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Okami wa Nemuranai 47.12


Getting the spy that was sent to Chada to lead the way would have been best here, but that spy had completely exhausted himself after staying up all night running to Rotor to deliver the information. Up until this point, he would make use of delivery companies to send information, but the man insisted on delivering the last one himself. Since Nirfut at least knows where Chada townlord's mansion is located, Lecan had him be the guide instead. He woke Chaney up before leaving and borrowed the Wazrof Medal.

Naturally Rotor's gate was closed shut. They climbed over it.

They ran on mountain paths.

With <3D Perception>, it's no issue for Lecan to navigate his way under dim star lights. Nirfut managed to keep up with Lecan's pace, either thanks to his vision, intuition or some sort of ability.

Lecan had Nirfut take a Stamina Restorative before departing. He would cast <Recovery> whenever Nirfut slowed down. There was to be no break. Nirfut might have been running like he was being chased down by a devil there. He asked Lecan for water, Lecan told him to drink on his running feet.

Despite all that, they got to Chada just as dawn broke.

The town's gate is still shut down. Lecan grabbed Nirfut and went over the wall with a barrage of <Gust>.

Lecan kept running while leaving behind a rustle from people waiting in front of the gate.

"Where's the townlord's mansion."

"O-Over there."

The mansion's gate has been broken down.

There are traces of magic attack. It likely got pried open with magic.

A tumult could be heard from the big building in the center.

As Lecan was making his way through the courtyard, Chubby showed up.

"Chief! Third floor. The insurgents are close to breaking in the townlord's room!"

Chubby pointed at the target room. Lecan scouted the clash occurring in that room with <Life Detection> and <3D Perception>. It's between those who are attempting to break into the room and those who are trying to block them.

Lecan hurled Nirfut away and ran up the wall.

"<Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>! <Wind>!"

As he broke through the window into the third floor room, the people inside turned to look at him in surprise.

Lecan held the Wazrof medal high up and shouted out loud.

"I'm an escort working for Wazrof merchant Chaney! I have come here after finding out a scheme by Chada merchant Ceras and the previous lord's brother to stage a revolt made known through an interrogation carried out by Rotor townlord."

After saying that much, he walked up to the nearly broken door while still holding the medal up.

"T-that's a crest of Wazrof indeed."

"Wazrof's merchant?"

Three knights are holding down the door. With two mages behind them, wands raised. There are 20 knights beyond the door, some are working to break it while some are readying to rush inside.

Lecan put the medal away, drew <Comet Cutter> with his right hand and generated the magic blade. Then he thrust his left arm forward. The door broke open that instance.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

The magic attacks shot out of Lecan's left hand pulverized three knights' heads. The other knights stopped moving behind their bodies.

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Lecan knocked out that group with a moderate strength <Lightning>.

He then grabbed <Wand of Cordishie> in his left hand and recited a spell.

"<Barrier (Ogdim)>!"

As the wand cast the Barrier spell slotted in it, several flying arrows got stopped mid air and fell down the ground.

This should buy some time. Lecan turned around to look for the townlord, but he couldn't find anyone that fits the part. There are men and women. All the knights and soldiers here are badly wounded.

"Who's Chada townlord?"

"That would be this person here."

A dignified elderly man pointed at a very slim blond young man. He's got an elegant visage. You'd think he's a woman at a glance. He's wearing some luxurious looking nightclothes.

"Are you the townlord?"

The young man nodded.

"Should I slaughter all the hostiles out there?"

The young man looked up at the elderly man.


Even his voice sounded like a woman's.

"You must not Earl-sama. They are still knights and soldiers under this household."

"I understand. I would like to hear your name, escort."


"Lecan. They are vassals of our household. Could you capture them with minimal injury if possible?"

"Ok then, I'll paralyze them with magic."

"Do just that. Lecan."


"Was the one who kept shouting 'revolt' over and over earlier a friend of yours?"

That's probably Chubby.

"Yeah, must be."

"You have my gratitude, Lecan. Thanks to them, our house aide managed to bring and protect me in this room. We would have been taken completely off guard if not for that voice."


The barrier kept getting worn down as they speak. It won't last much longer.

Lecan left the room and rapidly cast held-back <Lightning>. He undid <Barrier> and blew away the clumped up soldiers in stairway with <Gust>. Meanwhile, ally knights and soldiers rushed in and captured the rebelling hostiles.

The elderly man spoke.

"You there, Lecan, was it. I would like to hear your side of story."

"Hang on. <Recovery><Recovery><Recovery><Recovery><Recovery><Recovery>."



Lecan walked up to the window while casting <Recovery> on the injured.

He looked down and saw Nirfut below. The man is sprawling on the ground.

"Nirfut! Do not move a muscle! You might fall otherwise!"

"Uh what?"


Nirfut's body floated up. Then he kept going up until he landed in the third floor room.

Next to him, Chubby kept pointing at himself as if saying 'me too, me too', but Lecan pretended he didn't see him.

Lecan pushed Nirfut to the elderly man.

"This man will explain."


Nirfut looked back at Lecan with begrudging eyes.




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