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Okami wa Nemuranai 47.8


"Ah right, Lecan-sama, I must express my gratitude once again."


"My company has been granted the permission to associate with Wazrof Household."


"Wazrof artisans renowned for their skills in woodworking and pelt handling in the northern region have been giving us guidance and advice."

"Is that a good thing for your business?"

"But of course! Even the fact that we are allowed to associate with Wazrof is a major deal. Not even the top merchants of Vantaroy are permitted to do business with Wazrof directly. On top of that we have been given opportunities to learn from Wazrof's artisans. It has been nothing but a miracle."

"Really. Good to hear."

"It's all thanks to Lecan-sama."

"I haven't done anything."

"I was granted an audience with marquis-sama. The marquis himself in person."


"I was allowed to sit before his excellency's presence and even served tea. That was also when I heard about Lecan-sama's success at conquering Dungeon Palcimo. The subject is apparently a hot topic even among high ranking nobles at the capital. Marquis-sama thus spoke. 'I have been told that you are close to adventurer Lecan, a fiance of my cousin. You may come and go as you please to our residence from here on.'"


"In other word, I am to not merely be treated as a business partner, relative may be too much, but a close associate might not be out of question. I was also bestowed this medal."

Chaney showed a big golden medal attached to a beautiful silver chain.

"By showing this, my wagon would be granted passage to the very front door of Wazrof Main Mansion."

"You're a friend. I did say that to Manfrey yeah."
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"It must have been Manfrey's discretion. But, Chaney. You don't gotta worry about me. Do your business as you like."

"I should be the one asking that. Please do not mind about our company, keep following the path you have chosen to tread on."

"Fret not. I live the way I want to."

"Right of course, how could I forgot that."

The two looked at each other and laughed out loud.

"Do Vengeance Permits thing exist?"

"Yes. They do exist. Although they rarely ever get issued. As for the Vengeance Permit Chada townlord issued to this Rintos young man Lecan-sama mentioned, it felt slightly odd to me."

"How come."

"To begin with, disputes between noble houses are to be settled between those noble houses, even if the townlord meddles in to arbitrate, they never issue Vengeance Permits for it. And yet, Vengeance Permits are not usually issued to commoners before everything has been made clear, ordinarily they are to decide whether a vengeance is just or not after the deed has been carried out. In such cases, if the object of vengeance's guilt could not be definitively proven and that the one taking vengeance is clearly not at fault, they will be receive due punishment."

"Make sense."

"With a Vengeance Permit, one is given permission to challenge the other party to a duel. But at the same time, the other party can also turn the table on them. This will afford the object of vengeance time to prepare their hands, so Rintos will be at a disadvantage. Besides, I am unsure how valid is a Vengeance Permit issued by Chada townlord at town of Rotor."

"I see now. It's odd for sure."

"However, were Ceras-dono of Mace Company paid a huge sum to Chada townlord-sama, a Vengeance Permit would not be totally out of question. They could also afford to assemble powerful forces. Although, it would likely greatly offend Rotor townlord-sama."

"Is that so."

"Townlords are even more profit-driven than merchants. And they value their public face much more than any merchant out there. Rotor townlord would lose both his face and gains if he failed to protect merchants he had dealings with."

"Ah, yeah, for sure."

Lecan greatly enjoyed the food and the booze during their chat.

By the time he left, Chubby had disappeared.

Then evening two days later, Lecan dropped by the diner with Chaney and Nirfut already waiting.

"Nirfut. Report the results to Lecan-sama."

"Yes. Lecan-sama. Both Hotan and Nuga are false names."


"I had always suspected as much. As you must use your real name when you seal a contract under Gods' names, naturally Rotor townlord should be aware of their real names."

"Why didn't they just change their names?"

"Lecan-sama. In this world, you would either lose protection or incur Gods wrath if you change your name without a just cause. Changing one's name is not to be taken lightly at all."

"Really now. So what's those two real names."

"The man who called himself Hotan is Keibun while Hoga is Zeahad. These two have changed their faces as well."

"Change their faces?"

"Yes. I believe it was done through <Morph (Wejapada)> magic."

"No. Neither of those two had mana permanently wrapped on them."

"Lecan-sama. <Morph> is a magic that modify a part of your body. Once the magic has been exercised, there will no trace of mana left."

"Oh right, <Morph> was a Body type, not Mind nor Perception."

"Yes. And it's common to have vestiges of your original face left if you have your face changed through <Morph>. Otherwise, your face could crumble and leave you dying if you make too drastic a change."

"Hou. Really."

"Yes. And Lecan-sama, Hotan is scheduled to present a treasured vase to Rotor townlord-sama in four day time. Later on, when Chaney-sama and Lecan-sama as well as a few attendants come along to greet Rotor townlord-sama, the room you are welcomed in will be decorated with that vase. The servants there will look the other way even if Lecan-sama have that vase <Appraised>."

"Well done. You really got things through."

"You are too kind."

"Chaney. This guy's pretty handy."

As Lecan left the private room, Chubby was having meal in the diner.

He smiled and waved at him. Just as Lecan was going to ignore and pass by Chubby, he changed his mind. Lecan turned to Chubby and walked up to him.

Chubby's face brightened up with expectations.

Lecan looked down at Chubby sitting over his table.


"Y-yes. Chief."

"You're not needed."





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