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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Strongest Sage, Answers Questions


"...Then how about this!"

Arias began to compress his mana on his hands.
【Mana Blast】.
Just like 【Magic Circuit Overdrive】, this is one of trump cards demons often use.

I nullify it with a magic I've constructed earlier.

"Then, this one--"

Arias began to converge mana from his body into his palm.
Arias's hand starts to shine white.

I shot a magic I had prepared at that hand... But Arias's hand keeps on shining.
The mana inside it hasn't changed either.

"It appears your magic couldn't erase this one. ...Take this!"

Sure of his victory, Arias laughed and activated the magic in his hand--
My view turned white.
It's dazzling the eyes.

Using this chance, Arias invoked his next magic.
It's a magic called 【Enforced Mistification】.

Normally, Mist Demons cannot turn anyone beside themselves into mist--but this magic can forcefully turn other people into mist.
Against someone who doesn't have the magic to materialize themselves, it's effectively instant death.

It's a magic that rarely emerges among Mist Demons.
There's probably no other Mist Demons besides Arias that can use this magic in this era.

--However, such a thing doesn't affect me.
I stealthily shot a magic I constructed at Arias and interrupted the invocation.

"Wh... How were you able to nullify this magic! Are you telling me you've been using specialized counter-demon magic!"

Ah. I see. That's how he interpreted it huh.
True, magic that demons use have limited pattern.
Therefore, thinking that specialized magic are created to counter them isn't wrong.

"What if I did?"

"I'm the only one that can use this magic in the whole world, furthermore, I have never shown this to anyone before! There's no way you could have created a way to cope with it! It can't be, is it really a general-purpose nullifying magic--"

"Nope, it's a specialized type magic alright. The magic I used to erase 【Magic Circuit Overdrive】 was a specialized one that only worked for it, as is the same with the magic I used to erase 【Enforced Mistification】."

"But you constructed those magic before I used mine! There's no way you could've nullified them!"

"I can do that just fine if I simply guess what you're going to use, yeah?"

The nature of mana gradually changes every time they're used.
That's why it's possible to comprehend your opponent's battle style and magic by analyzing their mana.

It's simple once that's done.
I can easily gain time by readying counter magic for magic that are likely used by the opponent to be their trump cards, and suitably use one that can nullify their magic depending on the situation.
Apart from that, it's easy to predict what magic the opponent likely use from experience.

By the way, I didn't nullify the blinding light since it wouldn't have had any effect on me anyway.
Thus, I'd better off letting the opponent went on with it and only thwarting him when he used his trump card.

"But how--"

"Who knows? Either way, you ran out of time to hear my explanation."

Kindly answering Arias's question was just to buy time.
And that was over just now, so I got no reason to answer him anymore.

"What does that... Guh!?"

Arias who was asking back groaned painfully while holding his chest.
Right after that, the surrounding mana began to converge into Arias at a tremendous speed.
The magic I've put on him has begun to show its true effect.

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