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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Strongest Sage, Makes Plans


"....So the demons are at that abandoned village?"

"Yes, it's not necessarily the village, but they should be around there. They're most likely inside a cave or a building like shelter."

I replied the king.

"How do you know that they're inside a building?"

"Because there was a strong echo in the sound transmitted through the magic earlier."

"...Knowing that much just from that.... I definitely don't want to make Mathias my enemy."


The principal went along with the king.
To be this feared just from tracing, I'm not sure how to feel here.... For now, I'll consider it good news that the king and the principal likely won't be my enemy.

"However, it is far away."

"Right... Quickly killing them and coming back won't be possible... But I should be able to do something about it in one week."

The fact that the enemy is inside a building means that there's a high chance that place is their base.
They probably don't notice that they've been traced back, one week should be enough time for a surprise attack.

"One week!? Is there even a way to travel 4500 kilometer in just one week in this world? For your information, there's no road that goes to that abandoned village you know!?"

"...There's no road even though it was a village?"

"That whole area was destroyed a long time ago. The territory may be inside our kingdom, but you can say that it's actually ruled by demons. Roads that can be traveled by horses are... only up to around this area."

The king pointed at a place about 900 kilometer away from the royal capital. Horses are only usable up to 1/3 of the way huh.

"If horses aren't usable, can it be traveled on foot?"

The territory is said to be ruled by demons, but judging from the situation so far, there shouldn't be many demons left in the present world.
I should be able to get past it without them noticing if I camouflage myself with magic and such.

I've never really considered using a horse in the first place. Since it's faster to run with magic.
It'd be a different story if there's a faster creature though.

"Since we've never surveyed the area, we don't know for sure.... But it's probably impossible with ordinary means. You'd likely have to go through virgin forests and wetlands."

I see....
Moving on those terrains isn't a problem, but it will be at a slower pace.

If we consider the possibility of attacks by other demons and the fact that the barrier hasn't been set up in the royal capital yet, leaving it for long isn't a good idea.
--I've got no choice.

"Then let's take another mean, although the certainty is slightly lower."


"I have an idea about our transportation, but I'm not exactly sure if it's usable."

"....I won't ask you about it since I won't understand the content of the magic anyway.... But how long would it take with that method?"

"Right.... Including one day for preparing things, if that method is possible, we'd get back the same day or the next day after defeating Elhart."

The transportation method is actually not really a magic, but since he told me not to explain anyway, I didn't say it.
Not asking the method huh, he sure really trusts me....or rather, the principal who referred me.

Well there were times when I felt like I was being watched so he had probably investigated me through another mean too.
By the way, since the observers were harmless, or rather I felt it could gain me some trust, I pretended not to notice them.

"The next day!?"

"It got even...shorter....  Don't tell me it's the legendary teleportation magic...."

"I can use teleportation magic for once...."

""You can!?""
"Eh! ...Mugu."

The king and the principal both interrupted me.
Alma was going to shout out something, but Ruli immediately blocked her mouth. I guess it's disrespectful to shout before the king.

"But I can't teleport to far away places due to my Crest. I'd have to use another method to use the magic, but I won't know whether it's effective or not before trying. That's why, I'd have preferred going on roads if they were usable."

"....The thing about teleport magic was brushed off like it was nothing great!?"

--The audience with the king ended after we talked about magic theory left by magic scholars, and a measure to review the assessment of crests, afterward, we went back to the academy.
By the way, reviewing the assessment that have been nailed down for so long will take a bit more time, it seems.

...Now then. Before we go to raid the demons, I've got to finish the stuff with academy.
Defeating Elhart before setting up the barrier is like putting the cart before the horse.

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