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Okami wa Nemuranai 49.4


"Lord Ortaros."

One among the nobles present spoke out. The voice sounded familiar to Lecan.

"Wazrof Household has recognized Lecan-dono as noble from another world. It is not other household's place to question that."

Lecan moved his line of sight while still facing down to see the voice's owner.

It's Marquis of Tsubolt, Giluent Notz.

"Lord Giluent. That may be true under normal circumstances. However, I cannot possibly overlook this transgression. Lecan must prove his birthright. If he can that is. Lecan! What say you!"

"Lord Ortaros. Lecan-dono is a <Descender>. There is no method to prove his birth in another world. And there is no way to verify whether Lecan-dono speaks the truth or not. Besides, if the problem lies in his standing as a noble, Notz Household shall hereby recommend Lecan-dono to a court rank. A noble rank in this world. Lecan-dono has amassed more than enough meritorious deeds to warrant that."

"Lord Giluent. I am taking issue with the fact that Lecan lied. Trying to marry two women through lies he fashioned himself is simply unforgivable. And further. We have ways to prove it. With the use of <Bell of Truth>."

Lecan knows that magic tool.

It was deployed at Town of Rotor to expose some evil merchants' crime. Every temple in various locations is granted one of these bells whose use is under the townlord's discretion, the capital itself has these bells in every temples present here as well as multiple bells in the palace. Lecan never imagined he would be on the receiving end someday.

"Your majesty. Under the right granted to me, Marquis Ortaros Fotos, I beseech the royal family to deploy <Bell of Truth> in pursuit to ascertain adventurer Lecan's origin here and now."

The hall fell into silence.

"Marquis of Mashajain."

"Your majesty."

"As you have heard Marquis of Smarc himself. I do not have any reason to deny him."

"By your will."

Manfrey's voice sounded awfully rigid.

"Prime Minister."

"My liege."

"Make the preparations."

Just as the PM was about leave as decreed by the king, someone spoke out.

"Your Majesty."

"Marquis of Palcimo. You may speak."

"I shan't question the use of <Bell of Truth>. Nevertheless, I must express my dissatisfaction on its use invoked under Marquis of Smarc name."

"Your majesty."

"Marquis of Transhe, do you have something to say."

"I am also in the same opinion as Lord Elmo Ciel. Henceforth, I would like to bear witness to the course of events that will transpire."

"Marquis of Smarc. Thus Marquis Rainzats, Marquis Ciel, and Marquis Notz have spoken. Are you still unwilling to take your word back?"

"With all due respects, your majesty. I am firm on my position which my liege has assented. However."

"However, what."

"Were my liege to grant our household the same kindness royal family bestowed only upon Rainzats Household and Wazrof Household, we promise to repay in utmost gratitude without fail."


(Not sure what's that about, some kind of privileges?)

The king looked at the prime minister. The PM slightly shook his head.

"Prime Minister. Bring <Bell of Truth> here."

"Yes, my liege."
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The PM left the room.

He came back after a while with two men behind him.

One is carrying a long legged bookrest-like object.

The other man wearing a priest outfit is carrying what must be the <Bell of Truth>.

The bookrest was put before Lecan, then the bell on the bookrest.


The PM called out, so Lecan raised his face and looked straight at him.

"We shall now judge your birth and standing by way of <Bell of Truth>. Wazrof Household has claimed that you are a noble in another world, however Marquis of Smarc, Ortaros Fotos has insisted that you are an orphan and by no mean a noble. We will now ascertain the truth. The bell shall be the judge on the veracity of your words. You mustn't speak words not pertaining to your birth and standing. The bell will toll were you speak falsehood or lies. Bear in mind."

The priest muttered something then he touched the top part of the bell, producing a clink sound as the bell got wrapped in mana.

(The bell has just been activated huh.)

Lecan looked at the PM who nodded back at him. Telling him to start speaking.

"I'm Lecan. An adventurer hailing from another world. I was born as an orphan, but I gained strength as an adventurer to the point that I could speak with high ranking individuals on equal grounds. One time, I was adopted by the King of Narum Kingdom and lived in the royal palace as a prince for a period of two months. This was done for my job as a bodyguard in locations only royalties could enter. I was sure my adoption would be rescinded when it was the time to leave the palace, but the king said to leave it be. Afterward, I never heard news of him rescinding my adoption either. Hence, as far as I'm aware of, I'm still a prince of Narum Kingdom even now."

All the nobles present stared fixedly at the bell.

The bell never tolled.

Eventually, the priest stopped the bell and spoke.

"The Bell of Truth is functioning as intended. This man's words carry no lies."

'Oooh', a quiet cheer erupted.

The servant and the priest took the <Bell of Truth> away with them.

"Marquis of Smarc."


"The accusation you directed at Wazrof Household has been proven false."


"We shall pursue this matter at a later date. Adventurer Lecan."


Lecan bowed once again in Narum-style.

(Ah crap.)

(You're forbidden from talking directly, was it.)

Lecan must not exchange words directly with the king as he's not a high ranking noble of the kingdom. Each side must talk through the PM or a proxy, so they're not actually conversing. Thus how it was drilled to him, but Lecan made a gaffe.

"Let alone a noble, you're in fact a royalty of another world. You are permitted to talk with me directly."


"Will you lift your face. I would like to see it."


Lecan raised his face and straightened his back. Though his line of sight stayed below the king's neck.




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