh? That examiner seems familiar."

I asked the principal in low voice when I saw Iris's examiner.
Familiar, or rather--

"Yeah. He's your examiner, Knight Commander Gayle."

I thought so.
With his strength, he should be relatively safe against Iris.
If beating him nets 120 point, then Iris should pass with this test.

"Swordsmanship test, begin!"

"Here I go!"

With the examiner's declaration, Iris readied her sword, ran to Gayle and swung it.
It's neither technical nor random, it's simply a swing. You can say that she's a beginner.
Gayle blocks that sword--


Gayle's sword couldn't block Iris's sword and he got pushed back.

Gayle regained his stance as he evaded the sword, and managed to take some distance away.
Iris's sword hit the ground just like that and created a small crater.

"What strength.... Where's that power coming from with that body."

Gayle muttered while resetting his sword.
The sword in his hand is already half-bent.

"...Is that really a girl?"

"As you can see for yourself, she is a girl."

I answered the principal's question.
Well, she's not a human girl though.

While we were having that conversation, Iris hit the knight commander's sword, flinging him to the wall and ending the exam.
Since he was blown away in a way that diminished the damage, and broke his fall, the knight commander seemed fine.

....Thus Iris's swordsmanship test ended.
It's finally time for the magic test.
....I think it's more like the school's disaster than an exam though.

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