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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Strongest Sage, Seals


After getting away from the explosive flame, I used 【Passive Detection】 to surmise Ashril's state.
Ashril acted just like my prediction.

I've been hiding my remaining mana from Ashril.
He hasn't noticed that my mana has been dried off.

All of his attacks were evaded and he got hit one-sidedly.
He couldn't fly as he liked when 【Control Spheres】 were present. Furthermore, 【Control Sphere】 is magic that can be invoked instantly.
And he managed to destroy those 【Control Spheres】 at lasts.

In this situation, Ashril only has one choice.
Fly away with all his might.
And this is the chance I've been waiting for.

I invoked a magic I had prepared on the spot.
A completely meaningless mana wave similar to 【Compulsion Detection】 which has no power at all.
And then the activation command of the 【Blocking Sphere】, which was mixed among the 【Control Sphere】, that had been crammed into Ashril's wings got triggered.


I could hear Ashril's scream from inside the flame.
【Blocking Sphere】 is a magic that contracts the magic circuit for an instant to worsen the mana flow, originally it can only be used as a harassment.

But it's a different story when it's invoked during the activation of 『Full Power Flight』 where a vast amount of mana concentrates.
The path gets narrowed, the mana that lost its destination goes astray, it could even result in death in some cases.
Of course, I chose the right timing to make that happen.
【Control Spheres】 reflecting magic was only a decoy for this.

"Guh, just, how...."

Ashril fell while getting roasted by the flame as he lost control of his own mana.

Just like I told Ruli and Alma before this battle.
If my mana isn't enough, I can just use the opponent's.

For that reason, I voluntarily told him about how I erased his magic, overlooked the hugely obvious concealment magic that was embarrassing to look at, and the activation of his magic circle that was so slow I yawned, waiting without doing anything to stop them.

However, I've got not obligation to answer Ashril's question anymore.
Since there's no need to give a finishing blow, I let my body to fall down naturally and turn my back on Ashril--and turn around again.

"....noticing even this, you monster."

Ashril spat out when he saw what I did.
Demons posses a magic that produces a huge amount of monsters in exchange of their life.
Ashril just activated that.

"Another annoying magic..."

I put a seal magic on that magic while grumbling.
Normally, I'd have greatly welcomed and gone to defeat the monsters here, but the time is not right. I can't start hunting monsters calmly before the barrier is set.

Since it's a unique magic, completely erasing it with my current pool of mana is difficult.... But this seal should buy us a few months time.
And there's one more problem.

"The flame just now caused a huge uproar on the ground, what to do here."

The people on ground are looking up at sky, fussing over something.
It seems those people are not courageous enough to get close to Alma and Ruli who are still fighting with the other demon, but that side has gained quite an attention too.

"....Hell if I know."

That was Ashril's last word.
I left the dead Ashril behind and went toward Alma and Ruli.

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