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Okami wa Nemuranai 49.10


Bombshell is a bomb of flame magic made in Lecan's original world. It has extreme effects with destructive power to back. Enough to destroy a giant rampart wall. Lecan had five of these on him. His final last resort. And he used one of the five now.

Blown by the explosion, Lecan broke through the wall as well as the mansion's fence getting flung high up in the air before landing in the forest. The blast mowed down the trees. Lecan rolled on the ground before hitting and stopping on a tree. There was no pain. <Ring of Undying King> voids damage for a duration of time.

The poison administered to him still remained, his head couldn't think clear. He took and drank a Green Potion but it had no effect.

Lecan grabbed <Leg Bands of White Devil> from his <Storage> and put them on. <Ring of Undying King>'s effect ran out while he was putting them on. Intense drowsiness assaulted him once again. His vision blurred.

He noticed Sword of Rusk near his feet and picked it up.

He gotta get out of here. That blast might have finished Yacklubend off if luck is on his side, but there's no guarantee. Either way, passing out in this spot is a death wish. There's probably more than one of that maid puppet. It's a danger zone here.

He ran ahead while desperately trying to hold his staggering body together.

"<Zoruas Kurt Venda>."

He luckily got teleported to just before the iron gate.

"<Zoruas Kurt Venda>."

He got teleported outside the gate.

He almost used teleportation again but refrained himself. He ought to save the last teleportation for the right moment.

Lecan ran for dear life. He kept tumbling here and there, crashing into walls and street lights but he paid it no mind and just keep running.

He grabbed someone by the roadside and tried to ask them where Wazrof Mansion is, but he couldn't even spin a word right so the other party ran off in fear.

He kept running and running. Running while tumbling.

Eventually he lost all of his senses and lay down on the ground.

The coldness of the winter ground roused his last bit of consciousness.

He tried to run again, but he couldn't even tell if his hands are grabbing the grounds or empty air.

(Is this... it.)

"Oy, you. Are you alright?"

It felt like someone called out to him, but his mind was in disarray, his consciousness was turbid, he had no strength left to decipher nor reply to those words.

"Lecan? Is that you Lecan? What are you doing all the way out here?"

It felt like someone called his name. After which Lecan passed out.

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After a period of time from the incident, the prime minister is receiving a report in his office at the Royal Palace.

"Oh, Yeteria. You're back."

"I have returned from my duty. Unfortunately, I could not get a respond no matter how many times I called, I wasn't able to get through the gate."

"So there is no mistake then, that explosion occurred within Lord Yacklubend Tomato's mansion?"

"Yes, there is no doubt about that. A black smoke can still be seen rising from the mansion inside the site even now."

"How's the damage like?"

"Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be any victim from falling debris. We have received reports of some walls and buildings getting damaged or scorched. Falling debris have been found over a wide area. I believe it might have covered the entirety of Noble District. It seems to be even wider for the falling sparks."

"That large a scope huh."

"Yes. More detail is still currently under investigation. Also, a carriage with Viscount Doltan's daughter on board was passing through the vicinity when the explosion happened, the sound spooked the horses and hurt the young lady inside. There might be other similar circumstances."

"You don't know the damage inside the wall then."

"As we cannot get inside, we have no way to verify. However, it appears the workshop workers had been driven out beforehand, they were told it was holiday. The butler Motu had also been unusually told to leave the mansion. According to Motu, all the mansion's servants and employees should be absent during the incident."

"Fumu. Yeteria. Send a notice to all noble residences in the Noble District. An explosion incident had occurred in Lord Yacklubend Tomato's mansion. Those who suffered damage from the incident is to report to the Prime Minister Office. PM Office shall collect all claims and demand Lord Tomato for compensation."

"Acknowledged. However, I believe there won't be many households who will file a complaint."

"That may be so. But what's important is to make them understand that the mess tonight was Lord Tomato's responsibility."

"I see. Understood. What shall be done to grunt Fajil?"

"Hm? Ah, you mean the official who listened in to the conversation between Lord Tomato's servant and Lecan-dono. Fumu."

The prime minister got lost in thought for a while before opening his mouth.

"Nothing. No transfer, no promotion, no muzzling. No, in lieu of his duty as an official, do implicitly tell him to not disclose what he saw and heard to anyone but his superior."

"Acknowledged. However, Fajil knew that the explosion inside the palace was caused by Lord Tomato."

"Ah, I see the notice has yet got to you. That was caused by a misfire of <Yacklubend's Explosive Arrows> in the arena's artillery. Or so the notice goes. There is nothing unusual about explosive arrows going off in the arena. This time it happened in the artillery instead of arena."

"I see."

"Do nothing that could lead him to believe the conversation he heard means anything big. Fortunately, there exist no shortage of undue rumors regarding Lord Tomato."


"There is no need to keep record either. I shall forget. You too shall forget."

"I wonder who is this Witch Lord Tomato's servant mentioned."

"I know not. It is not like knowing will do one any good."

"I assume that Witch is someone with connections to Lecan-dono and is living outside the capital."

"Hmph? That she must. Do you have someone in mind?"

"...No. I'm merely thinking out loud. And what should be done to the knights?"

"The Knights?"

"Under the pretext of protecting Lord Tomato, a detachment of Royal Capital Knights has been stationed to stand watch around Lord Tomato's Mansion. The detachment is currently patrolling the perimeter to look for any damage and suspicious individuals."

"This late at night? Quite dedicated of them. Disperse them."

"Acknowledged. Should we send a messenger to Wazrof Household tomorrow?"

"Wazrof? To what end?"

"To ask them if Lecan-dono has returned or not."

The PM brushed his beard as he pondered for a while.

"No. That won't be necessary. We won't make any move until they make their first. Send another messenger to Lord Tomato to inquire the situation tomorrow."


Domestic Affair undersecretary Yeteria Wazbon bowed once before leaving his post.




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