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Okami wa Nemuranai 49.11


Lecan woke up when he sensed someone getting closer.

"I'm coming in, Lecan. Oh, you're up."

The person talking to him seems familiar.

"Ezak. That you Ezak."

Ezak and the other Zaidmahl people were the first people Lecan came into contact with when he first fell into this world. Afterward Lecan spent a year living under Zaidmahl's care, and Ezak is the chief knight of the household.

"Yeah, the very same. It's me. You sure gave me the shock last night, Lecan. Saw a big man lying right next to the house, who could've guessed it was you. What happened?"

"Just got wasted from drinking too much. Where is this place?"

Lecan looked around the room and confirmed his light armor, <Leg Bands of White Devil> and sword are put on a desk next to his bed.

"You didn't even know that huh. This here is the outskirt of Noble District. An area where knights and bureaucrats reside."

He doesn't feel anything wrong with his body. It feels awfully in good shape in fact. But he should get Eda's <Purification> just in case.

"You got wasted from drinking? Nah I don't think so. All that sweat pointed to something more dire. You didn't smell of booze either."

"Yeah but let's just go with that."

"Hmm? Looks like there's some story behind it huh. By the way Lecan, I've got something to ask you."

"Hou. What is it."

"Did you come across Earth Dragon Toron to the northeast of Zaidmahl Territory?"

"No clue."

"There were traces of some gigantic thing's struggle in a fight and many thorns left behind. Those thorns fetched some truly outrageous sum. They turned out to be Earth Dragon Toron's thorns. Which in turn became a huge blessing for our territory. Wasn't it you who fought Toron?"

"What're you gonna do if it was?"

"You have the right for your cut."

"I see. Dutiful aren't you. But I told you already, I don't know no Toron."

"Really. Lecan."


"Sorry. You have my gratitude."

"Lift your head. I've done nothing to warrant your thanks. It was you and Zaidmahl folk who took good care of me. I should be the one thanking. By the way, is this your house or something?"

"No it's Gaskoel-sama's."


"He's the eldest son of our lord. He works for Capital Guards, no wait, it's Capital Knights now, but he's getting promoted to knighthood soon so he's moved to this house. This is all thanks to Toron's thorns too."

"Ezak. You'd better stop referring them as such."

"Yeah I know. In truth, this fact is kept hidden from Gaskoel-sama as well. Besides, we only found out they came from Toron recently. We called them <Forest Spears> at Zaidmahl."

Those thorns do look like giant spears. Good naming sense.

"Still, I couldn't believe my ear hearing that from you. I see you've learned a lot. You've gotten quite fluent as well. Oh yeah, aren't you hungry?"

"I am. Famished."

"Hahaha. I'll bring you your meal now. Must be cold by now though. Oy! Shurik! Come bring Lecan's meal."
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Someone replied 'yes' from outside the room.

"Shurik? He's here too huh."

"Yea. Not only Shurik. I brought ten people in total. All whom were instructed in swordsmanship by you."

"Hou. That's a big group."

"Another blessing from <Forest Spears>. Can never thank the guy who fought Toron enough."

"Who can say, this guy might not even be human. After all that thing ain't going down against a mere assemble of humans."

"Hou? That's true. If there's a man capable of fighting off Toron, that guy must got some monstrous might beyond compare."

"Lecan-san. Good morning. I have your meal here."

"Oh, Shurik. Been a while huh. I hear other folks came too."

"Yes. We don't have enough beds here so we're renting another lodging house."

"Now then, Lecan. I have to go to the Royal Palace with Shurik and the others now."

"To the palace? Now that you mention, you're wearing quite a fine armor there."

"Yea, I'm getting appointed as a knight today."

"What. Royally appointed knight?"


Ezak has always been a knight of Zaidmahl, but one appointed by the lord. Real knights must be royally appointed by the king himself. But not even a distinguished house like Wazrof has that many royally appointed knights. A rural noble like Zaidmahl would ordinarily never get even one.

"I see. Lord Zaidmahl's quite taken on you huh."

"Yea. It's more than I deserve."

"Ezak. You'll become a good knight. No, you already are. I can see why lord Zaidmahl put so much trust on you."

"Well I'll be. Never thought I'd hear those praising words from Lecan. Especially when I never got a praise on my swordsmanship."

"I don't do flattery."

"Oh right."

The two laughed out loud.

"Well then, I shall be off now. Enjoy your meal. Apparently Gaskoel-sama got some business with you. I'm sorry but could you wait for Gaskoel-sama's return?"

"Business with me? Don't think I've ever met the guy."

"That's what Organo said."


"He's Gaskoel-sama knight aide. He's from Zaidmahl. Guy looked surprised somehow when he found out me carrying you back here. Gaskoel-sama was on a night shift yesterday, see. He should've been back this morning, but he was late. So knight Organo went to fetch him. He left while insisting that Gaskoel-sama has an important matter to talk to with adventurer Lecan, so he's to wait for his return."


(I've gotta go and notify Wazrof though.)

(Well, I should manage.)

"Is this knight Organo above you rank-wise?"

"No, my rank is higher in Zaidmahl."

Ezak shrugged.

"This house got no regular employee but there's a commuting woman who helps out with cooking and cleaning. Just take it easy for now. I'll get back right away once the appointment ceremony is over. Let's throw a party tonight. Oh right, heard you got summoned to the palace too. You've been quite active everywhere huh. I gotta hear those from you later."


(How'd Ezak know that?)

(Did he hear rumors at the palace?)




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