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Okami wa Nemuranai 49.5


"You have the look of a mighty warrior. And I can sense the quiet presence of a master of his craft drifting about you. Lecan."


"The story of you fighting and triumphing over Dungeon Tsubolt final floor boss alone, is that the truth?"

They continued their conversation for a while as Lecan narrated the story of how he conquered two grand dungeons. Additionally, responding to the king's inquiries, Lecan also spoke on how he conquered Dungeon Golbul, Ninae, Kozuin, Rakash, Rotor, Kapadoa as well as several other small dungeons.

Afterward, the king spoke to Norma and Eda, extolling their meritorious deeds.

"I am told that the crucial outline of Skalabel's conversation with his master has made its way to many lords and temples already, but the complete record is nearing completion soon, prime minister."

"My liege. Norma-dono?"

"Your excellency. Previously priest Amamir-sama had contacted me about a revision request, so now I am planning to use this opportunity of me being in the capital to complete the manuscript."

"Truly the most auspicious news. Prime minister, I simply cannot wait to hold that book in my hand."

The king asked a few questions about Shira's character and her wisdom, but nothing further. He also praised Norma's father, Sasfrey Wazrof for being an accomplished researcher. Norma's shoulders trembled as she bowed deeply when she heard that.

During the whole conversation, the other nobles stood by while staying out of the way. Lecan took a glance at Marquis Smarc, he had a ghastly pale expression as he stood idly.

They were eventually done with the exchange, the king gave Norma and Eda different colored bracelets as gifts for their marriage.



"You are free to enter Dungeon Finkel from here on. That shall be my gift to celebrate your marriage."


(Permission to enter a dungeon?)

(Aren't you free to enter any and all dungeon?)

(Or is Dungeon Finkel a special case?)

Not sure what's what, but being able to get in a Grand Dungeon is good news.

Lecan gratefully accepted it.

"Speaking of which, Lecan."


"I have heard from marquis of Palcimo how Guide Jiza Morfes marveled your offensive magic. On the other hand, marquis of Tsubolt spoke highly of your skill as an unparalleled swordsman. Sword and magic. Which one are you truly best at."

"I'm a swordsman."

"Hou. A prompt answer. Very well then Lecan, will you show me your skill in swords?"

"With pleasure."

"Umu. Sariel."

"Your majesty."

"Be Lecan's opponent."

"By your will."

"Prime minister."

"My liege. To all of you present here. By his majesty's will, we shall now hold a duel between Lecan-dono and viscount Sariel Gossen at the arena. Those who wish to watch this duel are to proceed to the arena. Those who do not may stay here."

Led by a chamberlain, Lecan left the audience chamber to a waiting room. They have armor and wooden sword prepared there.

The armor has adjustable parts on the joints. The official in the room helped put it on Lecan.

(This must be dragon leather.)

(It's even better than the dragon leather I got from Dungeon Rotor.)

"This is a dragon leather armor huh."

"That is correct, sir."

"Seems pretty solid. Do you know which dragon is this leather from?"

"Sir, it comes from the Great Flame Dragon (Ulbanzam) found in Dungeon Yufu."

"Really huh. News to me. Thanks."

"My pleasure, sir."

The official offered him a leather helm as well but Lecan declined.

There's ten wooden swords in the room. He tried to lift one, surprisingly heavy.

(Is there an iron core fitted inside?)

(A serious hit from this could kill people.)

He chose one that's about as long as Sword of Rusk.

He tried to swing it at empty air.
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(Nicely made.)

(Feels good in hand.)

Lecan opted not to put a shield. It's a one-on-one fight without the use of magic. Speed is everything here. A shield will only slow him down.

"Alright. I'm done preparing."

"Then if you could please proceed through this passage, sir."

He was led into the arena.

The audience seat is constructed up high around the arena, with the king, his close aides, the nobles and knights there.

Most of the nobles in the audience chamber earlier are present, but not Marquis of Smarc. Wazrof people including Manfrey and the knights are present.

Besides them, a huge number of knights are also here to watch. Very skilled, every single one of them.

There was someone who waved at Lecan among the knights.

(Who's that?)

(Feels like I've seen him before.)

His opponent, viscount something also entered the arena. The viscount brings no shield either, surprisingly. His sword is about the same length as Lecan's with a slightly thinner blade. He's got a helmet on. The type that only exposes his eyes and mouth.

He walked past the referee standing in the center, toward Lecan.

He's young. Shouldn't be much older than 20. Quite skilled.

"Lecan-dono. It's truly an honor to have this chance of exchanging swords with you."


"To tell you the truth, this duel was something I implored his majesty to do."


"Do you know me?"

"Nah. First I heard your name was at the chamber. Already escaped my mind now."

"I'm Sariel Gossen. The heir to Marquis of Sopdemoa. I have been adopted as a son to the royal family. I am in fact a cousin of his majesty the king."

"What? Aren't you a bit too high on the pecking order to be selected in this match."

"That is because I wished for it. For the sake of proposing to lady Heles Rainzats."





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