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Okami wa Nemuranai 47.7


Nirfut was a spy working under the influential Boldrin Household of Vantaroy town. Seeing the need to gain power to oppose Zack Zaikaz, Boldrin had sent Nirfut to Vouka in a ploy to take over Goncourt Household. Nirfut took the life of Dopus, Prado's grandchild and even made an attempt at Prado's life. However, Norma who happened to be present at the time awakened to <Purification> and saved Prado's life, further, her wisdom and knight Jinga's prowess together succeeded to smash Boldrin's scheme.

They even got Nirfut testified under the temple's <Bell of Truth>, exposing Boldrin's misdeeds. Cassandra, the then head of Boldrin Household was ousted by her sons, stripped of her wealth and forced to retire, they also paid a huge amount of reparation to Goncourt.

Nirfut was supposedly going to be executed then. This matter was left to Vouka's townlord's discretion as he was the one who allowed the use of <Bell of Truth>, Goncourt also agreed to it. Thus, the execution date was scheduled.

Yet the intel Nirfut had on Vantaroy and its neighboring areas proved too valuable to Vouka's townlord. The execution kept getting delayed to fish out more intel from Nirfut. Meanwhile, a messenger of Cassandra came visiting. Cassandra presented most of the very little fortune she had left begging Vouka townlord to spare Nirfut's life.

Crimus was perplexed. Despite being a mere spy, it appeared Cassandra held Nirfut dear. Crimus would like to avoid unnecessary grudge if possible. However, Goncourt had lost their heir and even the present head almost didn't make it. He couldn't think they would agree to have Nirfut's life spared after all this time. Nevertheless, Crimus conveyed the matter to Norma.

Norma consulted it to Prado. Surprisingly enough, Prado left it to Norma to decide without showing any anger.

Norma advised Crimus to revoke the decision to execute Nirfut and to repatriate him to Vantaroy. Crimus gladly accepted this advice.

Chaney was the person entrusted to send Nirfut back to Vantaroy. Because he was in charge of the several businesses whose rights Boldrin transferred to Vouka.

Chaney was shocked to witness the awful life Cassandra was leading when he got there and began sending her all kinds of stuff such as medicine, foodstuff and clothing.

Cassandra eventually died. Nirfut who had been taking care of Cassandra offered his service to Chaney to repay his kindness.

Of course, Chaney is aware how Nirfut is a spy as well as an assassin whom Goncourt loathes. Hence, he didn't take Nirfut back to Vouka and instead left him to gather intel on Vantaroy and adjacent area.

Nirfut possesses a vast amount of knowledge regarding the area. And as Boldrin had business dealings with the towns along the southern part of the capital, he's also well informed about Rotor and Chada to a degree.

"Rumors regarding the misfortune befalling Septema Firm of Chada also reached Vantaroy at the time. From the little information I gathered after the incident, the rapid fall of the firm afterward points to there being a traitor inside the firm, thus a local informant theorized."


"Despite of that, there was no sign of any company or noble house that enjoyed a sudden influx of wealth after the fall of Septema Firm. It was a bizarre event."


"As for Hotan Company and Nuga Company, I have always find them a bit suspect."
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"How so."

"How their origins are clouded in mystery, and how their outward appearances look suspicious."

"Speak clearly."

"I beg your pardon, Lecan-sama. Master."

"What is it."

"I am unable to dig out anything more in this matter without a proper investigation. However, that would cost days and money."

"Chaney. I want all the information you can get. I'll pay."

"Yes, Lecan-sama."

Lecan took a platinum coin and handed it to Nirfut.

"This is front payment. Speak if you need more. I'll spare no expense."

"Much obliged. I shall take Lecan-sama's resolve to heart. Allow me to take that in my custody."

Nirfut put away the platinum coin in his chest pocket.

"Master, if you could please give your permission for my absence."

"Permission granted. Meeting Lecan-sama's demand is of utmost importance now. Is there anything I can do?"

"Then I shall take it up on your offer. Could you have a few words with Rotor townlord-sama? If at all possible, it would be tremendous if he could answer a few questions I pick."

"Very well. Lecan-sama, let's meet again in this establishment evening the day after tomorrow. Nirfut, that's fine with you yes?"


"Sorry for the trouble. Be counting on you."




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