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Okami wa Nemuranai 49.12


Ezak and Shurik went to the royal palace. The nine other would join them later.

Lecan put on his equipment before taking his meal. Knowing Lecan well, Ezak prepared a voluminous amount of food, enough to make him full. It was more lunch than breakfast since it was daytime already.

Once he was done eating, a woman in her thirties brought a cup of warm tea over.

"I'll be going home now. I got instructions that I don't need to prepare lunch and dinner, so I'm not coming back today."

"Really. Do you know where Wazrof mansion is."

"Eh. You mean the mansion of Marquis of Mashajain. W-well yes. I do know where it is."

"Bring this to the gatekeeper there and tell them that Lecan is safe."

Lecan handed over the medal of Wazrof made from Dylan Silver Steel.

"Here's your payment."

She was shocked to receive one silver coin from Lecan and left quickly.

Lecan thought things over while enjoying his tea.

Yacklubend is not dead.

That thing is as persistent as Shira, that much firepower is nowhere near enough to destroy it.

But she must have been severely damaged.

He got absolutely no basis on that but decided to believe it.

There's no point in constantly living in fear over getting attacked by Yacklubend nor should he make light of it.

The opponent this time possesses eerie powers, but even those powers should have limits.

Yacklubend sent a maid puppet to fetch him yesterday. Meaning she knew Lecan was in the palace. As well as Norma and Eda. Yet she didn't kidnap him the moment he set foot in the palace, she waited until the duel was done. The explosion also occurred in the arena building not the palace's main building. When you look at it this way, even the seemingly audacious Yacklubend appears to hold some reservation towards nobles. She likely doesn't have any intention to go head-to-head against Wazrof.

There hasn't been any attack or contact from the enemy since last night. Either they've lost Lecan's tracks or she's in a state where she can't move now.

Thinking again, keeping away from the capital just to avoid meeting Yacklubend is such a ludicrous state of affair.

Being constantly worried over Norma's and Eda's safety while they visit the capital is just as absurd.

(Come at me.)

(I ain't gonna be your ticket to freedom.)

Once he resolved himself to stop running away and face it head on, he feels mysteriously relaxed. It's also partly because he's met and seen his opponent in person. If that could be said as a meeting that is.


(Someone got in the house.)

There's two of them. These must be Gaskoel and Organo.

One of them was headed for Lecan's room and flung the door open without knocking.

"There you are. You must be Lecan."

"Yeah, thanks for your help."

"Hmph. Passing out in the capital huh. I see you don't even work your keep."

"I'm living as I please. Who are you again."

"I am Knight Organo Mossa. I serve Gaskoel Zaidmahl-sama. Get over here. Gaskoel-sama has some business with you."

"Got it."
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Organo led Lecan to the second floor.

(This guy's pretty skilled.)

(But what got him so riled up anyway?)

Knight Organo is oddly baring his animosity toward Lecan. No idea why.

And the way he walked seemed odd to Lecan, though he couldn't put a finger on as to why.

This house is a private house, but it's got a gate, a garden and servant rooms as well as space where knights live. There's not many furniture. Must be still in the middle of furnishing.

"Gaskoel-sama. I have brought adventurer Lecan with me."

"Ah, good work. You may enter."

As Lecan entered the room, a young man behind the desk stood up.

"I am the eldest son of Zaidmahl Household, Gaskoel. I take it you must be adventurer Lecan-dono who stayed in our territory?"

He's around 20s. His visage does look alike with Rubianafale. Gentle. His voice has no thorns in it either. Seems tired somewhat.

"Yes (Yale). The name's Lecan. Zaidmahl House took good care of me once. And again last night. You've my thanks."

"You! Mind your tone! Gaskoel-sama is the heir to your master!"

"Organo. Stop that. Lecan-dono is not my father's retainer. He's an adventurer."


Knight Organo left the room and closed the door.

"Lecan-dono. Take a seat."

Gaskoel sat down after saying that. Lecan pulled a seat in front of the desk and sat on it.

"I had to run around the entire night due to an unforeseen incident and again for orders this morning. I'm frankly tired."

Gaskoel belongs to the Royal Capital Knights. Lecan has an inkling as to what this incident was about, but he kept it to himself.

"I've been told that you saved my little sister in numerous occasions. Please accept my gratitude. Thank you (Narou)."

Lecan nodded in silence.

"Now then, as for my business with you. I'm glad I came across you by chance. I have been informed that you have received the secret heirloom of Zaidmahl Household, <Guardian Jewel of Overlord>. I will have it back."




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