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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Strongest Sage, Gives Present


"W-what is this..."

Arias asked me as the surrounding mana converged.

"It's your own body, you know without me telling right?"

"Imploding from mana overload..."

The magic I've put inside Arias forces a demon's mana control to run amok and collect excess mana from the surroundings.
The demon that's forced to gather mana will lose control of their mana, running amok--in short, it will implode and die.
...However, looks like Arias is hanging on to it hard.
Were he a lower ranked demon, I wouldn't be surprised if he had already imploded by now.

"I see. A fitting magic for monster. ...But this isn't enough to defeat me see?"

Arias laughed painfully as he said that.
The converging mana began to rapidly decrease.

It's not like my magic is faulty.
The surrounding mana has simply dried up.
Since I had triggered Mana Disaster to materialize Arias, the mana in this vicinity had dried up.

"Right. Looks like it's not enough. Since you seem to be working hard to control your mana... I'll give you a present."

I took out a magic stone from Storage magic.

"Present... Magic stone?"

Arias shifted his attention toward me while controlling the excess mana, looking dubious.

"Yeah. That said, I'm not giving this magic stone as is though."

I answered while putting my mana into the magic stone.
Arias probably realizes what's going to happen after seeing this.
After all, He has seen me crushing magic stones to trigger Mana Disaster.

"St... Stop it! Please stop!"

"Ah, sorry. Too late."

I crushed the magic stone in my hand.
All of the vast amount of mana released from it got sucked into Arias's body.

And, after a moment.


Arias imploded while screaming, blasting the surroundings.
I wait for the blast to recede while protecting myself with defend magic.

Several seconds later.
The ruined building has disappeared--there's only a crater around where Arias was left.
After confirming that there's a metal stake-like thing in that crater, I send 【Enforced Detection】 toward the sky.
Iris started to descend.


Ruli got off Iris and hugged me.

"Why did you suddenly jump off! I was really worried you know!?"

"Aah. I did it to deceive the enemy. It didn't work though."

It's a lie.
I had asked Iris to fly off high above to prevent the two from following me down.


"Well, he got off safe anyway, isn't it fine."

"Right right. Mathi-kun is Mathi-kun, of course he's coming back safely!"

Following after Ruli, Iris and Alma stopped.

"But Alma, you were also really anxious until you saw Mathi-kun weren't you!"

....Ruli talked back to Alma.
Having people worrying about me is quite a fresh experience.
There was no one who would do that before I reincarnated.

Setting that aside, Ruli was still hugging me while we were conversing.
Personally, I'm very glad about this, I'd like this to continue a bit more....

"I mean, Ruli, how long you're planning to cling on Mathi-kun!"

"Ah! I...I'm sorry!"

Right when I thought that, Alma pointed that out and Ruli separated herself.
Ruli is looking down with a reddened face.

...The mood turned odd somehow. I should change the topic.
We've got a new problem we need to deal with after all.

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