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Okami wa Nemuranai 49.15


After hearing the story from Ezak, Gaskoel took the most righteous route.

He reported to the top brass of Royal Capital Knights and left it to them to hand down judgment.

This would mean exposing Zaidmahl's blunders to the public thus Ezak was against it at first but Gaskoel's decision was firm.

Royal Capital Knights patrol in every districts in the capital, the organization manages and guards public order from criminal activities, they're responsible for investigating crimes, holding trials, and handing down judgments to a degree. Knight Organo's crimes were laid bare after some harsh interrogation sessions.

Organo always thought himself as someone unfortunate.

He kept on honing his swordsmanship to the point he became a first-rate swordsman by the time he was promoted to knighthood, but let alone being granted the spotlight, he was made to follow a daughter of his master's household to a backwater noble of Zaidmahl instead. Organo's swordsmanship specializes on fighting humans and has no real practical use against magic beasts.

One time, he had a business to attend to at his former master's house and found out about the detail on <Guardian Jewel of Overlord> which was in the possession of Zaidmahl's late madam. The jewel was furnished with a Grace that grants heroes a further height in power, the same Grace that supported the Founder King in his domination. No one has been able to draw out this Grace for an extended period of time.

Organo started believing that he's the chosen hero who shall draw out the latent Grace of the Guardian Jewel.

He managed to gain the position of Gaskoel's attendant as he trained to become a knight at the capital, then his mind gradually grew more and more warped as he enjoyed capital's lifestyle. All while make believing himself that the guardian jewel would fall onto his laps eventually. He embezzled funds sent by Zaidmahl Household and even took loans from mercantile houses to play around.

Before long, he moved onto his next scheme. He instigated Gaskoel to disclose the secret of his little sister being a bearer of <Recovery> magic to multiple noble families. Noble ladies who awoke to <Recovery> are seen as having received special blessings from gods, thus raising the status of the noble house they belong to. Naturally, many houses went on to ask for Lady Rubianafale's hands in marriage. Organo would ask monetary compensations from every single one of those houses. He led them to believe that currying up to him would give them the advantage in the race. Organo thought that once Lady Rubianafale got wed to one of those houses, he could get his hands on the guardian jewel with some trickery.

Yet something that went beyond his plans occurred. Lady Rubianafale got married off to Marquis of Yufu of all houses. And she gave guardian jewel to an adventurer called Lecan just before she went there. He had lost his chance to get guardian jewel forever. Organo resolved himself to a new bout of criminal schemes in his despair.

Under Gaskoel name, he went around borrowing a huge amount of money. Lady Rubianafale is the legal wife of the next Marquis of Yufu. Gaskoel is the brother in law of Yufu heir. Marquis of Yufu would lend their help if it comes down to it. He's also affiliated to Royal Capital Knights. There's absolutely no problem in trusting such a person. Organo managed to amass a huge sum of cash.

He planned to move to either Gido or Smarc once he had enough. Even if his face got plastered on wanted posters at the capital, the search for him won't reach there. And you can live like a dream so long as you have the money at Gido or Smarc.

Just when it was about time for him to flee, knight Ezak made a visit. Wearing an extremely luxurious looking armor, he came to the capital to become a royally appointed knight. It appears Zaidmahl Household has found a new cash cow. He could have made use of that to amass more money but his time was running out. He was awfully envious of Ezak who was trusted enough by the family head to receive the royal knight appointment.

With the money Ezak brought, Gaskoel and Organo rented a house, moving out of their Knights' Quarters. He could move around freely without worrying about peering eyes here. The night before the day Organo planned to make himself scarce with all the money he stole, knight Ezak picked up adventurer Lecan lying unconscious near their house. This chance must be heaven sent to him, so thought Organo.

He was going to look for the guardian jewel while Lecan was out of commission but Ezak was in his way.

The day after, Ezak would receive his knightly appointment. They would definitely take their time exploring the palace since it would be their first.

He fetched Gaskoel and they went home, there Lecan was alone.

Meeting him in person, Organo was shocked. He didn't think the guy would be this skilled. He could likely kill him in an ambush, but he'd risk injuring himself in a counterattack. Hence he chose poisoned tea as the means.

He was frenzied with joy when he saw guardian jewel placed on the desk. It's finally within his reach, thought himself.

