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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Strongest Sage, Leaving Everything to Others


--Several hours after the drafting.
We went to the dungeon with the participants--in other words, the whole student body.

Since the dungeon isn't that wide, I can't see all of them from where I stand.
Well this dungeon will probably become large enough for everyone to see each other's face during the time we're fighting the demons later.

"Then I'll be explaining the flow of mithril refinery."


I call out to the students using loudspeaker magic.
I'm only going to demonstrate the rough flow, the teachers will take care of the tidbits.

"First, break dungeon walls into an easy-to-treat size."

While saying that, I used an ordinary iron pickaxe augmented with 【Brittle Fracture】 to hit and break the dungeon wall.
Unlike swords, pickaxes are specialized to break rocks and such.

It's partly due to the fact that the dungeon walls on the first floor is soft that even an exceedingly weak augment could break them.
--It could and all, but.

"W-what the heck is that pickaxe.... It shaved off the dungeon wall in one hit...."

"Weren't even the national treasure swords couldn't break dungeon walls?"

"A pickaxe from the national treasures?"

"No, the weird one here isn't the pickaxe, but the user, Mathi-kun isn't it? If it's Mathi-kun, I feel like he could even break dungeon walls using some random pickaxe lying around."

It turned into this commotion just from having the dungeon wall broken.
--Un. I'll leave them alone since explaining it each time would take all day.

I'll leave it to the teachers to explain the details and end my duty here quick.

"This is an ordinary pickaxe. I only used a little bit of magic when it hit the dungeon wall. The bulk of this work will be taken care of by the Fourth Crest--the Disqualified Crest."

Breaking walls by swinging swords augmented with magic will be a good training, it's also good for training muscles. It's an ideal basic training for the usage of Disqualified Crest.

"Next, it's about refining--"

I told them the abridged version of the explanation I told Ruli.
Refining is mainly done by the First Crest, while the Second and Third Crests are to use heating magic.
Even if it's mainly for the First Crest, the other crests will still have to maintain the magic right, it should be a good practice for them still.

And then I changed place with sensei once I had explained enough.

"--That is all from Mathias-kun. Everyone, do you get the mithril procurement process?"

"Sensei! I don't get it at all!"

"I get what he's saying, but I'm completely sure I can't do it!"

"Was this lecture intended for people who have stopped being humans!?"

--Looks like they don't really understand.
Rather, what does even 'stop being human' mean. You think this is for demons or something.

But now that I think about it, when I told the teachers about this process the first time, they had the same expressions.
Their expressions are similar to that of students currently learning intermediate magic who suddenly get a lecture about nuclear fusion magic.

By the way, why is the figurative this concrete you ask, it's cause I actually did that in my past life.
That was when I was 120 if I'm not mistaken.... Well, it was what you call youthful indiscretion.

At that time, I noticed that my lecture was too difficult, similar to what happened here.
I was thinking that If I had another chance, I would make sure to teach about nuclear fusion magic in a way anyone could understand in one try.

--Well, in the end, that was the last time I was requested to hold a lecture.
Even though I'd gone the trouble of making, 『Nuclear Fusion Magic For Dummies』 and 『Immortality Magic Handbook』 text books and all, with a chance to rear my then potential party members.

"...Honestly, I understand what you guys feel. I really really do."

The teacher began to speak with a serious face in front of the students.

"Anyone would have the same reaction when they saw someone saying things like procuring mithril then proceeding to break and refine dungeon walls like it was just obvious. --However, this is real."

The teacher picked up fragments of broken dungeon walls and used several magic.
And then he raised the completed mithril before the students.

"During the teacher meeting just now, we've decided upon another name for 『Mathias's Special Lecture』! And that name is 『Common Sense Destroying Mathias's Lecture』!"

Stop it. Please don't pull out lame names like that without consulting me first.
At least leave out my name.
『Common Sense Destroying Lecture』. That should be good enough.


"...Umu. It's a name well-suited for Mathias-kun's class."

However, it seems to be well-received by the students and teachers.
...Un. Let's do that.

"Alright, let's make a break for it when we still have the chance."

I talked to Ruli and Alma while moving with erased presence.


"I got it!"

I've told the teachers that I'll be going to beat the demons once I'm done explaining the rough outline.
We'll probably be back once the students have become fully-fledged--or not as I can't exactly do that, it's probably after they're able to refine the mithril to some extent.

Thus, we left the dungeon and began the journey to kill the demons.
It'll only be a three day trip at the longest if my plan goes well though.

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