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Okami wa Nemuranai 50.2


After leaving Dungeon City Wado, they arrived at Sopdemoa in just three days time.

Sopdemoa is the biggest commercial city in the southern part of the kingdom. Goods from Gido and Smarc are brought to Sopdemoa first before they get distributed to the capital and other parts of the kingdom.

"Lecan. Did you know?"

"Know what."

"They say Sopdemoa's jewel craft is the best in Zaka Kingdom. And that some of the top jewelry stores in the kingdom are here in this town."


Lecan looked for a guard, showed him the Dylan Silver Steel-made Wazrof Medal, and asked him where the best inn in the town.

Then at that inn, he showed Wazrof medal again to get rooms and referral to the best jewelry store.

He was going to the store right away at first but Eda stopped him. She said she's not going there until after taking a bath and changing her attire.

The following morning, they got the inn transport them to the jewelry store on a wagon. Eda was wearing a noble lady attire. She said Heles gave it to her when Lecan asked.

At the store, Lecan showed Wazrof medal once again and handed over one platinum coin to the manager.

"Bring some jewelry that look good on this woman with this."


The manager brought back a luxurious-looking circlet and a ring that exuded an overwhelming presence.

"They are truly beautiful indeed. However, manager. I wish to wear gift from this person on me always. Will you show me a ring that doesn't look out of place on casual clothes, unwieldy and easy to move around with?"


"Hold it. Ring is fine and all, but bring back one for casual clothes and another for special occasions."



After quite some time, they decided on the two rings. The casual ring is a Grace Gear, it grants moisture to the wearer's skin, and heals dry skin. As Eda has <Purification>, such Grace Gear is unnecessary, but Lecan kept that thought to himself.

Eda insisted that he should buy rings for Norma as well. Another platinum coin and Eda chose a casual ring and a special occasion ring.

Eda's casual ring automatically fits its wearer but the three others would need refitting. In addition, Eda's casual ring couldn't have engraving added, but the rest got names and years engraved to signify them being presents from Lecan.

Eda's finger could be sized up in the store, but it wasn't possible with Norma. However, as Mashajain has a jewelry store connected to this store, the sizing would be done there instead.

"Well then, we'll take Eda's casual ring here. Send the rest to Mashajain and contact Wazrof Household."
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They got back to their inn on their wagon and had late lunch. Afterward, Eda took Lecan out to go shopping for foodstuff.

"No. Wazrof stocked up a lot for us already."

"We don't get many chances to buy fresh vegetables, we'd better stock up some while we can. Also we're entering some mountains after this, and we might even head straight into Dungeon Yufu right?"

"Well yeah, I guess."

Eda received a specially made <Free Box> from Great Guide Jiza Morfes during Palcimo's escapade. It looks like a small bag but it can hold a lot of stuff and even other <Boxes>. On top of that, food don't rot as easily inside.

That night they enjoyed a grand feast at the inn and had a good sleep.

The following day, the two left Sopdemoa through the west gate toward Yufu.

Yufu is enclosed by four mountain ranges. Mountain Sherat in the north, Mountain Napa in the east, Mountain Holl in the south and Mountain Lampra in the west. These four are known as Yufu Mountain System, and only a narrow path between Mountain Sherat and Mountain Napa exists.

This narrow highway is known as Yufu Highway, and while it's part of the Dungeon Highway, the path is nigh impassable by wagons. A winding narrow path that's awfully hard to walk on, as if it's rejecting interactions with outside world.

They traversed through a mountain for the whole day, then at their camp in the next morning, Chubby showed up.

"Chief. Crossing the mountains is out of question after all. I need to go pass the Spirit Spring Gate to get in."

Spirit Spring Gate is a checkpoint situated between Sopdemoa and Yufu. It's said to be impregnable.

One must go pass through this gate if they wish to enter Yufu, no exception.

Hence, no lords or countries dared to invade Yufu.

"And also, Chief. They wouldn't let me when I tried to go through Spirit Spring Gate by myself."


"They said there's an epidemic going on inside, so merchants, messengers and travelers from outside are barred from entry for the time being."


He heard from Ezak that merchants were not allowed to pass through Yufu Checkpoint. On the other hand, the royal envoy couldn't meet Marquis of Yufu, not that they couldn't enter.

In other word, you can probably get in as long as you're of a certain standing.

(Showing them Manfrey's letter will definitely get us in.)

(But they'd likely take us to the lord's castle then, limiting our freedom.)

"Alright. Let's show 'em Wazrof Medal. You come with us, Chubby. You'll be our attendant. Forget about staying incognito."




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