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Okami wa Nemuranai 49.6



"During my visit at the royal palace to see princess Eltoria, I came across her guardian knight, Lady Heles and fell for her. However, I realized one thing as I exchanged words with her ladyship. Her heart lies on another man. You."


"Her ladyship sounded the happiest whenever she narrated the battle she fought together with you at Dungeon Ninae. Afterward, her ladyship further tempered her swordsmanship, but she discovered how you reached an even higher height after her bout with you at Tsubolt."

"Heles's sword at Tsubolt was quite a sight to behold. It's the sword of someone who never fell behind in bettering themselves."

"Were a miracle happened at Tsubolt and she prevailed against you in that fight, what do you think Lady Heles would say to you?"

"What? No clue. She'd be satisfied for sure, but what else did she want?"

"Pardon me for asking, but has anyone told you for being a blockhead?"

"Feels like some did yeah."

"I shall be the one who dispels Lady Heles's regrets."


"By triumphing over you."

"Aren't you missing a few steps there?"

"If I managed to land just a hit on you, I shall take that accomplishment on me and propose to Lady Heles."

"Really. Well, good luck."

The referee spoke here.

"I believe you two are done now. We shall now start this duel."

The two got into the arena center.

"Thrusting attacks are prohibited. Murdering your opponent is prohibited. The duel is over when I judged either of you as incapable of fighting anymore or you surrendered. I take it there is no objection?"

Lecan nodded.

Sariel also gave his affirmation.

"Well then, both of you take ten step back."

The two stepped back.


Lecan leaped backward with the signal.

Sariel gripped his sword with both hands.


(I thought knights are trained in one hand sword handling.)

(Still, this guy's stance.)

(Feels like I've seen it somewhere before.)

Lecan had his sword hanging loosely in his right hand as he took a slow stride forward.

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(The fighting spirit's there despite his calm stance.)

(It's like I'm up against an old veteran warrior.)

Just as Lecan made another small step forward, Sariel took a sharp breath and rushed out.

A ten step distance vanished in an instant, a slash almost as sharp as Argent Flame Wolf's claw assaulted Lecan. It's a horizontal slash from right to left.

Lecan is familiar with this swordsmanship. Otherwise he wouldn't have been able to dodge it unharmed.

Lecan took a half step backward to dodge the attack, and lifted his sword overhead before swinging it down at Sariel.

Sariel didn't attempt to evade this attack, surprisingly. Instead he charged on ahead toward Lecan's bosom as he made a return swing with his sword aimed at Lecan's abdomen.

Lecan could have killed Sariel here had he wanted. He could have swung down his sword faster and fatally struck Sariel's head.

However, Lecan refrained to. He swiftly bent over and struck Sariel's sword grip with his left elbow. Sariel's slash stopped as his hand got hit. Just as Sariel attempted to tighten his grip, Lecan strongly pushed Sariel's right shoulder using the sword in his right hand.

Sariel also reacted wonderfully here. He leaped backward. He would have lost his balance had he tried to push back against Lecan, but by yielding to the force, he managed to keep his body in control.

He even managed to unleash a left to right slash with the sword in his left hand as he jumped backward.

Lecan stopped his pursuit and blocked Sariel's attack.

The two stopped moving and squared off.

The reason Lecan didn't kill Sariel was partly due to the referee forbidding it, but most importantly, he didn't want to.

Lecan has taken a liking on this young man.

Straightforward and pure. And despite sporting a face so gentle you'd think he'd be against killing insects, he possesses such sharp fangs.

(This guy's sword school is the same as Arios's.)

(That move earlier was similar to the moves Arios showed in Tsubolt Depths.)

It's not as perfectly honed as Arios's, but the sharpness behind those moves is very well done.

One must have a strong heart in order to wield such techniques.

This young noble possesses the spirit of a martial artist.

And moved by his longing for Heles, he chose to go up against a monstrously powerful adventurer on his own volition.

The thought of being okay with losing to this young man even crossed Lecan's mind.

Their square off only lasted for a moment.

Sariel regulated his breathing, raised his sword overhead and swung it down.

As there is a height gap between them, Sariel raising his sword to attack Lecan is only natural.

Yet Lecan found it unnatural.

Sure enough, as Lecan dodged the downswing by taking a half step back, the sword did a reversal as it reached the bottom, turning it into an upward slash. This must be the true attack.

Lecan thrust his sword forward to stop the attack and pushed it down from above employing his height and mass.

Sariel feigned trying to push it back for an instance as he swiftly pulled his sword back, twisted his body and slashed with his sword aiming at Lecan's wrist.

(Well done!)

The masterfulness of its execution was enough to warrant a commendation from Lecan.





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