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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Strongest Sage, Jumps Off


"Well, there was a bit of happening... But you've got a passing mark. If you keep at it, you two should be able to beat the weakest demon after some training."

"Eh, without Mathi-kun!?"

"No no, that's impossible... We can't even do a thing if they shoot magic at us...."

It seems like the two aren't convinced they can defeat demons themselves.

I guess it's only natural.
In the fights against two demons they beat so far, they were only buying time as I fought in the front line.

And also, I haven't taught them the magic needed for it.
Well, all of them are magic circles simpler than the 『Magic Poison』 we used in this fight, I'm sure they'll learn it in no time.

"I'll teach you the knack for it next time. For now, let's go back."

I used faint 『Compulsion Detection』 at Iris flying above as I said that.
And then Iris began to descend.

I talk with the two with telepathy magic.

『About the other demon, pretend that you don't know it.』

『Pretend.... So there's really another demon here?』

『It was nowhere to be seen during the fight earlier and I can't detect it Passive Detection at all even now....』

『This demon is hard to detect, you don't have to worry about it at present. We should get on Iris for the time being.』

Because it's a demon that cannot normally be found unless it shows itself.
And its fighting prowess is incomparably higher than Elhart.

『T-that motivates me to find it with instead...』

『Mumu.... Ah over there!』

Alma was concentrating on something with closed eyes, then she suddenly opened her eyes and pointed above.
Toward Iris.

『...Wha, it's just Iris!』

『True, it'd have been a catastrophe if Iris was our enemy...』

"U-umm.... Everyone, did I do something?"

Iris looked perplexed as it was suddenly getting pointed at.
I talk to Iris with Dragon Language.

《Iris. Get only the two on your back and evacuate to the sky.》

《...What happened?》

Even Iris doesn't know huh.
Even if its detection capability has been lowered due to the broken magic circuit.... This demon really is incomparably better in hiding than other demons.

《There's another demon here.》

《Eh, I don't detect anything--is it a Mist Demon?》

《That's right.》

Mist demons.
Just as the name suggests, they can turn their body into mist-like substance, having the ability to melt into the surroundings.

When they turn into mist, they are bound by a some conditions and limitation, they can't move in that state.... But that doesn't change the fact that they're troublesome.
Because, the mist is invisible, and since it's scattered over a vast area, it can't be detected with normal 『Passive Detection』.

With all of those characteristics, I felt that they should have been called 『Air Demon』 instead, but people called them 『Mist Demon』 in my past life.

《Umm, mist demons are best handled by burning them down with my breath....》

And even if you find them, they can't be defeated easily.
In order to do that, you need firepower equaling full power breath of the current Iris.

《No, with the way you are right now, it's dangerous for you to fire a high-powered breath. You wouldn't be able to fly for at least 30 days if you did.》

《30 days will pass by quickly if you just sleep....》

《For you that is, our school will be destroyed in the meantime.》

Forget 30 days, there's a high chance that we'd be out in half the time.
At present state, the Royal Capital can't afford to have us away from it.

《School!? Mathias-sama goes to school!? But there's nothing more you can learn in this world....》

《Yea. Enough about this, just escape with the two. Maintain your altitude at 700 to 800. I'll get on too at first, but I'm gonna jump off midway.》


The two get on Iris.
I also followed afterward, showing many chances on purpose as I got on.... But the demon didn't make a move.

I thought that it would come out to do a surprise attack if I showed it obvious chances.
Apparently this demon Arias has quite the prudent character.
After confirming that I jump off Iris.

"Ah, Mathi-kun!"

"I'll take care of this guy alone! You two, wait in the sky with Iris!"

I got down on the ground as I said that.
I saw Ruli trying to do something, but since Iris raised its altitude at once, her voice couldn't reach me.

Usually, one needs a very high level magic in order to forcefully materialize a demon that has turned into mist.
The current me cannot construct such a magic, therefore I'm substituting it with another mean.
And since that mean brings in danger with it, I let the two get away ahead.

"...Now, shall we begin then."

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