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Okami wa Nemuranai 50.5


They were led to a drug store that sells potions.

Red Potions, Blue Potions and Gold Potions were unavailable. Red and Blue Potions aren't sold to the public. As for Gold Potions, it's customary for the knight who obtained one to use it themselves. Naturally God Cure is not for sale either. The townlord owns the right to decide the usage of all God Cure.

All other types of potions were available. Even the usually rare Silver Potions.

"I see lots of Silver Potions."

"Ah, they are leftovers from the Knights."

"Knights make use of Silver Potions huh?"

"Oh not the knights themselves. Dungeon Knights' squires. New conscripts. Regularly taking these potions when they first start out their training will make them grow very strong later on. Silver Potions' growth promotant effects don't work that well once you've reached a certain point of strength."

"I see."

Lecan was surprised to witness Mana Restoratives and Stamina Restoratives being sold like it's normal. He tried taking one each.

Lecan checked up on other medicines' quality too. He was astonished at the great variety available here. The herbs were in good condition too. It's clear that they were processed well.

They went to a grocery store, all the vegetables sold were in pristine condition. Leafy vegetables were fresh and juicy, while root crops were well nourished. They bought a ton.

Eda is in charge of vegetables. She's also in charge of picking and preserving them. Her <Free Box> is home to many kinds of <Boxes> where different categories of items are put. She took those <Boxes> out and put the bought vegetables in them.

Knight Futsla opened his eyes in wonder.

"What is up with that <Box>? There is not even a bulge despite taking in so much."

"Ah, that's a <Free Box>, a new invention at Palcimo. These <Free Boxes> can hold big objects despite their small size. And this one's special even for a <Free Box>. As you can see, it can also hold several other <Boxes> inside. It's a nest-type <Free Box>."

"Small <Boxes> that can hold big objects. And a nest-type <Box>. And you're saying they are available at Palcimo?"

"And the <Free Box> Eda has on her also got this function to slow food rot."

"Eh. C-can you purchase one if you go to Palcimo?"

"Nah, probably not. We got ours from Guide Jiza Morfes of Palcimo Magic Research Institute, I don't think they're ready for sale yet."

During their conversation, the effects of Mana and Stamina Restoratives expired. Their effects don't last anywhere near as long as Shira-made ones. But it's still far better than the Mana Restorative made by something something apothecary Lecan bought at Tsubolt. And far cheaper.

After lunch time, Lecan went and bought up Mana and Stamina Restoratives. As their effects will degrade in five year, Lecan decides to prioritize using them before his homemade ones.

That reminds him, wonder how long Mana and Stamina Restoratives he learned to make from Shira can hold their efficacy. He never asked.

They went around buying more foodstuff in an attempt to buy time. They bought too much vegetables. The two of them can't possibly eat it all. They already stocked up a lot at Mashajain and Sopdemoa to begin with.

He gotta find a way to consume them. Lecan loathes to let food rot or waste them.

They came across stores that sold daily necessities and farming tools made from magic beast materials. All of good quality and cheap.

(They got lots of food.)

(And good quality stuff for daily lives.)

(Yufu is a bountiful place.)

"Oh yeah, Knight Futsla."
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"How can I help you."

"Anywhere I can buy dungeon maps."

"They are not for sale. Dungeon interiors are kept confidential, and only Dungeon Knights' top people are allowed to have dungeon maps on them."

Yufu has three orders of knight. Dungeon Knights, Peacekeeping Knights, and Lord Knights.

Dungeon Knights consist of a group of 100 knights and a unit known as Colossus. Dungeon Knights are fully made up of elite. Items they procured from Dungeon Yufu helps sustain Yufu's bountifulness.

On the other hand, Peacekeeping Knights consist of 500 knights, 1000 squires and 50 mages. They mainly deal with regular culling of magic beasts in the vicinity and maintaining peace between the populace.

Lord Knights are far small in number than either groups of knights. They work at Yufu Castle.

There are other knights that serve under Noble Households besides these three, but their numbers aren't enough to form a chivalric order.

"Are there lots of magic beast types in the dungeons."

"Yes, so many you can't imagine. Almost all magic beasts that spawn in other Grand Dungeons, besides unique ones like <Magic Eating Birds (Iguaboafi)> of Dungeon Wado, <Salt Orbs (Wilij)> of Dungeon Eigis and such, can also be found in Dungeon Yufu. Not to mention magic beasts that have only been confirmed in Dungeon Yufu."

"Hou. Dungeon Yufu's unique magic beasts huh. What are those."

"There should be many types of unique magic beasts, but the specific one that spawns deep inside the dungeon has been confirmed to never spawn in any other dungeon."

"What's its name."

"It's strictly confidential to outsiders."

This unique magic beast is probably the magic beast that drops God Cure, and likely won't show up unless one goes deep inside Dungeon Yufu. Though Lecan is more interested in Great Flame Dragons.

"Where do Great Flame Dragons spawn?"

"I believe they appear in the direction of Rocky Mountains, but as I have never stepped foot inside the dungeon myself, I cannot say for sure."

"Really. That aside, I heard you can't use magic in Dungeon Yufu."

Knight Futsla smiled. An amicable smile.


"This one's not a secret huh."

"You will find out right away once you are inside anyway."

It's said that magic is unusable inside Dungeon Yufu. That appears to be the truth.

"What about magic tools?"

"Who knows. Some are usable or so I heard."

"So there are some that aren't?"

"No. That's not it. I'm not really informed on this topic myself."

Dungeon Yufu is said to be unbelievably vast. Randomly searching around likely won't get him to Great Flame Dragons.

(Rocky Mountain huh.)

(Not sure how much of that is trustworthy.)

(But it's a clue nonetheless.)

"You look like you're having fun."


"It looks to me you're having so much fun when it comes to dungeons."

Lecan grinned.

"Yeah. It's fun."





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