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Okami wa Nemuranai 48.1


Lecan was in a good mood.

Especially after finding out just how good <Leg Bands of White Devil> work.

The appraisal result of their Grace is as follows: 'Teleport to a spot 20 steps ahead. This teleportation is unhindered by obstacles. If there are objects at the destination, the user will avoid them as they teleport. Teleport distance will be increased in such cases. Activation spell is <Zoruas Kurt Vendar>. This Grace is usable three times a day.'

Its normal teleportation range is 20 steps. Teleporting while staying still teleports you 20 steps ahead.

<One Step> in this world is measured as a large full step of an adult, in practice <Ten Steps> equal to about 20 normal walking steps. According to Norma, apparently one step here is equal to a step by right leg and a step by left leg.

Moreover, just like <Talisman of Darkness Demon>, <One Step> as defined by <Genesiac Grace Gear> is about 40% larger than the modern definition.

In other word, <Leg Bands of White Devil> have an effective range of 14 times Lecan's height.

Lecan has <Warp Sword>. The sword possess the same <Teleportation> Grace, obtained in Dungeon Tsubolt. In this sword's case, its range is adjustable from one to five steps, and it has no usage limit. You'd think <Warp Sword> would be better in a melee and more convenient than <Leg Bands of White Devil>, but not so in practice.

As <Warp Sword> is in the form of a sword, it occupies one of your hands. That in itself is a big handicap, but its teleportation Grace won't active unless you make a full swing. Meaning you've gotta dedicate an entire attack worth of action for it. On top of all that, the Grace won't work if there's an obstacle in the way. Meaning you cannot teleport behind your opponent.

On the other hand, <Leg Bands of White Devil> only requires its user to recite the activation spell with them equipped on their feet, so it doesn't lower your offense. It can teleport over obstacles. Add a running start and the range expands greatly. After many tests, Lecan found out it could cover a distance of 100 steps. It could go even further than that, but he'd need to run faster to the point landing at the destination became problematic and risking bumping into objects at the end.

Mastering this Grace will allow him to instantly close a distance of 20 steps against powerful foes. He can carry out an ambush frontally.

Against a group of enemies, it allows him to emerge before their leader, killing them right away. It's even usable for three times a day, truly handy.

It can be used to infiltrate a building, or to escape from one.
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Should come in handy for fleeing as well.

Lecan lost himself testing <Leg Bands of White Devil> in all kinds of ways.

As a result, he found out this Grace Gear only permits its user to teleport in the direction of their front. You can't teleport behind. Also, it only lets you teleport to the plane that touches the ground. Running up a cliff and activating the Grace won't teleport you to the sky above. When he tried to lie on the ground and activate the Grace, he got teleported in the direction his legs were facing instead.

When there is an obstacle in the destination, you get teleported either to its front or behind. When the teleport destination is located farther to the back from the center of the obstacle, you get teleported beyond the obstacle, when it's closer to the front of the obstacle's center, you get teleported in front of it.

The teleportation Grace won't activate if the obstacle is too big. Yet its usage limit still gets used up.

From many testing, the Grace can get over really thick trees. Lecan plans to test it out on ramparts and stonewalls one of these days.

For the present, his goal is to master teleporting while immobile. Teleporting while running makes it hard to read the total distance and land properly without losing balance. Teleporting while staying still gets you at the destination still as well. Emerging very slightly above the ground. He's free to choose how to act once he lands.

Lecan possesses <3D Perception> and <Graph Make>. These two abilities integrate very well with <Leg Bands of White Devil>. Ordinary adventurers would need quite the courage to teleport inside a building. Since there's no telling what's beyond the wall. In addition, it must be difficult to ascertain your landing spot teleporting during a scuffle.

<Graph Make> gives you a bird-eye view on the structures of a dungeon floor or a building. <3D Perception> lets one probe inside a building from outside and discern gaps in a crowd in a precise manner.

Lecan tested out <Leg Bands of White Devil> as well as all other Grace Gear he had acquired thus far while slowly making his way to Vouka from Mashajain. He also reserved some time to practice wielding <Comet Cutter>'s magic blade.

He's not going through the highway. The highways to Vouka have a lot more foot traffic than ever now. He wishes to avoid attention.

One night, as he was preparing to go to bed.

(Ah, damn.)

(Forgot to ask Obaba.)

(The reason why <Comet Cutter> could slip past <Necklace of Intuador>.)

She'd probably tell him if he went back to Palcimo and asked.

However he's only gonna go back to Palcimo for the goal of conquering Dungeon Palcimo once again, yet the Lecan now would be hard pressed to prevail against Argent Flame Wolf.

Jiza most likely can't fight like she used to anymore, and Lecan has no plan to bring Jiza back into Dungeon Palcimo in the first place. They were only able to conquer the dungeon last time due to having Lecan, Jiza, Arios, Julius, Eda, and Ui in the team. Moreover, it's hard to say their fight last time ended in their victory. Weirdly enough, it felt to Lecan that the Argent Flame Wolf handed them victory. Or rather, it's as if it halted the fight because it had deemed their valor worthy.

(Well, that thing seems to be a hidden boss of the dungeon.)

(It's probably respawned there by now.)

(Gotta get stronger first before I take another shot.)

(Probably won't be for quite awhile.)

Right at this point, a gigantic presence of something showed up nearby out of the blue.

Something with overwhelming mana and life force.

Lecan sprang to his feet.

A lone giant wolf stood in the deep darkness of the night forest.

Golden glimmering eyes.

Exquisite silvery fur with a mystical luster to it.

An unimaginable amount of mana gushed out of its body wrapped in bluish white flames.

It's the Argent Flame Wolf.




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