Lecan is Gaskoel's guest. If that guest died of poisoning in his house, he would be an unwilling accomplice. And since he's a member of Royal Capital Knights, he's sure to know many ways to dispose of random dead bodies on the street. Organo would leave the body to Gaskoel while Organo himself would depart the capital to deliver the guardian jewel to Zaidmahl House. Afterward, he'd live like a king in Gido or Smarc.

As a matter of fact, it's questionable whether the plan would even work considering Gaskoel's character. However, Organo's decision making ability was twisted by his obsession on <Guardian Jewel of Overlord>. He might have gone mad by this point.

In the end, this obsession of his became his undoing. He could have gone off with a mountain of cash had he not carried out this extraneous crime.

The total sum of all the debts he collected amounted to almost two platinum coins. Gaskoel managed to retrieve quite a lot of them, but he had to beg his father, Zaidmahl family head to cover the minus.

In consideration of Gaskoel's position as the brother-in-law of Marquis of Yufu's heir, the Royal Capital Knights performed a rigorous and thorough search on the matter. The torture they inflicted upon Organo was severe unlike anything.

All this fact was told to Lecan by Manfrey at a much later date.

Royal Capital Knights are under PM Office's direct control. They deemed <Guardian Jewel of Overlord> story as nothing but a tall tale, but they reported it to the PM Office all the same. The Royal Family had records of Founder King sporting a blue jewel on him at all time, so they were quite intrigued by the matter. And thus they sent a request to Wazrof House asking to let them appraise that jewel, but Lecan denied their request.

Organo was executed. This was the natural order of thing since he attempted to poison a relative of a high ranking noble and even bared his sword at him. The Prime Minister saw to it himself and the report was promptly sent to Wazrof.

Gaskoel, being Organo's master, should have shared the responsibility as well but considering the circumstances and the fact that he's a relative of Marquis of Yufu, the Knight Commander only gave him a sermon as his punishment. As Gaskoel immediately asked forgiveness and even offered monetary compensation to Lecan right after the incident, it was seen as a reconciliation between Zaidmahl Household and Wazrof Household. Otherwise, he would have been expunged from Royal Capital Knights, closing his paths toward knighthood. At which point, he would no longer be able to succeed his father. Gaskoel who was informed of this by his superior came to hold a deep trust on Ezak.

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After the poisonous tea incident, Lecan went back to Wazrof Mansion. The House Aide, Fujisur was present, so Lecan gave him a lowdown of the situation and left again to meet up with Ezak to throw a party in a restaurant at the pleasure quarter. He gave him celebratory gift money. Lecan also paid for the party.

Ezak told him about the matter with Marquis of Smarc during the celebration.

Later on he found out that Marquis of Smarc seems to have sent a messenger to Crimus Ulban, lord of Vouka town, in his quest to investigate Lecan further after the Courtship Duel. Messengers asking about Shira, Eda, Norma and Lecan were common sights after the matter with Herb Saint Visitation, so Crimus held no suspicion but he didn't say any detail regarding Lecan being a descender, thinking it was a secret. He did however tell them about Lecan staying at Zaidmahl Household before going to Vouka.

Thus the investigation reached Zaidmahl. They couldn't find anything of note there as well. Only that Lecan was on good terms with the chief knight, Ezak. Also news of this Ezak going to the royal capital to receive his knighthood appointment after his business at Vouka.

Marquis of Smarc then sent an envoy to PM Office, asking them to notify him when Zaidmahl Knight, Ezak came by.

Before long, Ezak was done getting his armor fitted at Chaney Company, and arrived at the capital where he applied for knighthood at the PM Office. Marquis of Smarc summoned Ezak and inquired him about Lecan.

What was Marquis of Smarc's aim anyway?

Lecan found out about it later from Manfrey.

If the fact that Lecan being a noble in another world were a sham, the courtship duel would be annulled and Marquis of Smarc could claim their heirloom back. That claim could likely go through if he insisted that Lecan had shamed the royal family with that falsehood.

To Lecan who said that doesn't sound like something a high ranking noble would resort to, thus Manfrey replied looking unamused.

"They are pirate nobles. This is how they always do things over there. There are times when they succeed and times when they fail. Gambling is their passion. The matter this time afforded both the royal family and our household a vantage point over Marquis of Smarc. He will likely stay on his lane for the time being. The end results were not at all disagreeable."




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