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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Strongest Sage, Disappointed


"....Looks like they're doing well."

I muttered when I saw Alma and Ruli's battle progress.
Since the augment I gave them wasn't specialized in power, Desiril suffered little damage, but the two didn't seem like they got hit either.
It doesn't look like I need to get involved right away, guess I'll watch how it's going for a bit.

While I was doing that, Desiril filled his wings with mana and tried to get close to Ruli and Alma at a stretch.
Alma shouts out when she saw that.

"Ruli, next one!"


Ruli gave Alma an arrow with an augmented magic stone on it.
Alma immediately put the arrow on her bow and shot Desiril with it.

"Kuh.... You pesky little!"

Desiril tried to evade the arrow, but 【Wire-Guided Enchant】 would get more effective the closer the user is to it.
Desiril who was trying to cut the distance got hit by the arrow, and lost his momentum since his mana was in disarray by the augmented magic.

Ruli and Alma invoked movement-type magic during that opportunity, gaining some distance away from Desiril.
Apparently, this is how the two managed to evade the demon's magic while maintaining the distance in this battle.
At this rate, they can probably keep fighting safely until they run out of mana.

Now that I've mostly grasped the battle flow, I decide to break the deadlock and kill Desiril.
That said, I don't have enough mana to do that upfront.

Thus, I showed myself before Desiril without using any magic.
And then I nonchalantly talk to him.


"W-why are you here! Ashril-sama's..."

"If you're looking for Ashril, he's down there."

Looks like Ashril fell on the stone pavement at the square.
It's easy to tell the place since there's a circle of people (at some distance away) around the body.

"Aa.... Ashril-sama was beaten!? That can't be--"

"Wanna see it for yourself then?"

I constructed a magic on my hand while saying that.
A large-scale attack magic--or an imitation of it using mana emission, it's actually just a light magic.

However, Desiril probably saw this as a light of death, capable of destroying demon in one blow.
Demons have better mana perception than monsters after all.

" monster!"

When Desiril spreads his wings to try to escape, I give an instruction to Alma.

"Alma, the arrow!"

"But, the range--"

"No problem!"

"Got it! Ruli!"


Alma shot the arrow Ruli gave her.
I run after Desiril beside that arrow.

Accelerating with all my power without minding my remaining mana.
Even if demons are good at flying, he can't get away with just normal flight.
Full Power Flight isn't something that can be activated at this distance against a superior opponent.


Desiril flees while screaming as I chase him.
And then--


I lost my footing on the edge of the barrier.
I'm falling while looking puzzled.
Desiril who saw that as a chance activates Full Power Flight.

The demons in my past life would have snorted at this extremely obvious feint.
However, Desiril easily fell for it.
While feeling a bit disappointed at how weak my opponent is, I get close to the arrow Alma shot and put a new guide on it.

"Like I'd miss my footing on my own magic...."

While grumbling, I make the arrow pierce at the weak point of the Full Power Flight spell.
And then, the interference power of the arrow activated.


This augment magic's effect is lower than that of 【Blocking Sphere】, however, Desiril and Ashril are of different demonic stratum.
Desiril who had his magic circuit destroyed in an instant fell down in front of me.

I can finish this demon with my remaining mana.
I stab Desiril's heart with a sword buffed with 【Steel Slash】 and 【Sharpen】.
And then I put the body inside Storage magic.

One case closed--.

"H-he did it! That flying student killed the demon!"

"Doesn't this fallen demon look similar to Erishis-sama, the Magic Scholar!?"

"Now that you mention it, he has the same face as Erishis-sama!"

"I can't believe a lone student could defeat demons!?"

"No, there's two more on the ground!"

"Even three is weird!"

--Or not it seems.
What should I do about this uproar....

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