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Okami wa Nemuranai 49.1


Since Norma wanted some times to prepare, their departure would be after three days. Looks like she's going to take some manuscripts and copies to the capital.

Lecan went out to gather Tago Grass in the meantime. He's still got a lot of Mana Restoratives on him, but there's no telling when he's going to run out. He should get the raw materials while he could.

On the 40th of month ten, the group left Vouka. As the next day was new year, there would be guests coming. Hence they had to depart that day.

Knight Rigan Notz took the lead. He wasn't actually departing to Wazrof when he left the room back then, he was leaving to send his subordinate away with the message. That subordinate boasted the capability to mobilize even at the dead of night and arrive at Mashajain in short order while keeping themselves and the message safe.

There are two wagons. Both supplied by Wazrof. The first wagon had Lecan, Norma and Goncourt apprentice butler, Findin on board. The second wagon had maids and subordinates. Knight Rigan and two squires are on horseback.

The entourage moved on a relaxed schedule as a consideration for Norma. Vouka to Vantaroy would take ten days, Vantaroy to Mashajain would take another ten days.

They took a lot of breaks along the way. During which Lecan had Knight Rigan to accompany him testing the Earth Dragon Toron's Thorn-made sword.

Knight Rigan was familiar with the sword. As well as spears made from the same materials. Chaney brought them to Wazrof already. Marquis of Mashajain marveled their performances and agreed to buy up a huge stock.

A spear is worth one big gold coin while a sword is eight gold coins. According to Rigan, these swords could easily fetch two platinum coins or more each, but since it was a bulk buy, they managed to get the price down. Manfrey is secretly in contact with Rainzats to get them buy the swords as well.

Only a few top-level Wazrof members are aware of these circumstances. As Rigan himself wanted to check out the sword's ability, he gladly offered his cooperation.

The sword's performance exceeded Lecan's expectations.

He had Rigan hold the sword as he shot out all kinds of magic such as <Fire Arrow>, <Flame Spear> and <Lightning>.

Magic attacks with a small amount of mana put must directly touch the blade for them to get erased, but big magic attacks gets erased a step away from the blade.

However, big magic attacks with lots of mana poured don't completely get erased, a part of it would remain.

Meaning this sword is useless in the hand of amateurs. Only warriors with decent equipment capable of tanking magic attacks to a degree can make full use of it. At any rate the swords have the ability to decrease powerful magic attacks to a fraction of their power. Equipping a group of knights with these swords would make them very hardy even against several mages.

The sword does not absorb magic, but disperse them. It turns magic spells back into free floating mana before erasing them.

Interestingly, it has a dulled response on healing magic despite its dramatic effect on offensive magic.

Stabbing an anti-magic <Barrier> with it erases the part where the blade touches, but the rest of the barrier remains intact.

Anti-physical <Barrier> stops the sword, but letting the sword touch the barrier for a while will eventually creates a hole.

<Necklace of Intuador> doesn't invoke its barrier when the sword is used to attack its user.

<Recovery> doesn't get erased as expected. Stabbing the light sphere part with the sword will erase it after a while.

By the way, Lecan's Appraisal couldn't get through the sword. He couldn't even read its name. After a consultation with Chaney, Wazrof Household has decided to call the swords <Magic Breaking Sword (Gwadboascylla)>, and the spears <Magic Breaking Spears (Gwadboawitt)>. To obfuscate the fact that they're made of Toron's materials.

"Those with impure motives might come in droves if rumors about the discovery of a huge amount of Earth Dragon Toron's thorns became known."

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Lecan himself refers to the sword as <Toron Sword> inwardly.

"Wazrof Household plans to dispatch an investigation team soon."

"Investigation team?"

"Yes. Through Chaney's mediation, we have acquired the permission from Zaidmahl Household."

"Are they going to look for more Toron's thorns?"

"No. Zaidmahl appears to have wiped the thorns clean and we cannot exactly rough up another house's territory. We are doing it in an effort to confirm the existence of Earth Dragon Toron."

It seems Knight Rigan, or rather Wazrof Household still thinks Earth Dragon Toron is still alive out there. Which means, Chaney too probably.

"What're you gonna do if you do find Toron. Beat it?"

"No. We have no plan to make any move that would agitate Toron. We simply wish to verify its location. Lecan-dono, please keep this confidential if you would."

"Hm? Why?"

Norma explained here.

"Lecan. Earth Dragon Toron is also known as <Dragon of Good Harvest>, those who defeat it as well as the land where it's slain are said to receive its blessings. The Royal Capital Finkel was founded by Founder King after he slayed Toron, Marl Kingdom also came into existence under Toron's blessing. Were it known that Wazrof Household is looking for Toron, there would be some unsavory rumors floating about. Of people speculating them aiming for the throne."

"Ah, I see. But, y'know, knight Rigan."


"I don't think that investigation team is gonna find Toron anywhere."

Knight Rigan and Norma looked at Lecan with curious eyes.

"Lecan. You know something about it, don't you. Come to think of it, you mentioned how you were under Zaidmahl Household's care for a while when you first fell into this world."

As there was no point of hiding it, Lecan confessed that he defeated Earth Dragon Toron.

Lecan went to gather Nichia Grass during this journey. Another raw material for Mana Restoratives.

On the 20th of month one, the entourage arrived at Mashajain.





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