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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Strongest Sage, Disguises



"Mathi-kun, you can look now!"

I turned around as told, Iris was already wearing clothes there.
I didn't see them having spare clothes beforehand... Just where did they get it from.
Either way, now no one would get suspicious of Iris when we get to human dwellings.

...Oh, before that.

"Iris lend me your hands for a bit."

"My hands?"

Iris held out both her hands while saying that.
Just as I expected, I found one thing that separated her from humans.

"As I thought, you don't have a Crest."

"...Ah! True!"

"Let's make one. Something like this... okay. Done."

I used a magic and created a fake Magic Crest on the back of Iris's hand.
This kind of disguise magic should have been First Crest's forte, but this much is easy even for the current me.

"He completed a Crest in an instant..."

"He did it so calmly, but isn't that quite amazing...?"

"Even Ruli can do it right now as long as you know the spell. For now, let's leave for the capital."

The day will go down if we dawdle too long.
The capital is far from this mountain after all.



--Around half a day later.
We arrived at the capital safely.

"I still can't get used to a body that can't fly.... It felt so far even though it really wasn't!"

"It IS far though."

Iris seemed a bit confused at her unfamiliar body.
Yet, she's still faster than Ruli and Alma.
The basic spec of her body is still originally that of a dragon.

The three of us went to the principal office.
To report and ask him about Iris's enrollment.

"Principal, are you in?"

"This voice... Mathias! You're back already, what happened to the demons!?"

"We've subjugated them. This is Elhart's horn."

I took Elhart's horn out of Storage magic while saying that.
It's an easily identifiable proof for when you kill a demon.

"Killing demons that were several thousand kilometers away in mere days.... I will have to report this matter to the king, sooner or later, won't you completely vacate the treasury at this rate?"

"There's not much I want from the treasury, so I'll be asking for something else before that happens.... And also, there was another demon besides Elhart, one that was several ranks higher--"

"Did you fail to kill that one?"

"No. It completely vanished in an explosion, so I couldn't bring back any proof of its defeat."

"...I see. I don't understand. It's true that I can't imagine Mathias failing to defeat his enemy...."

Having completely disintegrated is an unusual case indeed. Normally something will remain.
Since Mist Demons are special, this kind of things happen though.

"Let's put aside the matter about demons.... I'd like to consult to principal."

I cut to the chase about Iris after finishing the report.
If I tell him about the monster great outbreak now, it'll be hard to talk about other things.
It's not like we're particularly in a hurry about the great outbreak anyway.

"What? I don't think I can help you with most things--"

"Please allow this girl to enter the school."


I pushed Iris, who was behind me, to the front.
When the principal saw her, his face turned complicated.

"...Admission huh. That's quite difficult..."

"Is it?"

"Yeah. It is. The content of the exam is the same as the entrance exam, but the passing mark is far higher. If it's by Mathias's proposal, she might be exempted of the exam by the king's order... but it would take time. If we consider that we also have to persuade people in charge, you'd better off waiting until the enrollment next year even."

"By the way, what's the passing mark?"

"47 point."

"That'd have been the top score if Mathi-kun wasn't present!"

"Mathi-kun is weird in many things after all..."

Alma was surprised to hear the passing mark.
If I'm not mistaken, 50 is the full score... In actuality, you can score higher than perfect in this exam.
In fact, my score is 257, and I think the current Ruli and Alma should be able to score higher than 50.

I have a feeling that Iris is completely clueless in the classroom lecture... But if we consider the power of dragon, she should be able to get 25 on each magic test (full score is 10) and swordsmanship test (full score is 10), thus acing the exam.

"No problem then. ...However, I suggest to either exempt her from target test, or change it to another test. That's too dangerous in Iris's case."

Currently, Iris's controlling ability can't catch up to her output.
If she did the aforementioned test at her condition, the destruction of school grounds wouldn't be comparable to what I did.

No, we'd be lucky if the school grounds are the only victims. Getting the school's walls blown away would be a disaster enough.
Just like how I was exempted from the test in the dungeon exam, they'd better prepare another test for Iris.
I made that proposal with that in mind--

"Changing the content of the exam needs similar procedures to that of exempting her from it. If she wants to enter now, doing that now isn't possible."

Dangit. It was in vain.
Whatever happens, I'm not responsible for it okay.

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