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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Strongest Sage, Going to Check it Out



"Yeah. You can learn things--though probably not much, but if you're in the school, you can be near us. Your treatment will be easier too."

"....I personally don't mind... But I have never assumed human form before, you see? Won't there be problems if I go to school?"

"Yeah. As for human common sense, well just tell them you've been living deep in the mountain."

"There's already someone who doesn't have common sense as a human in the school after all."

"Now that you mention it.... Recently, I've been worrying if I have joined the out of common sense club too before I knew it."

Alma and Ruli followed up to my opinion.
Looks like there's already one person who's like that.
I've never met that common-senseless person myself since my social network isn't that wide. Can't be helped.

"Then I'm gonna go to school!"

Alright. It's a deal.
I've acquired a convenient transport I can use anytime I want.
Though I'd have liked it if it was smaller so it could get close to the city.

"Alright! Then let's get to the school as soon as we arrive at the mountain!"

Distance-wise, going straight to the capital from here is shorter, but Iris's big body will stand out too much.
For now, we can get back to that mountain and run to the capital. Not like it'll take that long anyway.

"Iris-san, are you going to go to the academy right now? Putting aside the question about why you can turn into human, the academy isn't opening its entrance exam for a while is it..."

"Isn't there an exam for transfer students?"

I'm not too familiar with the current school system, but something like that existed in my past life
As for the age, even if Iris doesn't look the same age as us, we can just use magic to falsify the looks.

"That's... I think there is, but I never heard anyone passing that exam."

"I also heard that that that exam is impossible to pass!"

"...Is that right? Well, we'll know for sure once we ask the principal."

A dragon is a dragon even if they assume human form.
Their basic specs are different, though they can't use their unique magic like Breath of course.
Iris should be far stronger than the current students.

Considering the principal puts ability above all else, it won't be strange if he let Iris pass.
He probably won't particularly ask 『Are you human?』 at someone who's trying to enroll at the academy anyway.
I waited until we arrived at the mountain while thinking that.

--Several hours later.
We arrived at the mountain where Iris was.

"...Now then, Iris."


"Your dragon figure stands out too much when we're moving. Turn into human here."

"I understand! Err, I'm sure it should be like.... this!"

Iris fired itself and then its mana flow suddenly changed.
The flow became closer to that of human than dragon.

Immediately following, Iris's body rapidly shrinks.
After a bit--Iris who's turned into a form that looks no difference than human is standing there.
The age and looks are mostly the same as us.

"...Fumu. Looks like there's no need to adjust the age."

But we can't let our guard down yet.
If there's a part that doesn't look human, though there's nothing that's as obvious as something like demons' horns, we will need too cover it.
For example, the tail--

"Wai-, Mathi-kun, what are you doing!"

For some reason, Ruli blocked my eyes just when I was going to check it.
Since I didn't feel any malicious intent, I didn't stop or counter it, but Ruli seemed to be upset about something.

"...? I can't check it out with my eyes closed."

"What's wrong Ruli-san?"

Ruli replies like she can't believe it at my and Iris's questions.

"Don't 'what's wrong' me! Isn't Iris-san a girl! And nude too!"

Now that she mentions it, the looks are that of a nude girl.
But Iris is a dragon anyway, I don't think there's any need to worry about that.

"Even if she looks human, Iris is a dragon you know? If I don't check her out, we won't know if there's anything that might expose her race."

But the two weren't going to take it.

"We will be the one doing that! Mathi-kun, you go over there!"

Alma turned me to the opposite side with my eyes still being blocked by Ruli.
Apparently, Alma was upset too, though not as bad as Ruli.

Even if dragons are to be treated like humans, I think the one that should be minding it is Iris, not Ruli and Alma.
I wonder what makes these two this upset.
I have no idea.

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