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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.10


"Would love to get my hands on one of those swords."

"I knew you'd say that. Here, take it with you."

Shira produced a sword out of thin air.

"No sheath?"

"You can work that out yourself."

"Well guess I could get one from Chaney if he's selling these. Hmph. Those thorns turned into such an exquisite sword huh."

"As you can see, the edges aren't sharp but it can still stab well. And best of all, it's very sturdy."

"One of those thorns should be enough to make several of swords this size."

"Even the smaller thorns nets four swords per thorn. The bigger ones could net you seven to nine. For spears, you get two to four."

"Four? You'd get more if it's just spear tips no."

"That's gonna reduce their magic defense."

"Ah, I see."

Lecan put the sword in <Storage>.

"So, is it all right if I tell Chaney about it?"

"About what?"

"That these Toron's thorns are gifts from yours truly."

"There's no need for that."

"Is there now. So what is this about?"

Shira pointed at the <Chaotic Magic Wolf>'s magic stone left on the desk.

"I told you, it's a present from Guide Jiza Morfes for you."

Lecan told Shira the circumstances that brought it.

"Hmph. Well, I guess it's fine. I'm not going to refuse a present."

"Oh yeah, got a favor to ask you."

"Hee. What is it now. I'm in a good mood today, I'll probably listen to most things."

Lecan took the Argent Flame Wolf's pelt out. There's no vacant spot left on top of the table near him. He asked with the pelt in his hand.

"Could you make a leather armor out of this pelt for me."

"Ah, figured you'd get that. Have you gotten attacked yet?"

"So you knew! Why didn't you tell me."

"For the time being, put that pelt on the table in that room over there. I'll make the leather armor for you. Oh, and I'll grab the leftovers for me."

Lecan put the the pelt in the room as pointed by Shira and went back to the veranda. Then he sat down and drank his wine to calm himself.

"So, what should I have told you again?"

"That you'd get raided by Argent Flame Wolf if you have this pelt on you. I barely escaped with my life."

"Aren't you glad you survived."
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"What the hell is that thing. Is it seeking vengeance or something?"

"That, you see, is a wolf looking for a playmate."


"There have been cases of Argent Flame Wolf's offshoot making an appearance on the last floor of Dungeon Palcimo if someone with sufficient strength entered the dungeon. The main body will sometimes show up to play with the one who beat that offshoot and took the pelt with them. It probably thinks that someone strong enough to beat its offshoot should make for a good playmate."

"So you're saying it's gonna show up again."

"Think it'll come at you by hook or by crook."

"Will it stop if I let go of that pelt?"

"It's probably too late now. You've been marked already."

"You don't go into dungeons now, but you surely did into all kinds of dungeons in the past."

"Hee? Have I ever mentioned that before."

"Yet you never went in Dungeon Palcimo. Did you?"

"Yep, never."

"And that's because you'd get yourself marked by Argent Flame Wolf if you conquered the dungeon. Am I wrong?"

"This master of yours is so glad to see her pupil getting wiser by the day."

"Oh yeah, the <Demon Wolf Cutter> I got from Tsubolt didn't work on Argent Flame Wolf."

"Argent Flame Wolf Grof is a Divine Beast. It's not classified as a Demon Wolf. So of course it doesn't work."

"Oh yeah? Hold it. Does that mean there's dragons <Myriad Dragon Cutter> is ineffective against?"

"I think <Myriad Dragon Cutter> only works on ordinary Earth Dragons, Soaring Dragons, and Flame Dragons. It shouldn't have any effect on unique dragons. Those are more akin to Divine Beasts in a broad sense after all."

"What? So <Myriad Dragon Cutter> wouldn't have worked on Earth Dragon Toron?"

"I don't believe so."

"So Grof is the Argent Flame Wolf's name. What should I do to stop that thing's attack?"

"Who knows. I've heard tales of those who met gruesome deaths after getting marked by that thing. As well as tales of those who survived and grew stronger to become kings and heroes. But I've never heard of any ways to stop it from coming back. Now, wait. There is one way."

"A way to stop its raid?"

"Since Argent Flame Wolf loathes to be seen by people, it probably won't come out again if you stay inside a town and surround yourself with people all the time. Maybe."

"Yeah I'm not gonna live that life, but I see, it won't come out if I'm with someone."

"It's nothing concrete, just you know. That thing is a big box of mystery."

"Didn't think anything could be a mystery to you."

"The more you research and understand things, the more things you don't know. This world is full of mysteries once you've lived as long life as mine."

"Long life huh."

"What's up now."

"So you're no longer an undead."

"That's right."

"How long you'll be around now?"

"Who knows. I have my <Purification>. And my knowledge as an apothecary. I might last another 30 or maybe even 50 years."

"I see. Oh yeah, I'm sure Skalabel's gonna be elated if you tell him you can use <Purification> now."

"Oh that's unusually attentive of you. I do plan to pay Skalabel a visit soon."

"What? So you're going to the capital?"

"Sure am. Wanna come along?"

"No I don't. Now then, we have one last most important matter."

"Hee? What will that be."

"<Diadem of Divine Rotwood>. Have you finished your business with the thing?"

"Ah. To a point, yes."

"I'll take it off you then."

"I get it."

Shira produced the item out of thin air.

"This is the <Diadem of Divine Rotwood>."




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