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Okami wa Nemuranai 49.7


Lecan forcefully twisted his wrist to change his sword's trajectory toward Sariel's sword.

But moments before their swords clashed, Sariel slightly shifted his sword's direction. A sharp sound of a sword sliding against another sword resounded. The shifted Sariel's sword went for Lecan's left leg.

(That's his true aim!)

It's an unforeseeable chain of attack. But even without foresight, Lecan's instinct, honed over countless battles, naturally ordered his body to make an evasive maneuver.

Lecan changed his center of gravity to his right leg as he pulled his left leg back.

Sariel stretched forward in an attempt to chase Lecan's leg but he couldn't make it. Lecan swung down his sword at Sariel's defenseless torso.

Sariel twisted his body as he bent forward, and directed the thick part of his leather armor to block Lecan's sword. Even so, it should have been enough to end the match in normal circumstances, but the Great Flame Dragon's leather mighty defense protected Sariel.

And yet, there was an extraordinary weight behind Lecan's strike, Sariel lost his footings as he tried to regain his balance.

Lecan mercilessly kept up his barrage at Sariel.

Sariel then crouched even further down and made a horizontal slash in an attempt to mow down Lecan's legs.

Lecan greatly leaped backward to dodge this attack.

Sariel powerfully kicked the ground and dashed toward Lecan's landing point.

Lecan was about to use <Gust> when he recalled that he couldn't use magic here.

Sariel's sword went for Lecan's right leg as he landed.

However, Lecan put his sword over that leg and blocked Sariel's.

Lecan swung his sword outward, flinging Sariel's sword away.

Sariel's sword drew a parabola in the air.

Sariel frantically ran out toward his sword's falling point and grabbed it.

Such actions not only depend on one's reaction speed but also sheer luck.

Sariel possesses enough earnests to bring out such luck.

The audience seat made a stir.

With both his hands holding his sword in a center stance toward Lecan, Sariel took a deep breath.

(Well damn.)

(I don't mind losing.)

(But I'm coming up empty handed on how.)

(I laughed at Zoltan.)

(When he talked about that time he failed losing on purpose.)

(Never in my wildest dream I'd find myself in the same situation.)

There's no way he could just stand still and let his opponent hit him.

He must either defend or counter.

But since Sariel's offense proved awfully sharp, he was forced to defend himself right and his counter always came out strong.

(Hell if I've ever practiced losing.)

(Guess I just gotta keep at it for now.)

(I'm sure to find a way out eventually.)

After regulating his breathing, Sariel resumed his offense.

With his sword in both hands, he unleashed a rapid chain of attack without a breather inbetween.

From upper right.
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Upper left.

Right side.

Left side.

He would sometimes twist his sword or reverse it during the barrage.

Lecan knocked down every single attack Sariel unleashed while barely moving from his spot, only lightly stepping in and out, here and there.

He's not making any large moves. Hence he won't create a huge opening. He's simply neatly responding to all of Sariel attack.

From Sariel's point of view, it might have felt like he's striking futilely at a huge boulder.

He eventually stopped attacking and leaped backward.

Catching up to his breathing with trembling shoulders.

Lecan thought he could see a grimness in his eyes.

(His only chance of winning was during that first swift strike.)

(I've got you read now.)

(He's got no chance anymore.)

(He's surely aware of it himself.)

But an moment later, a fiery flame of fighting spirit blazed up in Sariel's eyes.

His fighting spirit gradually gets condensed every time his shoulders tremble with every breaths.



(What kind of move will you show me next.)

Lecan has already forgotten about winning and losing, he's purely enjoying this duel now.

And once his energy hit its peak, Sariel charged out.

(This guy knows how to breathe well.)

(Yet the timing on his move is so easy to read.)

(But hold it.)

(That move.)

(Don't tell me, he's gonna.)

That's precisely it. The charging Sariel leaped forward toward Lecan.

As he's using the momentum behind his charge, putting all his weight behind, it makes for a powerful strike. However, you cannot change your stance mid-air. Lecan has plenty of time to slightly move out of the way and attack once Sariel lands. And that would be the end of this duel.

However, Lecan decided to risk himself and receive this attack. He firmly gripped his sword with both his hands and held it straight ahead to clash with Sariel's sword.

Lecan's sword should have flicked away Sariel sword.

However, even if they have iron cores inside, these swords don't have the hardness of metal swords.

Loaded with his desperate spirit, Sariel's sword shaved Lecan's sword down, sliding through it.

The tip of his sword made a clean hit on Lecan's forehead.

Feeling the pain, Lecan reflexively pulled his sword back before swinging it horizontally at full strength.

Like a storm, Lecan's sword drove into Sariel's defenseless torso and sent him flying.

Sariel rebounded and rolled on the ground, yet he mustered the last of his willpower and tried to get up.

But he couldn't get himself to.

(Oh, glad he survived.)

(Thought I killed him there, slipped up and put too much strength into that attack.)

(But huh, he could still move around after eating that, no visible injury either.)

(Great Flame Dragon, pretty sturdy stuff.)

(This armor I'm wearing is quite light and doesn't get in the way either.)

(Dungeon Yufu was it.)

Just as the referee raised his hand to call the match, Lecan spoke.

"Referee. I would have long been dead had that been a real sword."

Blood seeps out of Lecan's forehead.

The referee exchanged meaningful glances with Lecan for a bit before raising his arms high and declared.

"Match end! Winner, Lord Sariel!"




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