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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Strongest Sage, Forgotten


"I'd like to end this trip by noon if possible. Let's hurry."

After entrusting the lecture to the teachers and leaving the academy, I'm heading to the city's entrance while accelerating with magic.
I've already finished packing and putting all the necessities inside Storage Magic.

"Okay! ...So, where are we going?"

"To the mountain over there. It's a bit far, but well, we should arrive while it's still bright outside."

I pointed south as I said that.
We can't see the mountain cause it's hidden by the townscape from here, but I can tell from the mana reaction.

"Eh? But isn't that direction the opposite of where the demons are..."

"That's right. However, that's where our transport is."

Traveling a 4500 kilometer distance on land isn't easy.
Moreso on lands with unknown terrains.
Therefore, we need a transport that can ignore those terrains.

"There's a transport in the mountain? Is it some kind of weird magic?"

"It's not magic. It's a living thing."

I answered Ruli's question.

"Living thing?"

"Yea. The reaction is quite weak compared to the last time.... Let's hope that it's usable for transportation at least."

I upped my speed after confirming that the two were following me.

--Several hours later.

"...Our destination is in this mountain! Just a little more!"

I called out to the two at the base of a mountain about 100 kilometer away from the capital.

"What's 'a bit far' about this!? It's farther than our hometown!"

"This distance isn't anything to write home about for the us now. In fact, it didn't even take half a day did it!"

"Movement magic is amazing..."

We begin to climb the mountain while having that conversation.
The mountain has no road, but since there's no steep cliff or anything like that, climbing it isn't too hard.

"Is there a transport bird at the top of this mountain?"

"It's not exactly a bird though."

"...Not exactly?"

"You should be able to grasp its presence with 【Passsive Detection】. We're still far away from it, but its reaction is big and all."

Ruli and Alma concentrated on using 【Passive Detection】.

"...Is it perhaps at the summit?"


"This reaction, it's quite huge..."

"It is yep. Well, it's gotten quite smaller compared to the last time I saw it though...."

I've been being vague since I've got a feeling that the two would run away if I told them the details.
Even in my past life, there were lots of people who would flee just from hearing the thing.
Those creatures aren't really something to be feared of though in reality....

"It's fine. Well, you can stay at a viewing distance when we actually meet it."

We climb the mountain while talking about that--.

"That's our vehicle."

I stopped at a place where we could see its figure.
The two turned pale when they saw it.

"...Vehicle? This is weird. It looks like a super calamity class legendary creature to me...."

"No. That's a vehicle. A very fast vehicle that can even blow out flame you know."

"It looks clearly dangerous judging from the mana reaction.... Or rather, isn't that a dragon...."

"Some people do call it with that name. It's 『Dark Dragon Iris』 to be exact though."

I think it has other names too, but that's what I personally call it.

"『Dark Dragon Iris』. Just how is that a vehicle!? We'd be killed if we get close to it!"

"Forget vehicle, isn't that one of the dragons that destroyed a whole country from the myth! ...It's not the real thing is it?"

"I've no idea about the myth, so I'm not sure if it's the real thing or not.... But that's our perfect transportation."

Dark Dragon Iris is my acquaintance, though I don't know about it appearing in the myth.
It was one of the dragons that picked a fight with me, but since it immediately surrendered unlike other dragons, I ended up not killing it.

I felt like it wasn't too tough, thus I wouldn't have fun beating it anyway.
I was expecting it to get stronger if I left it alone--but judging from its condition now, looks like it's gotten weaker instead.

"Well, I'll talk with it for a bit, you two wait over there."


I left the two and took a step toward the dragon.

"Wai!? It's too dangerous even for Mathi-kun...."

"Mathi-kun, you can talk with dragons...?"

I approach the dragon while hearing those voices.
Iris is an old friend of mine.
To celebrate our reunion, I've got to be friendly here--

《O intruders, you are within my domain. I do not remember giving you permission to tread upon it.》

Words that didn't have even a fragment of friendliness were hurled at me who got closer to talk with it.


《I do not wish for needless slaughter. Be obedient and retrace your path. However, if you take any more step forward, be prepared to part with your life.》

《Don't you remember me?》

Since Iris was speaking in dragon language, I replied in it too.

Dragon's memory is better than human's. Especially memory related to mana.
I'm currently using a small scale magic, and the mana reaction from it is similar to the past me.

There's no way Iris won't notice nor forget it.
It should be impossible for a dragon to mistake mana reaction since each one is unique.

《You will no stop, huh. I am not too keen of doing this, but I have no choice. --Die.》

However, it didn't listen to me.

Iris ignored the perplexed me and opened its mouth.
And then, it activated a great magic peculiar to dragons, 『Dragon Breath』.

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