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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Strongest Sage, Evades


"Now, die!"

Ashril rapidly fired the same magic he used the first time while floating in the air.
Looks like he understands the the Fourth Crest's trait well, he's keeping me from getting closer.

I reflect all the incoming magic without moving an inch from the barrier on my feet.
Ashril tried to evade and intercept them, but two managed to hit him.

"Guh... No good even with these number huh. Then how about this!"

Ashril began to construct a large-scale magic.
This is bad.
This is the reason why I didn't really use 【Control Sphere】 magic much in my past life despite it being powerful.
When up against a large-scale magic, all of the 【Control Spheres】 would be blown away before they could take control of it.

I can't let him shoot it.
I construct a small-scale magic and fire them on the weaker part of the spell to throw the mana flow out of order.
After a bit of lag, Ashril's magic disappeared.


Even if he's a well-experienced demon in battlefield, looks like he's not used to having a magic that's under construction to suddenly disappear.
I cut the distance at once during the momentary chance.

And then I slash at Ashril with a sword loaded with 【Steel Slash】.
However, he only suffered little damage.
--Tough as expected.

Ashril isn't a demon specialized in defense like Devilis, but they are of whole different classes altogether to begin with.
He's not a demon weak enough for my current mana could finish.
However, there is a way to overcome this.

"What's wrong, is this the first time you've had your magic erased?"

I keep slashing at Ashril while saying that.
I accurately keep slashing on the same wound. It's getting deeper.

"Don't tell me, that was--"

"Yeah, that was my... magic!"

While kindly explaining that, I extinguish another large-scale magic Ashril tried to construct and cut the wound at the same time.

"I see... But don't you get cocky! I'm still the stronger one in a close combat!"

Ashril readied his sword and plunged at me.
Looks like he gave up on keeping the distance and opted to close combat.

At this distance, his magic would land on me before the 【Control Spheres】 could catch it.
I'd be forced to attack while evading him--


Nevertheless, Ashril never managed to hit me, while I always hit him without missing.
Of course.

Ashril might be well experienced in this world, but he's as good as a beginner compared to my accumulated experience from my past life.
It might be a different story if it was a long-distance combat, but he has no chance of winning in a close combat.
Ashril's wound got deeper and deeper.


Ashril shifted his policy to running away.
Although he's not fully committing to using flight, looks like he's judged that he can't show me any chance, he spreads his wings and flies up to the sky while filling them up with mana.
However, I'm not going to let him escape.

"Oy, where do you think you're going."

While saying that I interfered the flight magic with the 【Control Spheres】.
Having his Flight disturbed, Ashril who should have been going above descended to right before me.
I slash at him again there.

"You monster!"

"I don't wanna hear that from a demon."

However, when two minutes have passed since the start of this fight. A change happened in this one-sided combat.
A huge magic circle suddenly unfolded under Ashril's feet.

--Concealment magic.
Ashril has constructed a magic with enough power to blow away my 【Control Spheres】 while fighting me in the close-quarter combat.

"Got you! Fool! You brought it upon yourself, virtually telling me that I shouldn't invoke my magic!"

Ashril put his mana on the magic circle while sneering.

The unfolded magic circle is activated slightly later.
I immediate got away, but the 【Control Spheres】 couldn't make it.

The 【Control Spheres】 were swallowed up by an explosive flame that instantly dyed the sky red.
There's no 【Control Sphere】 that managed to escape, and I have no mana left to invoke it again.

I muttered one thing in my mind in this situation.
--Got him.

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