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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Strongest Sage, Escapes


During the uproar, I descended and approached Ruli and Alma for now.
Even though the demons have been killed, no one seems to try to approach the two yet, the crowd of people is still a bit away from them.

"Good work. Was there any problem in the fight?"

"Yes! Mathi-kun, I beat a demon!"

"To think 【Wire-guided Enchant】 would be this useful...."

"Except for the one time when the demon got away, all the arrows hit!"

"Someone like me couldn't manage to even scratch a demon, the amazing one is Ruli's augment though."

"It was mostly thanks to the magic circle Mathi-kun created though...."

Discussing about a battle after it's done isn't a bad thing, but I can't say that's a good thing in this situation either.

"...For now, let's save the reflection for later, take a look around us."


We've been completely surrounded by around 100 spectators.
Most of them are trying to talk to us, heroes who defeated demons.
I also heard some odd voices, like how Ruli and Alma are cute. I can agree to that.

Most of the reaction was favorable to us, but having this many people gathered in one place is a menace.
We could get crushed under the overwhelming pressure if we got careless here.

If not that, my current communication power can't possibly cope with it.
If there's a human who's fine being surrounded by 100 strangers, I'd like to meet them by all means.

....I've got no problem blowing them away physically, but I can't exactly do that.

"What should we do in this situation?"

"There is only one thing you can do against an encirclement of enemy you can't defeat."

"Enemy.... So, what is that one thing?"

"First, you activate movement-type magic and look for a hole in the encirclement. In this case.... Up above."

Looks like there's no hole on the ground.

"Um, Mathi-kun, we can't fly in the sky though...."

"I can't fly too you know....?"

"Mu. Come to think of it, I haven't taught that yet."

What to do. This is troubling.
Well, I guess I can manage to carry the two with my remaining mana.

"Please excuse me."

I lift the two with the assistance of magic.
Our bodies get to stick together.... Well, it's an unavoidable byproduct. And also a side benefit.

"Wa- Mathi-kun!?"

"Eeh, even Mathi-kun shouldn't be able to fly while carrying us two right?"

"I should manage in a short haul."

It's true that my mana is running low, but these two aren't heavy in the first place.
Particularly Alma's breast, they're quite lightweight for a woman.


"For now, we're escaping! Our destination, the Second Academy's principal office!"

While saying that, I jumped over the crowd and activated acceleration magic.

--Several hours after the two demons' defeat.
We were led to the Royal Castle just like when I beat the demon the last time.
This time Alma and Ruli are also with me and the principal.

"You have done great. As for the reward.... Let me ask you straight. What do you want? If you're fine with another national treasure, we could prepare it...."

What do I want huh.
Honestly, there's nothing of interest left in the treasury.
I can find things whose usage is unknown at other places besides the treasury anyway, and they'd be better than the things in the treasury, to begin with, searching for them there is troublesome.

That means, the management right of the Second Academy.... Nah, don't need it.
It's not like I want to be a teacher, and I plan to leave the academy once the matter with the demons is settled.
Best to leave the academy to the principal.
Yep. I can't think of anything. For now, guess I should ask for something harmless.

"I want dungeons. I was promised a dungeon for the subjugation last time, I'd like to have a lot more."

"Understood. We will give you as many dungeons as we can. It isn't nearly enough for your reward however...."

"Then I will save it for later."

"Let's talk about it again when we're handing the territory over to you. And, Ruli and Alma was it. Although it was mainly Mathias, I heard that you two gave a considerable contribution in this subjugation. If you have any wish or hope, let me hear it."


Ruli looks troubled.
Well, I guess you'd be like that when a king suddenly asked for your wish.

Since I had experiences of meeting kings at times in my past life (apparently, meeting me was a part of succession ceremony for their kingdoms), I could keep my calm, but Ruli probably isn't the case.
Up against a king, even the brazen Alma--

"Yes! I'd like to get money! There's no harm in having lots of money, and you can always think about how to use it later!"

Alma is acting like the usual even against the king.
It's similar to when she asked me, a visitor, for the augment back in the blacksmith shop.
She's using polite language for once, but she has the nerve of steel alright...

"Hahahaa. Very well. We will take care of that."

"T-then, I'd like for that too!"

"Umu. Simple is nice. Calculating the sum would be difficult though.... For the time being, we will deliver the money once we've calculated the sum and added more in accordance to the valuation. We will not ask, 『We gave too much, give it back』 later, you don't have to worry."

Fortunately, the king accepted that while laughing.
Well it's not like they asked for a particular amount anyway, and the king's side probably has it easier in various ways if it's just money.
Alma might have made the right choice here.

Thus, the talk about reward ended.... not peacefully it seems.

"As for the matter about your fight with demons. The two demons you killed this time--"

"Your Majesty, please hold on."

While it might be rude, I interrupted the king.
And then I raise my voice at one corner of the room where nobody is.

"Oy, come out you."

I felt that too much information of this kingdom leaked to the demons....
Looks like the cause is clear now.

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